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Hedwig's Hundred Household Helpers - Scintillating Silverware

Here is another simple and inexpensive, very old household trick for scintillating silverware and shining silver jewelry :


Uruguay Beat Hosts In Toulon Tournament Final

Uruguay have won the Tournoi Maurice Revello – more commonly known as the Toulon Tournament – the invitational competition held annually in Provence, southern France, for Under-20 international teams. 292 more words


Arsenal Revive the FA Cup

Manchester United’s participation in the Club World Cup in the early part of this century was widely reported to be the reason for the FA Cup’s demise. 532 more words


Catch-Up: Y Is For... Youth Tournaments

Here we go! The final part of our catch-up series covering all the important news from three simulated seasons from June 2015 until now. There’s no entry for Z, so we’ll finish with ‘Y’ which is for Youth. 606 more words


Catch-Up 'W': WBA, WHam, Wigan, Wolves

It’s the penultimate part of our catch-up series, and today we’re looking at the four remaining sides who have played some part in the Premier League… 1,351 more words


Catch-Up: T Is For… Tottenham Hotspur

Four days and four catch-up posts to go before the 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks-off in Russia, and we’re up to ‘T’ in the alphabet. There’s only one place we need to look today, and that’s towards Tottenham Hotspur. 1,436 more words


Catch-Up: N Is For... Newcastle & Norwich

We’re up to part ten of our brief look at what happened in the past three seasons in our RTFM save. Seven to go after this one before the World Cup starts in our unique style. 1,606 more words