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The Serene Life [Day Three]

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So let’s get a real life announcement out of the way.

I’m pregnant. Again. We aren’t too thrilled, mostly because of financial concerns and other issues, but you know, it is what it is, and as time goes on, and as things (hopefully) get better, we will be happier. 102 more words


 little back story on the families <3


Mira grew up in a small Midwestern town called Appaloosa Plains where she met the love of her life, Stan. 187 more words


Chapter 12

 The brightness of the morning opened Karly’s heavy lids. She put a hand to her head, trying to calm the pounding in her temple. She sat up straight, “Leo!” The sudden movement caused her to lurch forward, so she got onto her hands and knees, trying to remember what happened. 1,142 more words

Chapter 11

~Karly’s P.O.V.~

“Karls, did you hear me?” I shook my head and snapped out of my trance, “I’m sorry. What?” He chuckled, “I just asked you to marry me…..” 891 more words

Chapter 10

(Like the new cover photo?)

~Karly’s P.O.V.~  The big day was finally here! My baby boy’s first birthday. As sad as it was to think he’ll never be this little again, I was looking forward to being able to sleep through most nights. 1,718 more words

Ocean Paradise Day Four


Two new islands have been discovered! Miraculously, I got the remaining map fragment to discover the Plunder Cove island (pretty small, not sure what to do with it yet), and Oceana had taken over Hobart’s Resort and got it up to 5 Stars, earning her the No Trouble Atoll Island! 247 more words


Ocean Paradise Day Three

So Oceana finally hit skill level 10 of scuba diving! As such, she explored a cave, which brought her to her fourth island, named Divers’ Den! 287 more words