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Study: Simming Linked to Climate Change

CAMBRIDGE–Scientists at the University of Cambridge published a study today linking simming and online role playing to climate change.  According to the report, the Earth’s average surface temperature has skyrocketed since simming first became popular in the 1990s. 191 more words

I Set out to Find Who's Been Star Trek Simming the Longest: The Results Might Surprise You

I’ve been online role playing for 20, maybe even 30 years now.  During that time, one question has always lingered in the back of my mind:  Have I been simming in the Star Trek universe longer than anyone else?   397 more words

Duvain Ch1.03


Since Cordelia wasn’t officially an alchemist any longer she pursued full time writing and painting and would often sell her paintings down at the consignment shop.  1,266 more words


A Simmer at Heart

I’ve been playing Simulation games (particularly Sim City, then The Sims) since 1989. I found myself befriending people of like minds from all over the world, through Yahoo Groups back in the early 2000s. 62 more words

Sims 4

Duvain Ch1.02


The early days of spring went by quickly for the Duvains, as Cordelia and Kenji raised their twins and Cordelia took extra rests due to her pregnancy.  878 more words


Duvain Ch1.01


Cordelia Duvain, a fiery haired sweetheart, has just moved into Appaloosa Plains.  She’s a kind-hearted Pisces witch with the traits Loner, Great Kisser, Virtuoso, Genius, & Proper.  1,359 more words



Hello and welcome to R4, officially!  Last post I showed you a little bit of my changes to Pleasantview and talked about a few plans I have. 1,743 more words