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Miles Compound Aerial Footage

Lenny was able to take some aerial footage of our housing compound over the weekend while preparing for his trip to Kagoro Theological Seminary for a video session. 16 more words

Miles In Missions

Befriend A Bunch Of Celebrities In This Strange Bootleg Game

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The somewhat janky dating sim Super Star is already pretty out there, and then you get to the hilarious celebrity cameos.

The Chinese game Super Star is a stat-raising game akin to Princess Maker or Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side. 242 more words


She Took Up His Sims Challenge, Now They're Married

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After playing The Sims 2 for months in 2004, Brian, more commonly known by his online handle Pinstar, realized that he’d exhausted most of the game. 1,475 more words


Google uploads eSIM Manager app for the Pixel 2 to the Play Store

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One of the more under the radar features of the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is the support for Embedded SIM cards, or an eSIM. 242 more words


~ Hello Again ~

It snowed so harshly that day, that the horizon disappeared in a cloud of grey. September had only just begun, and no one had ever seen a snowfall of the sort so early in the winter. 720 more words