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Shaun of the Dead (2004) - reviewed by George

Wow! I thought this was a zombie comedy! Well, I laughed three or four times. There’s a scene where Shaun is leading his intrepid party of six (including Shaun) through back yards to avoid the zombie hordes, and he shows them how to jump a fence. 370 more words


Edgar Wright Day: The World's End (2013) - Review

It has been over a decade since the zombie rom-com Shaun of the Dead hit our screens and changed the face of British comedy from sickly sweet romantic comedies to, well, movies that actually make us laugh. 753 more words


Star Trek Beyond Review

Usually, the summer movie season has a general mix of a lot of good movies with a few clunkers through in. In 2016 it was a bizarro year with the season filled with clunkers (Ghostbusters, Warcraft, Independence Day: Resurgence, Jason Bourne, etc) and a couple of good movies (Civil War, Kubo, Finding Dory, and Don’t Breathe). 604 more words

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Star Trek Into Darkness Review

With the success of the reboot, the Star Trek franchise had to ride the high of the first movie to keep the new fans invested. One of the problems with sequels is they’re repeating the original film instead of developing this world. 537 more words

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REVIEW: The World's End

Edgar Wright might be known for his visual comedy and genre pastiche, but he’s also not afraid to throw in a little social commentary with his trademarks. 276 more words

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Review: STAR TREK BEYOND (2016)

Justin Lin’s STAR TREK BEYOND is a breeze, a fixture of popcorn entertainment that actually delivers. This is the third flick in the STAR TREK reboot series that began in 2009 and the 13th outing in the film franchise overall. 392 more words


F.I.L.M. of the Week (June 22, 2017)

I’d been a little iffy on Edgar Wright as a brand-name director for years … that is, until I saw his latest film, “Baby Driver,” which was so good that it inspired me to go back and revisit his entire filmography. 376 more words

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