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The Mechanic (2011, dir. Simon West)

A professional assassin mentors a young man while seeking revenge for a betrayal. Okay remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson original, with plenty of generally well-orchestrated action to hurry the plot along. 6 more words

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Stratton feels like being stuck in gridlock, listening to someone read out a scientific dictionary

Stratton is the kind of film that simply does not know how to move along a plot. 236 more words


Review - Gun Shy

Sometimes, a bad movie leaves a tantalising trail of breadcrumbs all the way back to an idea that might have once seemed smart, or funny, or interesting. 774 more words

Gun Shy

Dir: Simon West, 2016

3 /10

Don’t let the poster fool you.

If you’re after an action packed movie, with plenty of guns, shooting and punches, then skip this. 250 more words

Stratton - "Cringe-worthy clichés leaves you cold and wet"

In a world where Spectre has spoiled the 007 charm, Stratton desperately wants to be the new British hero. Dominic Cooper, with his dark good looks and spy-like demeanour, cannot help but recall James Bond. 630 more words

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Gun Shy (2017)

Original title: Salty

D: Simon West / 91m

Cast: Antonio Banderas, Olga Kurylenko, Mark Valley, Martin Dingle Wall, Aisling Loftus, Fernando Godoy, David Mitchell, Jesse Johnson, Ben Cura, Jeremy Swift, Anna Francolini, Emiliano Jofre… 1,180 more words


Film Review: 'Gun Shy'

As overbearing as a Black Sabbath golden oldie but not half as funny, “Gun Shy” is the sort of leaden misfire in which actors labor mightily to transform themselves into cartoon caricatures in a desperate (and largely unsuccessful) attempt to make viewers think, despite all evidence to the contrary, they are watching a comedy. 498 more words