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Writing repeated...?

Have you noticed how many songs out there sound like one you remember from years back? Why can you sing Lily Allen’s “Who’d Have Known” along to Take That “Shine”? 198 more words

Spirit Animals

For the past week, I’ve been mentally trying to compose this particular post.

I remember when I first brought it up to my boyfriend and watching him try to figure it out, piece it together. 453 more words



When I recognize that I am you, what have I to fear?

How am I to hate you, when in you I see my own self? 21 more words


Java and Bali, Two Pieces of Paradise

There are two places in Indonesia which many people visit. They are Java and Bali. The two islands which have some interesting things.

Although both of them are crowded, they have beatiful beaches and other recreational places to be visited. 171 more words


So a 22 year old Omar was released from prison 2 weeks ago

The Copenhagen attacks on 14/2 and 15/2 have similarities with the Paris attacks on 7/1 and 9/1. So far we know little of the backgrounds of the attackers. 180 more words


Individually, We may Stand Alone, But As A Group, We Are Essentially The Same: Symmetry

Symmetry is the ordering principle in nature that represents the center of balance between two or more opposing sides.

In nature, symmetry exists with such precision and beauty that we can’t help but attribute it to intelligence–such equal proportions and organization would seem to be created only on purpose. 79 more words

Creativity: Photography

Contrasting text

We were asked to find two contrasting texts in form of an article/review/book based on a game/application/website. One is writing for and one is against, so for this I have chosen a well known application and social website, ‘Facebook’. 537 more words