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The World’s End could almost have been written by Douglas Adams

There will be some spoilers in this post.

The World’s End is an Edgar Wright sci-fi flick about the perils of nostalgia. Gary King (Simon Pegg) rounds up his old friends, played by Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine, and Eddie Marsan, for a second attempt at an ultimate pub crawl they failed to complete when they were teenagers. 460 more words


Hot Fuzz

Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is the best cop in London. In fact, he’s so good, he’s making his superiors–Steve Coogan, Martin Freeman, and Bill Nighy–look bad, so they relocate him to the country, a little village called Sanford, so perfect, it keeps winning Village of the Year. 692 more words


Run Fatboy Run (2008)

Commitment-phobe Dennis Doyle who left his pregnant girlfriend at the altar enters a marathon in an attempt to prove that he has changed to win her back. 225 more words


Spaced, a Review

For a while I was writing reviews on movies, book and albums. Some of it was just a writing exercise and some of it was to put media that I consumed into a better perspective. 670 more words


Top 7 Shaun of the Dead Parallels

Part of the beauty of Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead (2004) is that the first half of the film (everyday life) parallels perfectly the second half of the film (zombie attacks), further beautified by the fact that many of the parallels are extremely subtle. 941 more words


Weekend Coffee Share

Come in, come in, get out of the rain. I’ve got tea, or coffee if you’d like. I hope you like Simon Pegg; I’ve been watching his movies recently. 265 more words

The Day-to-Day Stuff

"Absolutely Anything" reviewed - Four out of Ten (Edited)

I rented the DVD of Absolutely Anything, the last ever Monty Python film, and watched it. This is my review of it.
The good news: it’s not as bad as some of the critics have said. 813 more words