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I think you are poetry
written from the vestiges of deep emotions
that paralyze your own self;
your actions lacking in tempo
to those
who think poetry emanates… 115 more words



Once home from communion with kindred spirits at Unity, I emptied the dishwasher. Classical ‘meditation’ music lifted my thoughts above lifting dinnerware and flatware from the racks, to how they move on with their jobs. 443 more words

Cavalo Nero, page 26

I don’t wanna get stuck
in a farrago of vanquished dreams
I’d rather cut my tongue
while I conditionate the bouvardia of my brain
the infinitesimal nonsense of life… 7 more words



Vlogging in this generation,

is like lying in a diary,

– they’re both phony.

– Vidya Kethineni

Contrary Feelings

Writing Tip -- Imagery

The lesson I learned from P.G. Wodehouse is that a vivid description, especially a humorous one, not only makes the subject come alive but also makes it memorable. 415 more words

Writing Tips

Fu**ing Poetry

Saw you from across the room,

and I whispered to the paintings on the wall,

the tiles hugging the floor,

the chandelier hanging from the sky, 23 more words

Contrary Feelings

Diary of Manic Depression

Yesterday, my soul cracked in the public for the very first time,

I fell solid hard on my knees,

dense tears hurrying from my eyes to embarrass me. 29 more words

Contrary Feelings