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An Arbor Walk

TLS 365 Experience #59
April 28, 2017

In honor of Arbor Day…

A walk in nature often finds us in the company of trees.

We can support Arbor Day by planting, nurturing, or celebrating trees on our walk today. 139 more words

The Daily Experience

You're the life of this group...

‘You’re the life of this group’. The only words I’d needed to hear for a long time. And there they where. Ringing through the air like the sound of music. 544 more words

Mental Health

All of Us

You know those Russian nesting dolls? The ones that all look essentially the same but are painted a little differently as you progress down in size? 683 more words

Society And The Future

EQUALITY on God's Terms

Doctrine: God’s equality is true equality–everything else is childishness. God creates us different on purpose. Because of our inherent differences we are affected differently and we will respond differently to life. 3,320 more words


Things Only Creative People Will Understand

There are certain things that only creative people will understand, as they see the world through their own lens and are often misunderstood. But the truth is: … 764 more words


Yours and Mine

Who would’ve thought that an introvert like you
Could be so close to an extrovert like me?
You keep on smiling and listen to me attentively… 179 more words


Victor Frankenstein and the creature : one person?

When readers read Mary Shelley’s novel, they usually see Victor Frankenstein as the good man and the monster as an evil creature. In brief, they see them as two opposite characters. 269 more words

Analysis Of The Book