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Leaving the battlefield

Three years ago I wrote A letter from the battlefield in response to the journalist Simon Jenkins’ criticism of therapies and therapists:“Therapists wander the scene like surgeons on a medieval battlefield, at a loss for what to do…Research is paltry. 971 more words


Tower Block Lessons

The Grenfell Tower disaster has provoked fierce debate on a wide range of issues, one of which is the future of high rise construction itself. It is a topic which is of particular concern to the residents of Brighton & Hove where the council itself owns over forty buildings which are over 18 meters in height. 493 more words

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A Short History of England – Simon Jenkins

Why this book?
As I said in my TBR post, I’d been binge watching some TV shows based on some Philippa Gregory books, and it was clear to me I had no idea what was truth and what was fiction. 753 more words


Tragic London tower lesson

The Grenfell Tower that burned in London, costing several score of lives, offers lessons that we can and will again fail to heed. No building can be perfectly fireproof, and no ladder truck can reach beyond 20 stories anyhow. 430 more words


On the link between terrorism and attempts to suppress 'militant Islam'

“ Whenever Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron struggled to explain why British blood and finance had to go on toppling regimes in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, they were explicit: it was to prevent terrorism in the streets of Britain. 75 more words

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England's 100 Best Views

A perfect present, Simon Jenkins has written a marvellous book on what he considers to be the 100 best views of England. And he doesn’t just hand you the views on a plate, he doesn’t ruin the surprise for you, for most of the 100 best views there aren’t photos of the view itself – you can go there and discover it for yourself. 57 more words

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On the U.K.'s hypocrisy over legalization of cannabis

“ Britain loves to criticize foreign countries for their social primitivism. It derides the Irish for banning abortion; it ridicules Gulf states for suppressing alcohol; it formally protests at Nigerian genital mutilation, Saudi isolation of women, and Chechen persecution of gay people. 130 more words

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