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Unity + WCF + Silverlight: Async web service calls

As you may know, any of the XAML-based Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) family does not allow synchronous calls from the UI thread. Calls must be performed asynchronously. 281 more words


open a xaml window from another xaml window using button click?

If Win1 is actually of type UserControl, the issues is that the type UserControl doesn’t define Show() method. So it cannot be “opened” as a window. 81 more words


XAP file in Silverlight BASICS

When you start learning Silverlight and create your first Silverlight application, one thing you will notice is a XAP file along with HTML and ASPX files. 504 more words


Dependencies and auto-scheduling in our Gantt Chart components

Want to learn more about dependencies and how they work when using auto-scheduling in our Gantt Chart components (i.e. AreTaskDependencyConstraintsEnabled = true)? Read the Knowledge Base article… 8 more words

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Video Viewing Requirements

Many video views will require plug-ins or applications to be install on the computer or mobile system. If you are having issues viewing videos within the online environment please update or install the following applications. 34 more words