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Silverlight - REST API - Security Error

My Problem

Today I tried to access a SharePoint REST API from my Silverlight Web Part and I got a Security Error. I quite quickly got  72 more words

SharePoint 2013

An Ill Wind?

Driving home, I happened behind a brand new Renault being driven at showroom-slow speed. Emblazoned across its tailgate was the name Wind, with its inevitable connotations of belches and farts, possibly the most unfortunate model name since Subaru’s BRAT. 617 more words


Silverlight - Padding is invalid and cannot be removed

My Problem

Today I tried to send data encrypted between an application built in c# and an application built in Silverlight. When I encrypted the data in one application the decryption would fail with the following exception: 240 more words


Telerik UI for Silverlight Q1 SP1 2015.1.0401

Telerik UI for Silverlight Q1 SP1 2015.1.0401 | 51 Mb

Telerik UI for Silverlight includes a wide range of controls—from small UI components such as Rating to powerful data-driven controls like GridView. 2,057 more words

Silverlight no longer works in Chrome 42

In Google’s continuing effort to annoy me, starting with Chrome version 42, the Silverlight plugin no longer works. This is due to Google no longer supporting NPAPI plugins ( 67 more words


Validate GUID format using SQL

In SQL Server, we have a in-built SQL function called “REPLICATE”. This SQL function is used to validate the number of time’s any specific character appears in a String or varchar. 142 more words


Instant frustration

Noticing the large number of desirable titles available to stream Instantly from the big A (Amazon, not Apple – keep up!), I thought I would test the service by viewing a trailer at home on my desktop (Firefox on CentOS 7). 117 more words