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The Arrival

Arriving in a new country can always be difficult and in particular if you haven’t travelled so much before. Everyone speaks a language you might not used to it, people act differently and in some cases you should better queue up in line before you piss somebody off. 458 more words

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Freedom of speech in Australia and the Middle East

حرية الاٍعلام في استراليا والعالم العربي

الاٍعلام هو اٍحدى الوسائل لإيصال المعلومات للرأي العام، ويتعبر الإعلام والرأي العام سلطة المواطنين على الدولة من خلال مراقبة أفعالها ومحاسبتها.


First blog post

Similarities create friendship’s while differences hold them together.

Korean Pop Music

Vinegar Pusit Snack



Observations of Dorine

Yes, grandmother and son alike have lost touch with the actual world happening right now.

Us scholars see clearly, but we ask ourselves how?

Before Tartuffe and Orgon became one in the same, 313 more words

Beers Vs. Wines (The Simple Version)


I wanted to find something to share more about beer because it’s AMBIGUOUSLY addictive and yet, a socially acceptable drink! I loved learning the differences and have always found my love in the dark brews. 545 more words

Beloved Brews

The Alt-Right And Antifa's Pretend War

It’s not uncommon for situations stemming from petty causes to escalate into year-long grudges, involving the slinging of profanity and the occasional short bout of violence. 720 more words


Using t-distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding (TSNE) to cluster folios

For this attack we’ll use the Takeshi EVA transcription to count the number of times each glyph appears on each folio. This gives us a vector of probabilities for each glyph, for each folio – the vectors are 24 long, as there are 24 EVA glyphs in the alphabet. 209 more words