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Vhuurmis in Astonishing ACKS

I posted a while back on the Hyperborea Boards about Vhuurmis and Ape-Men. As presented in AS&H, I don’t see much difference between the two species, and I asked whether… 186 more words


Wordle 203

Brenda Warren

The monkeys come,

Rustling from their parapets

A plague of shrieks born

From their dry, uncompromising throats.

A rebellion that speaks

To all the niches of our inhumanity. 111 more words


Reading Donna Haraway’s Simians, Cyborgs and Women

A Review of the book “Simians, Cyborgs and Women”, (1991)

Donna Haraway’s claim to fame must be the essay “A Cyborg Manifesto (…)”. It isn’t an accident that this title brings about associations with… 1,238 more words

(re)thinking Media

Simians & Sorcery!

(I’ve been on a Planet of the Apes kick recently and might run a one-shot of Dungeon of the Apes using my Mutants & Magic rules…)

371 more words

A Robot Designed Like an Ape May Help With Disaster Relief

This robot, the Robosimian, looks like a primate because he was designed that way by the Robotics team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.  They call it “Clyde,” and it is a finalist in the… 125 more words

Happy Monkey Day

If you’ve ever screamed or felt like screaming at someone else, never fear, you’ve simply expressed typical simian traits.  I have no reservations about honoring my inner monkey.  381 more words

Cultural Highlights

Worst animal vivisectors in USA Lab

 Sadly I expect others were just better at keeping out of the media


Let’s cut to the chase and open the envelope on this particular award, because the longer we wait, the longer the animals suffer. 1,076 more words