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A Different Point of View

Forgive me if I start this post with reading. Forgive me and, if you please bear with me; I hope all will become clear. You have to understand that I love reading: Marvel* comics, gardening manuals, Sherlock Holmes, biographies, fiction, non-fiction, new books, classics and poetry. 845 more words

Home Front, Back And Sides.

Death Row Weekend


Anyone here had a go at themselves
for a laugh? Anyone opened their wrists
with a blade in the bath? 127 more words


Plumper than a Stonechat

“No sooner had we engaged the handbrake than I knew with almost one hundred per cent certainty that we were looking at a juvenile female celebrity ( 66 more words



There are many excited readers this week as they have been receiving their pre-order copies of Hauntology, the new book by our colleague Professor Katy Shaw… 90 more words

English Language And Literature

A Shiny Aluminium Gizmo

“At the annual Conference of Advanced Criminal Psychology, Dr. Amsterdam and myself skipped the afternoon seminar on Offending Behaviours Within Gated Communities and went into town to go nicking stuff. 76 more words


A Few Cold, Quiet Minutes

“C lay on the tiles on the kitchen floor for a few cold, quiet minutes, considering the ever after. Then with her good hand she punched a long, random number into the keypad, eleven or twelve digits. 104 more words


A Symbol of What We Become

“So George has this theory: the first thing we ever steal, when we’re young, is a symbol of what we become later in life, when we grow up. 128 more words