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Italy cuts parliamentary pensions, in victory for 5-Star

Italy’s lower house of parliament voted on Thursday to cut the pensions of former lawmakers, making good on a pledge by the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement to hack back parliamentary privileges. 444 more words

Paolo Sorrentino's 'Loro' Ends Unusual Two-Part Distribution Experiment

As Paolo Sorrentino’s two-part Silvio Berlusconi-themed film nears the end of its run in Italian theaters, Universal Pictures and Indigo Film say they are satisfied with the results of a distribution experiment that saw “Loro 1” and “Loro 2” released within about two weeks of each other. 522 more words


Who is Matteo Salvini? Far-right Italian politician and Lega leader who wants to copy Brexit

Italy’s political situation is a bit of a mess at the moment to say the very least. They haven’t had a government since March.

And their… 605 more words


ITALY: Slog's Berlusconi theory vindicated as President vetoes coalition Finance Minister appointment.

Yesterday I posted a half-jocular piece pointing out the increasingly illiberal and constitutional illegalities on display throughout Europe – including the so-called ‘United’ Kingdom. But in the age of internet satire, life imitates and then surpasses parody within 24 hours; and for the EU, it’s just Business As Usual. 939 more words

Silvio Berlusconi


This essay, on the outcome of the Italian elections and the formation of the new government, was the main part of my Observer column this week. 806 more words


THE EUROPEAN BUNION: referendums are so last year, but hot air is an ever-expanding sector.

Double-Dutch, Barmier Brussels, fulsome French politicians and the second coming of Silvio Bollocksconi are what makes the EU such a must in the future life of all right-minded Brits. 1,454 more words

Silvio Berlusconi