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Folky showstopper

This closed a Simon Mayo show a few Wednesdays back



Wow. I got an e-mail I sent in, read out on Radio 5 Live on the Kermode and Mayo film show. I must be a properly inducted member of the church of Wittertainment now. 26 more words


We Cordially Invite You To Join The Church of Wittertainment!

Right, we can’t believe we’ve not mentioned we’re members of the Church of Wittertainment yet! This is the outright berserk cult formulated by the BBC’s highly acclaimed Radio 5 Live film review show, headed by Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo. 308 more words


Summer Reading Challenging, ImagiNation, and some Friday Reads!

The first week of summer holidays is over and we’re still preoccupied with projects-¬†at least it’s keeping us from dwelling upon this sudden run of bad weather…! 498 more words

Friday Reads

Annoying cinema idiots: I blame the parents. And the kids.

Today MWG and I went to see Jurassic World (review to follow), and while the new Premiere cinema is quite nice (reclining seats!) and the movie ticked a lot of boxes the whole experience was slightly ruined by other members of the audience. 720 more words


Chord changes that make your knees weep

Thank you to Simon Mayo for playing something approximating to this version a few months ago. It was certainly strong on piano and started slow. So when I searched on youtube I looked out for the word piano. 18 more words


Itch by Simon Mayo

ISBN: 0552565504
Published: 25th October 2012
Paperback, 432 pages
Genre: YA Sci-Fi, Adventure
Rating: 2/10

I gained this book through FirstReads.

First things first…why would you call your child Itchingham?

208 more words