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Like Father, Like Son

I don’t know how many sons see some of their fathers’ characteristics  in themselves, but I suspect some traits don’t show up until later in life. 539 more words

Roger E. Bruner

Marks and Spencer, Similarities and Small Business Anxiety

Today I was alerted to a very similar product to mine being sold in Marks and Spencer. Now, Marks and Spencer was a company that I really respected, one that I spend a lot of my money with, and that I believed was a more ethical big business with their Plan A campaign and ethical business practices. 738 more words

Ruby Wren

Of Actors and Writers

Have you ever thought how similar writers and actors are?

Both writers and actors make a living by playing and researching the roles of all sorts of different people (and, at times, creatures that aren’t humanoid). 178 more words


Blogging Versus Writing Books

I blog. I write books. I haven’t finished a book. I don’t think I know what finishing a blog is like. Finishing a blog post, yes. 169 more words


Similarities & Differences Part Two


I didn’t get to tell you quite a few things that I wanted to in my last post. There was a lot I left out, I’m sorry. 183 more words


The Evolutionary Journey of the Grape

Okay, so the professor has a stumper today.

Once I tell you what it is, you will be as shocked as I was when I first learned about it. 213 more words

Professor Speaks

Similarities & Differences

Welcome to Similarities and Differences,

You’ve graduated from Relationships 101! Yay! Now to dig deep, deep down and fall in love with your characters. You can’t have a relationship with someone you don’t really know, neither can your characters. 682 more words