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I was lecturing today upon the art of visualisation — getting from words on a page to images on a screen. I wanted to show the first talking scene from THE GRADUATE but I also thought “What the hell?” and showed the whole title sequence. 319 more words


Classic Rock Almanac October 18, 2016


Today’s Question: First generation rocker Chuck Berry celebrates his 90th birthday today (October 18th).

Which one of these British Invasion-era bands never released a studio cover version of a Chuck Berry song? 450 more words


SCENE 28 - And whispered in the sound of silence

We were passionate. We had a passionate relationship. But look what we produced together.

[2003 – 45th Grammy Award Ceremony – The video screen depicts sciences covering the period from 1985 to 2003.

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Musical Theatre Script

SCENE 27 - Angels in the architecture

Wow! That was great Paul! What’s the name of your band again?

[1985 – New York TV Studio – The video screen depicts scenes covering the period from 1983 to 1985.

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SCENE 26 - Their hearts and their bones

This is how I love you, baby

[1984 – New York Stage – The stage remains immersed in darkness for 30 seconds to a minute before an announcer’s voice can be heard]

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The Boxer Experience - an introspection

Recently, I travelled past a place I had been to four decades ago. It seemed to have changed a bit. Some introspection and I realised I had not changed in this time. 439 more words


SCENE 25 - Speculation on who has been damaged the most...

Instead you’re famous and you’re rich! And if you’re looking for somebody to thank, I’m standing here! Right in front of you!

[1983 – New York Studio…

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