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Reading Journal for May: So many quests...

(44) The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman

An interesting, brief, novel. I reviewed this in an earlier post.

(45-54) Nightingale’s Lament, Hex and the City, Paths Not Taken, Sharper than A Serpent’s Tooth, Hell to Pay, The Unnatural Enquirer, Just Another Judgement Day, The Good the Bad and the Uncanny, A Hard Day’s Knight and The Bride Wore Black Leather by Simon R Green. 584 more words

Fantasy And Science Fiction

Shadow's Fall

The of the many things I love about Simon R. Green is that his novels, even if they are stand alone books, are all interconnected in some way. 434 more words


Read Recently -- March 2015 -- Horror

Maplecroft: the Borden dispatches by Cherie Priest

I always believed Lizzie Borden was innocent. Okay, not always. I mean, there was a portion of my life when I was unaware of the existence of Borden and her alleged crime; but somehow I got into true crime at a young age and read up on the case; I am convinced that had I been on that jury I would have voted to acquit. 928 more words

Ghost Finders

So I love Simon R. Green. He’s one of my all time favorite authors. It saddens me that he’s wrapping up his amazing series before he’d planned to because he has diabetes and he’s afraid he’ll leave his fans hanging. 434 more words


COMPETITION - Win a copy of the brand new film Judas Ghost and Simon R. Green's books

Heart London Magazine have a cool competition for film and book lovers everywhere. Win a copy of ‘Judas Ghost’ and two books by New York Times top selling writer Simon. 395 more words


Read Recently -- January 2015 -- Just because you can bet doesn't make it a casino

Casino Infernale: a secret histories novel by Simon R. Green

Eddie Drood has left his family, betrayed perhaps one time too many. He has joined his parents and his grandfather, all of whom he was assured were dead, in working for the Department of the Uncanny, who surely will not betray him and about whose workings we will surely learn much in this novel. 741 more words

Dark Side of the Road by Simon R. Green

Ishmael Jones is the sort of fellow who gets things that need doing done. He worked for the organization Black Heir, chasing down illegal Aliens (of the in from space variety) and covering up any messes they might have caused. 182 more words

Urban Fantasy