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Orient by Christopher Bollen

In brief: A stranger comes to the small village of Orient and people are murdered, houses burn down and strange creatures wash up onshore – there’s really only one conclusion that can be drawn, right? 618 more words

Book Review

Eugenia by Mark Tedeschi

In brief: The true story of a woman who lived her life as a man and a shocking court trial.

The good: I’m really pleased Australia law is now more evidence than speculation based. 657 more words

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A New Fatherland?

Child 44there’s something fishy afoot

When reading Tom Rob Smith’s Child 44, I was reminded of something. I couldn’t think what it was when I was reading it, but later I realised: I was reminded of… 823 more words


There ain’t no party like a book launch party

(Title quote stolen shamelessly from the deathless anthem “S Club Party”, which had the distinction of being my favourite song for about two weeks when I was eight or so.) 1,173 more words


Dinosaurs love underpants by Claire Freedman; illustrated by Ben Cort (2008)

I discovered this wee gem a few years ago when a friend’s son was obsessed with dinosaurs. Underpants and dinosaurs are basically the perfect picture book combination. 102 more words

Read Aloud Preschool

April 2015, new books for children and teenagers reviewed by Janet Croft.

2015 April: New books for children and teenagers reviewed by Janet Croft.

The more stars, the better the reading!

Picture Books.


**Alice’s Food A-Z. Edible Adventures, by Alice Zaslavsky. 5,215 more words

April 2015 adult new book releases, reviewed by Janet Croft

April 2015: New adult books reviewed by Janet Croft

The more stars, the better the reading…..


The Nasho’s War, Australia’s National Servicemen and Vietnam. HB from Viking and Penguin. 6,015 more words