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Paris, the Internet, and the FT

My recent blog “The Internet. 7 reasons why it will destroy civilisation” set out troubling facts about this most wonderful of inventions.

One of my concerns was that: 241 more words


Reading with Pleasure and Resistance: Assigned Text, Vol. 2

For about 5 years now, a close friend has been advising me to read The Power of Now, a life manual by spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. 1,293 more words

The Pea Spot

My daughter had been distraught after the terrorist attacks of January, but this weekend she remained calm. She explained to me: “We’re sort of used to this now.” She is coming to think of neighbourhood terrorism as part of life, something that happens and passes.

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A Football Revolution

Author: Simon Kuper

Written Date: 6/17/2011



Zlatan and the Football Autobiography

Critically analyzing or even just reviewing Football  autobiographies is a fool’s errand. The books are done for a quick and easy buck and are written solely to promote the selfish purposes of the subject. 816 more words

Eric Duffy

Book Report: I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic

“I realized it had been tough. It had been hard. The person who was supposed to mean the most to me as a footballer had given me the cold shoulder completely, and that was worse than most stuff I’d been through.

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Planning Restrictions Are Driving Us To Extremes

Almost everyone in the UK agrees that we need to build more houses, indeed many more houses, if we are to provide adequate, and affordable, housing for those who need it.   1,039 more words