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Compared to Barcelona

I enjoy comparing everything when I travel.  When I studied abroad in Barcelona, I noticed so many differences between the U.S. and Spain.  Italy is very similar to Spain in many ways, but different as well.   314 more words

How to Get Everything You Want in Life

For most of us the answer is going to be somewhat different, though there will almost always be similarities. We all have different goals in our careers for instance and different priorities in general in our lives but there are still generally some basics we can mostly agree on. 9 more words


Devotion: "Rain"

Rain. I love rain like nobody’s business.

I often pull my wife outside in the rain to dance when she’s being stubborn and says we can’t do anything when it rains. 1,349 more words


Relinquish the languages

Stay away from the translations

Do not consider the various reasoning

Logic that sprung enthusiastically

From overworked minds, out of boredom

Put away the cloak of usual life… 65 more words


I know you are but what am I?

I am a man.

I am a white, English man who was born in the 90’s.  I am a Christian who is quite liberal in his views and is a middle class, arts graduate. 673 more words



Photo from WordPress; The Daily Post

You’re coiled tighter
and tighter as you
descend in a pattern
which mirrors a nautilus.
Your polished marble
stairs mimic its… 95 more words


A Cat Can Also Look At A Queen

My parents own a cat, flatteringly named Aubrey.  Mother dotes on Aubrey and Aubrey – as much as a cat is willing to do – dotes on her.  395 more words