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Partner in crime no more - my daughter Anya's transformation

They say that little girls tend to love their father more than their mother until their teens, after which the loyalties are reversed for another few years until the father has grown old, after which the former love from many decades ago overtakes the mother and is restored back to the father in great measure. 2,032 more words


ICYMI: Disney Anniversaries Make You Feel Old

It’s been two decades since Pocahontas showed us all the colors of the wind, and also all the colors of 90s fashion in an animated film about a singing Native American gal. 850 more words
ICYMI: The Best Of Posts You Might Have Missed

The Bucket List #64...

Hi Guys!

You know EXACTLY what time it is… Bucket List time! So this is of course a scheduled post because at the time this goes up, I will be – once again – camping at a Shell Eco-Marathon Event, this time in the UK at Rockingham. 440 more words

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Don't. Leave. The Pride Lands.

I’m hoping we have all seen the movie The Lion King, right? If not, I recommend doing so especially if you would like to further understand the analogy I’ll be presenting throughout this post. 885 more words

The Lion King – 21 Years of Magic

The Lion King – 21 Years of Magic

Artwork of the main cast

“We are all connected. In the great Circle of Life.”

As far back as I can remember, my favorite story has been Disney’s… 4,020 more words


Merch Mondays

This isn’t the first pair of pyjamas that I’ve done from Topshop, but they do some amazing Disney pyjamas that cannot be ignored! Especially when they’re featuring my favourite characters…. 118 more words


I looked up at my reflection as I fidgeted to aim the eye drops at my eye, when I suddenly caught a glimpse of something in the mirror..I saw myself. 411 more words