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The Differences and Similarities Between Neo Nazis and National Socialists

The term “nazi” has been a very popular term fashioned by Jewish supremacists and Freemasons to degenerate the national socialism movement that spans world wide.  Despite the plans of the Jews, the movement continues to pick up great steam throughout the world.   656 more words

The Jewish Problem

Is a Game Borrowing from Other Games a Bad Thing?

Watched a bit of the Homefront: The Revolution demo (admittedly skipping around a bit), and I liked what I saw. I clicked on the article because the descriptor mentioned the demo was reminiscent of Far Cry, which I am playing right now and quite enjoying. 292 more words


Perpendicular similarities.

“They are all located in the same place, serve similar purposes with no external difference, a continuous line of similarity. The content within, however, tells a different story, some contrasting as night and day; a continuous line of variations. 106 more words

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Sometimes I draw strange conclusions between what actually happens and what I perceive. I will think that one is like the other, and then, when I think back, I’ll realize that I was wrong. 203 more words


Mogadishu International Book Fair: Why We Have An Obligation To Welcome, Celebrate and Expand On It.

Because of culture, we are in Mogadishu

We are in Mogadishu today to attend the first ever Mogadishu International Book Fair (MIBF). It is a historic happening. 1,079 more words


Oh the old saying goes – like forces repel and opposites attract. I am not finding that to be the case in the past month, however. 130 more words


EDU 6526: Video Analysis #2

For my Survey of Instructional Strategies course, I examined a video lesson using strategies from Classroom Instruction that Works as the rubric, comparing the teacher’s performance to the strategies suggested in the book. 1,007 more words