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Offer Expires Dec. 31, 1970

Five great songbooks from the poster boys of pop-folk-rock, Simon & Garfunkel. Complete parts for lead and rhythm guitar and bass for 11 of Simon & Garfunkel’s hits in Songs by Paul Simon – For Guitar, “easy-to-play” arrangements for piano for the entire Bookends album, and Music for Groups, containing lead & rhythm guitar, combo organ, piano, bass and voice! 42 more words


The fifty ways

Those who know me well will confirm that I have little patience for blogs entitled, for example, “Seven marketing tips for a successful translation business”, or “Five things to remember before you wake up”, and so on.  1,019 more words


That One Song Which Drives You Nuts

Before going into a roommate relationship I’ve learned to try and head off future conflict by asking if there is any particular habit that is a pet peeve. 378 more words

Two Year Olds

April 6 - Simon & Garfunkel 'Graduate-d' To The Top

It was a good time to be Paul Simon or Art Garfunkel fifty years ago this week. The duo really were on top of the world, with one album topping the charts, another that would follow suit being released and one of the decade’s biggest singles hitting record store shelves. 681 more words

Music History

Fifty Year Friday: Simon & Garfunkel, Bookends; Dr. Martin Luthor King Jr. Assassination; Civil Rights Act of 1968

Released on April 3, 1968, it wasn’t until summer of 1968 that I first heard this album.  My sister had left it out on the top of my dad’s large mono hi-fidelity set, and alone in the living room, I took the record sleeve out of the outer cover and the vinyl contents out of its record sleeve, put it on the only quality turntable in the house, and one of the better ones on the block, turned on the machine, guided the tonearm to the beginning and while still standing in front of the hi-fi, became totally ensnared by this work of musical art. 854 more words

[YT] Scarborough Fair Canticle (Simon & Garfunkel)

One of the most iconic American versions of this great and old ballads!