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Simba Said

Simba said many things.  She talked about love.  She said love is less worthy than respect and belief.   Simba is a wise woman who speaks in poetry. 573 more words

The Power in Small Beginnings 

These are two simple sketches with pencil and pen variations on a canvas. First is your Simba, and then Wall-e and Eve. The canvas forced me to be quick and less detailed because it was a rough surface. 78 more words

Hand Drawing

Seabass' Diary...Day 46...Aspire

May 20, 2016- The ride back to the prison was a long one. I was quite weary and so was Simba. I heard the stupid humans talk softly in the front of the vehicle, “How in the world did they get out?” “I must’ve left the door unlatched at the back,” they said. 286 more words


Seabass' Diary...Day 45...Home

May 19, 2016-Hours seemed to pass by as we awaited our fate. Suddenly, a large man in uniform brought me to the front of the building; I was scared but I did not show it. 337 more words


Seabass' Diary...Day 44...The Clink...

May 18, 2016- Simba and I were transported together to animal holding cells at a building where there were many other animals. Animals of all shapes and sizes were there; canines, felines, rabbits, birds and even a guinea pig. 334 more words


Seabass' Diary...Day 43...Caught!

May 17, 2016-The truck sped down the street and crashed to a stop when it hit a parked car. The sirens were getting louder so I gave my men final instructions, “Someone is coming for us…Luigi has alerted the authorities! 278 more words


Civil Air Patrol Wing Conference

This weekend was our Wing (state) Conference for the Civil Air Patrol; the United States Air Force Auxiliary. It was a pretty amazing experience.

I got to share a room with my best friend in CAP whom I only see about twice a year- and it was great. 168 more words