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Lowest Price to Buy WOW Mounts | Important similarities to keep in mind

World quests are the best way to raise rep with the various factions of Legion and the reward from doing Emissary Quests can even net players a legendary item.Legendary items notwithstanding world quests are a great way to get gear in general- every reward has a chance to be warforged or titanforged increasing ilvls further Emissary reward. 306 more words


We Have More in Common Than We Think

Whenever I travel, it’s often too easy to notice the differences between the world I’m used to in America, and the world I currently experience. I think it’s natural. 619 more words


Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda -- Series Intro

When it comes to life with any sort of special gift or ability, a lot of times you may feel like you don’t fit in or that others don’t understand neither your happiness or your grief that comes from said gift. 162 more words

HSP Basics

Indica versus Sativa

Cannabis has two main varieties: Indica and sativa.

The differences and similarities of these two species is open to debate; however, according to the relatively little research that has been done on cannabis, most individuals and scientists believe they are distinct in a number of ways. 282 more words




  1. Latin. marvels; miracles

My mother was a superstitious woman. When I was younger, she would walk the five blocks with me to school every day, regardless of the weather, unless a black cat happened to walk past our stoop as we were exiting our brownstone. 537 more words


A Predictable Future?

For some reason my mind was wandering and it struck me as somewhat prophetic that much of what we now take for granted, or at least use on a daily bases, originally came from the  minds of past movies,  perhaps better stated, novelists and writers of movies, particularly Sci-fi movies. 281 more words


TBI similarities

Interesting thing about TBI – traumatic brain injury and PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is they have many similarities in recovery.  Occasionally, they are interchanged and more than one source asserts that PTSD is a traumatic brain injury.  421 more words