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What Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Really All About?

When you strip out the distractions, TPP comes down to essentially three things:

  • A free trade agreement with Japan. We need to see the details of that, including the FDI dimension, to understand if there will be GDP gains for the US or not. 
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Introducing #NT2tEU (New teachers to Twitter EU) | Supporting new teachers to twitter | Simon Johnson

I was recently approached by Julie Szaj about expanding #NT2t. Julie, for those of you who don’t know her, is a firm believer that “we are all better together”, a sentiment which I echo. 81 more words

Response: The 2008 financial crisis impact on the US as the global hegemon

The 2008 financial crisis hurt the global economic system drastically, not only afflicted the US domestic financial sphere but also severed other economic actors such as European countries. 550 more words

College Assignment

Teen dies of ecstasy overdose after celebrating end of exams

According to reports a teenage boy has died from an overdose after his friends clubbed together to buy ecstasy to celebrate the end of exams. 296 more words


The labours of Hercules? Minor, compared with those of Economist Dean Baker

Good ole Herc never had it so good, even cleaning those challenging Augean stables while suffering the desperate urgency of a long shower afterwards, which brings us to Dean Baker. 1,087 more words


My #GlobalEd #TwitteratiChallenge | Where I go for inspiration | Simon Johnson

Thanks to the wonderful @abster for my nomination. Like many in this @staffrm, I owe much of my success and continuing professional development to the wonderful people on twitter. 71 more words

#BettChat - How to become a connected educator | Power to the PLN | Simon Johnson

No one can deny the power of Social Media for making connections, likewise, it is impossible to ignore the potential benefits of using social tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and the @staffrm to connect with like minded professionals and to share best practice / resources. 59 more words