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More of the Same - Wild Card (2015)

Another clone of the same movie that Jason Statham releases every year.  So this is a story that focuses on bodyguard/security consultant Nick Wild (Statham).  He’s a bit of a loser, living life day to day, doing his job, but mostly just wasting his money on booze and gambling.   509 more words


Wild Card (2015)

It will take more than a little stylish cinematography to save this Jason Statham box-office bomb…

Bodyguard and recovering gambling-addict Nicky Wild (Jason Statham) is a man performing favours for the residents of Las Vegas. 387 more words


Wild Card (2015) review

The latest action movie starring Jason Statham, ‘Wild Card’ features a gambling addict trying to escape Vegas and begin a new life.

Love him or hate him, Statham is good at what he does, he feels like the modern day equivalent of Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenegger back in the day. 215 more words


Wild Card Review (15)

It has been apparent for years that Jason Statham knows his way around an action scene. The surprising combination of Cockney geezer with balletic martial arts mastery has been consistently rewarding in films of decidedly mixed quality. 433 more words


Wild Card (2015) - Film Review

Wild Card is directed by Simon West who is in familiar territory having previous credits that include The Mechanic (2011) and The Expendables 2 (2012).  The film is based on a book called… 430 more words

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Watch: Wild Card - Mark Kermode Review

Mark Kermode reviews Simon West’s Wild Card starring Jason Statham as Jason Statham.

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Lia Van Leer, Israeli Film Pioneer, Dies Aged 91; Simon West Crowdfunds 'Salty' & More- Global Briefs

Lia Van Leer, who for so many years championed and came to symbolise Israeli cinema at home and abroad, has died at the age 0f 91. 293 more words