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***Trigger Warning: Read At Your Own Pace. Viewer Discretion Advised***

It all started when Christina opened the bottle, feeling a rush of guilt overcome her as she poured yet another glass. 1,666 more words


New Story!

So, I just finished creating a blog for my newest story: The Jameson Legacy! It is going to be a non-traditional legacy that is filled with drama, adventure and so much more! 32 more words

First Grade

Meet your typical First Grader.

Hi! My Name is Olivia Love and I’m in First Grade. Yup, I said it First Grade. No longer a Kindergartner who sucks their thumb, sitting criss cross apple sauce. 864 more words


Chapter 16

**** I want to say, this chapter includes a graphic birth scene and a death. I wanted to warn you before you read****

~ Karly’s P.O.V~ 2,144 more words

The Serene Life [Day Three]

Mood: Pregnant

So let’s get a real life announcement out of the way.

I’m pregnant. Again. We aren’t too thrilled, mostly because of financial concerns and other issues, but you know, it is what it is, and as time goes on, and as things (hopefully) get better, we will be happier. 102 more words


Chapter 15

***Karly’s new House!*****

 Kitchen  Sitting Area  Karly’s New Piano!   Living room Master Bedroom 1 Master Bedroom 2  BathroomLeo’s room (once he ages up)
 Leo’s room 2… 1,969 more words

 little back story on the families <3


Mira grew up in a small Midwestern town called Appaloosa Plains where she met the love of her life, Stan. 187 more words