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The Highest Gratitude of All Is Comfort

Sometimes we have good days and sometimes we don’t. What drives us to these feelings? How can we have a good moment last more than five minutes? 1,108 more words

A Balanced Voice


Enough brutality,

Condemnation, and


Put your palm against mine and exchange lifelines,

Allow the fusion of our similarities to dissipate the differences,

Coexist we must


It struck me as funny that when I watch videos and listen to podcasts about Twin Peaks that occasionally, they make Star Wars references or they will use terms… And on the reverse, I think it’s interesting that some of my favorite scenes in the Star Wars films- I like them because they remind me of Twin Peaks, or it invokes some sort of spirit of the show- without meaning to. 1,883 more words

Same Same but Different

Get to know each other by asking questions, showing pictures and videos to find out about your likes and dislikes, favourite pastimes, music, films and food. 22 more words


FRIENDS and The Big Bang Theory

What is it that is so amazingly attractive, funny and adorable about a group of friends merrymaking, fighting and laughing together onscreen? It’s the magical beauty of friendship that holds our attention till the very end of a show. 769 more words

Film And Entertainment

Content in Wholesome and Dark Comics

The content of wholesome webcomics and dark webcomics varies rather significantly from each other. However, as the differences between the content is rather obvious (the main difference being morality), let’s explore their similarities. 416 more words


Different? Same! by Heather Tekavec

Different? Same! by Heather Tekavec; illustrated by Pippa Curnick. 2017. Digitally rendered. Published by Kids Can Press.

Brief summary: Readers go through the two spread illustrations noticing what is different and what is surprisingly alike with the animals. 131 more words

Picture Book Review