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Welcome to my first alphabetacy...

I am attempting an alphabetacy here. The first bit is on my Dreamwidth which you can peruse here. OK. Time for things to heat up. 203 more words


Float Under the Stars at Scottsdale’s McDowell Mountain Ranch Aquatic Center

The Most Enjoyable Swim You’ll Ever Have in Scottsdale

Do you love swimming but cannot stand the bright sunlight? Your dilemma can be solved at the… 507 more words


FaM Rumble: A Dumpling's Short Review

Wrestling shows based on WWE games are far and between. When they appear, it’s always a collection of high profile matches with unique superstars, men and women alike, showcasing their abilities and charisma for the community to see. 435 more words


Oculus Touch Review

Right, so I have had the Rift since last summer, not long after it came out. I reviewed it a while back and I’ve not changed my mind about it at all. 870 more words



*Note: Due to the lack of time submitting this into the competition there I didn’t get to take many screenshots. I only have the bare minimum which is … one. 1,541 more words


Sorry, Sorry!

I apologize a lot on this blog, huh?

It’s been busy, we are still struggling, I’m still working, and everything is the same right now. Frustrated, stressed out, etc. 260 more words


I've got my 2 stone award, and yes I'm feeling proud of it!

So after having a great summer and enjoying a little of what I liked every now and again…and babysitting my weight etc, I’m now fully back on track. 366 more words