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You found me

These lines feature in the song “You found me” by the Fray. The corner of first and Amistad is said to metaphorically imply of a junction between heaven and hell. 1,094 more words

Andrelton Simmons aka Simba aka DEFENSIVE Jedi Master

This video of shortstop Gold-GloverĀ Andrelton Simmons throwing out someone isĀ ALL that will be said. We’re not going to give ANYTHING away. No spoiler alert here. 52 more words

It's our problem-free philosophy: Hakuna Matata

It genuinely took me a whole BuzzFeed quiz (Which Disney song describes you and your BFF) in order to decide which song to use for this post – arrrgh why am I so indecisive! 674 more words


Meet Simba!

Hii peeps!

Most of the people (at least here in The Netherlands) do own a pet. Mostly a cat or a dog but I prefer a cat. 330 more words


The things you find on an external hard-drive!

I took these pictures of my best friend, Mike, over a year ago and I completely forgot to post them after sending them to him when I was done editing them. 13 more words