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Perspective & Affection.

I read a quote that sparked my interest, “Just because someone isn’t loving you the way you want them to, doesn’t mean they aren’t loving you with all they have.” 508 more words


On Identity

So the other day while I was shopping a woman suddenly approached me and spoke to me pleasantly in a language I don’t understand. I felt bad that I had to embarras her but I said, “I am sorry but I don’t speak that language.” 265 more words

Journal Entry

26 Jurassic World Easter Eggs and similarities to Jurassic Park

26 Times Jurassic World
Easter Eggs
and similarities to Jurassic Park

by Mitch Burns

*Spoilers for Jurassic World and Jurassic Park (obviously)

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Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Computer Engineering

The one question that I had while applying to university was, what is the difference between computer science, software engineering, and computer engineering? For me it was a huge deal because all degrees eventually lead you to the same job (well at least in Canada). 489 more words

Computer Science

Disturbing Religious Similarities

Since these experiences, I have lived mainly among the Yorubas of Southwest Nigeria, with Abeokuta as my home for some fourteen years now. It was here in Abeokuta that I first experienced harmonious co-existence of different ethnic groups where people loved the next person irrespective of the creed she/he professes. 452 more words