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11+ Fascinating Differences Between Canada and the United States

I grew up just south of the American border so technically I couldn’t say I really know what I’m talking about. But culturally I was heavily influenced by the US since since we regularly went to shop there. 1,183 more words


quality time

what identifies time as “quality” when it comes to a relationship?  more specifically, a partnership, loveship, a marriage.  we’re trying to balance our work/school lives with time at home, but that time at home is feeling more like independent time. 381 more words



I think if I asked my daughter what her favorite place in her hometown is, she’d answer:

Woodland Park

Or at least I’m fairly certain it’s one of her favorite places in Lexington.

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Yesterday, I went to a weird place in my head
It was dark and gloomy, never again
Someone asked, “Do you know what you are?” 121 more words


Two Songs, One Vibe: Recommended Reading

There’s just been so much going on this past week – writing scripts, setting up interviews – that I figured that I make this first post for February another opportunity for some… 394 more words

Human Beings

Craig and Scott - A List of Similarities

Now that Craig Hart and I are poised to release SpyCo #6, Assignment: Dublin, (our 4th book together), I feel it’s time to address some of the… I must call them what they are… bloodcurdlingly frightening similarities between the two of us. 581 more words