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Florence Foster Jenkins (Frears, 16)

Florence Foster Jenkins is a charming late-summer salve for blockbuster-itis. Florence is beautifully rendered, with striking production design and lavish finishes that perfectly evoke the era. 96 more words


Florence and the Music

If a parrot had enough stamina to make it all the way through Madame Butterfly, it might sound better than Florence Foster Jenkins. If a bottle fell from a great height and its mouth caught the wind in just such a way, it might be more on pitch than Florence Foster Jenkins. 652 more words

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Florence Foster Jenkins Review

A couple of months ago, I reviewed Simon Helberg’s We’ll Never Have Paris, which was utter trash and a waste of life, so although I love The Big Bang Theory and Howard Wolowitz, I definitely did not watch… 635 more words


FlixChatter Review: Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

I have to admit that I didn’t know this film was in the works until I saw it on the press screening list. I had listened to Kenneth Turan’s review of the French film… 640 more words

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Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins was an heiress and a socialite who founded the Verdi Club for her love of music.  Music has always been a passion of hers, the very reason to breathe, so much so that she was willing to be removed from her fathers will just to pursue her interests.   485 more words

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Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

August 2016   Ι   1h 51min   Ι   Stephen Frears 

Florence Foster Jenkins is a movie about a woman who can’t sing but her husband convince her that she has the most beautiful voice of them all. 307 more words


Florence Foster Jenkins

A usual Friday, I spent the whole day thinking I would go to the gym after my parents came home from work, but as soon as my mom came home she said she wanted to go to the movies. 230 more words