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It’s like there’s a storm,

but I’m still at a lost of water,

when I see a crowd,

but stand alone in a corner.

Vidya Kethineni

Contrary Feelings


Once home from communion with kindred spirits at Unity, I emptied the dishwasher. Classical ‘meditation’ music lifted my thoughts above lifting dinnerware and flatware from the racks, to how they move on with their jobs. 443 more words

Cavalo Nero, page 26

I don’t wanna get stuck
in a farrago of vanquished dreams
I’d rather cut my tongue
while I conditionate the bouvardia of my brain
the infinitesimal nonsense of life… 7 more words


Writing Tip -- Imagery

The lesson I learned from P.G. Wodehouse is that a vivid description, especially a humorous one, not only makes the subject come alive but also makes it memorable. 415 more words

Writing Tips

Intro to Poetry 4 - Journey

Journey – with Similes

This most recent journey is new and exciting but also familiar and that scares me. My interests fade in and out as quickly as a summer shadow at noon. 111 more words

Death Of Hope 

Listen to your mind as its sounds over lap like waves upon the ocean rushing in a storm to the shore.

The murky blues with greens violently crashing against the sand and rocks. 196 more words


A Tree Growing in Winter

The soft crunch of the snow beneath my worn-out boots filled the quiet morning street with life. I watched snow flick off the tip of my boots as I marched across a sea of white. 1,349 more words