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Zoom!, by Simon Armitage

    It begins as a house, an end terrace
in this case
    but it will not stop there. Soon it is
an avenue
    which cambers arrogantly past the Mechanics' Institute,
turns left
    at the main road without even looking
and quickly it is
    a town with all four major clearing banks,
a daily paper
    and a football team pushing for promotion. 111 more words

Week 100: Silence, Solace and Defiance

On Friday November 13th, Paris, my beautiful Paris, was assaulted. What words are there? What you have no words for, you cannot talk about, Wittgenstein said. 620 more words

The Odyssey: Missing Presumed Dead

Simon Armitage has cleverly adapted Homer’s Odyssey with a modern setting. In the original, it’s ten years since the fall of Troy and Odysseus hasn’t returned to Ithaca. 304 more words



Recently, I’ve been escaping to the hills in my mind. I’ve been reading ‘Walking Home’ by Simon Armitage. The book tells of his journey along the Pennine Way, back to his home town of Marsden, which sits in the Pennines a couple of days’ walk south of me. 204 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Walking Home, Simon Armitage

In summer of 2010 Simon Armitage decided to walk all 256 miles of the Penine Way, walking it in reverse towards his home in Yorkshire, and penniless earning his supper by poetry readings.  234 more words


Words and Waving Goodbye

Hi All
I thought I had better update with something to keep the ol’ blog alive.  I did try to write something a few weeks back but a combination of the usual maladies (lack of time, energy, and immense laziness) struck and all of sudden here we are… 1,196 more words


Who Killed Lucy Lime & Other Theories

Are the group of friends real? Or are they just a state of mind? Now, bear with me, I know it sounds unlikely- and that the story doesn’t need to be made even more complicated than it already is- but hear me out while I ponder through the supernatural, the psychopathic and the strange theories that I have thought about ever since reading ‘Eclipse’. 751 more words