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~Karly’s P.O.V. ~

It didn’t take long for the city of Bridgeport to feel like home again. After all, I lived here until I was 7, and then my moms(yes thats right moms) decided to move closer to our family in Moonlight Falls. 1,286 more words

The Quinn Legacy 1.2

We left off with Penelope Quinn, founder of the Quinn Legacy trying to get settled and struggling to get a roof over her head. She finally earned enough money for a tiny one room home with just enough space to fit everything she owned, which wasn’t much. 375 more words

The Sims

The Quinn Legacy 1.1

Last night I announced that I was going to be doing a Sims 3 Legacy Challenge and after that I got started on it right away. 720 more words


Thomas and Henry


So I’ve been playing quite a bit, but I need to update on the gameplay more often. This is two or three days worth of playtime, and quite a bit has happened. 295 more words


Chapter 3

The murmuring of hushed tones came to my ears. My eyes refused to open right away. My body was swaying back and forth like on a boat. 1,069 more words