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Chapter 1.1 - What Happened?

Ava Clark….you are probably the most hated woman in this town….” The male interviewer commented with a half smirk.

I don’t disagree with you at all… 562 more words


Welcome to Living to Sim!


My name is Caitlin and I have been an avid simmer for years. I remember way back in the day, playing the very first sims game. 90 more words

Building On Sims

Hello 2016!

The New Year has begun (yesterday, but you’ll have to forgive me, as my husband and I have spent the past couple days playing one of the Christmas gifts he got for me, which is Star Wars: The Card Game… 276 more words


Hello, Ariel!

Ellie’s daughter Ariel is now a child, and she’s the spitting image of her mama!

Be sure to follow my Simblr, as I’ll be posting snippets over there of this family and their lovely log cabin home that may not necessarily appear here! ;)


Ellie on Legacy Island III

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Hi there and welcome!

This being my first post here at the new blog, I figured I would do a little catch up on what exactly is going on in my TS3 game at the moment. 327 more words

The Sims 3

Christmasy Stuff

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So I’ve run into yet another pregnancy issue. Possibly an issue with my round ligament, which makes walking and some other everyday things painful and rather difficult. 251 more words



***Trigger Warning: Read At Your Own Pace. Viewer Discretion Advised***

It all started when Christina opened the bottle, feeling a rush of guilt overcome her as she poured yet another glass. 1,666 more words