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The Quinn Legacy 1.2

We left off with Penelope Quinn, founder of the Quinn Legacy trying to get settled and struggling to get a roof over her head. She finally earned enough money for a tiny one room home with just enough space to fit everything she owned, which wasn’t much. 375 more words

The Sims

The Quinn Legacy 1.1

Last night I announced that I was going to be doing a Sims 3 Legacy Challenge and after that I got started on it right away. 720 more words


Thomas and Henry


So I’ve been playing quite a bit, but I need to update on the gameplay more often. This is two or three days worth of playtime, and quite a bit has happened. 295 more words


Chapter 3

The murmuring of hushed tones came to my ears. My eyes refused to open right away. My body was swaying back and forth like on a boat. 1,069 more words

No particular subject.

I want to buy a copy of the Sims4 just to see if it’s like the Simks3, bc if it is, I’m not buying it… bc I’m a Sims2 kind of gal.If anyone has the game wouid you kindly tell me your thoughts on it? 27 more words

My sim had twins! D:

You can read my sim”s antics here. My game sure loves giving me twins…. And I do not have the mod for multiples.. D:  25 more words

Long Time No See

Hey guys! The next episode is here! Kate decided to take a big decision, what do you think it was?

Loewe Legacy