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Updating XAML causes your project's build to fail

Your WPF of Silverlight application is working just fine.

You then decide to copy and paste some XAML code from another XAML file into your working UserControl XAML file. 88 more words


TEF Available As A Nuget Package

I’ve added TEF as a Nuget package available for download in two flavors now:

Install-Package TEF

TEF is a PCL library which allows you to define types for exporting into a dependency injection container. 38 more words


Help! Mom's internet TV won't work on Chrome

Do you ever get phone calls from friends and family who need help with their computer or DVD player? Troubleshooting is often challenging, but over the phone it can get almost surreal; “The Google’s not working… oh, wait, the Google’s back working again” … 440 more words


Lanzamiento final y plan de apoyo técnico para ArcGIS APIs / Viewers para Flex y Silverlight

El lanzamiento de las próximas versiones de ArcGIS APIs y Viewer (para Flex y Silverlight) serán significativas. Este será el último lanzamiento para estas, alguna vez populares, tecnologías. 254 more words

Viewer APIs

CSOM is able to upload large files

When you search for custom solutions to upload files to SharePoint, you will probably be advised to use REST API offer by SharePoint 2013, which is fine. 1,075 more words


Feynman: I wish my physics at school had been taught like this

There are many reasons to dislike Microsoft.  There was a time when bashing the company was everyone’s favourite game, whilst still using their products.  Sometimes, however, they do something incredibly worthwhile. 266 more words