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Like Father like Daughter?

I’ll be heading off to Orlando this weekend to visit my dad after not having seen him all year. A whole year… It doesn’t feel like that long, but at the same time it does. 1,374 more words


Let's Talk About Bravery

Hey guys!

I saw this image on Facebook earlier and it made me really angry. I want you to take a look at it and see why: 250 more words


6526 Module 5: Comparing, Classifying, Metaphors, and Analogies

6526 Mod 5 Blog: Comparing, Classifying, Metaphors, and Analogies

For Module 5, our class read chapters 7 and 8 of Classroom Instruction that Works, and… 410 more words


Austrian woman warns on American slide toward NAZI-ism....

Must hear….it’s important to know the past if we want to understand the future, and hopefully NOT repeat it –

United States

Name pins

Today I went for a stroll around “Central Park” and stopped next to one of those places selling toys, balloons, pins, bracelets and so on. They had so many name pins, that I decided to ask whether they also had… 29 more words


Compare and Contrast to a Summer's Day

Compare: means to find similarities between two things.

Contrast: means to find differences between two things.

A summer’s day can be beautiful and pleasant:

(Williamsburg) 74 more words


Finding Similarities in Differences

When first encountering a new culture, it is natural for people to compare it with their own culture. When comparing, it is usually the differences that are noticed first, and with more frequency. 87 more words