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While I’m at it, perhaps I should nod to

  • the review article* I did for LARB of … I forget which Simon Ings novel it was … …
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Reading Sci-Fi

Two very good books: Ancillary Sword – Ann leckie and Wolves – Simon Ings.

Warning: I’m still reading them. I know sod all about literary theory. 466 more words


A wolf among sheep

My review of Wolves by Simon Ings (2014) as been posted on SFFWorld.

Wolves is a novel set in the near future that deftly explores the disjunct between perception and reality.

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SFFWorld Review

Wolves (2014) by Simon Ings - Both Right and Necessary

Somewhere along the line we appear to have become convinced that style is something quite distinct from content. We look at heavily stylised works and either lionise them for the way in which style and content complement each other or we chastise them for indulging in stylistic experimentation without ever bothering to ground the experiments in content or message. 3,695 more words

Science Fiction

Reprint: Wolves

And this is the review of Wolves by Simon Ings that appeared in Interzone 251 alongside the interview with Simon that I reprinted the other day. 578 more words


Reprint: A Beast Licking its Chops

Now that a new Interzone is out, I thought I’d reprint the interview with Simon Ings that appeared in the last issue. This accompanied my review of  1,644 more words

Science Fiction

Piracy and Counter-piracy

There is a kind of romance around piracy.  It is the romance of anti-authority figures and of a life lived not just in the margins but outside the boundaries.   746 more words