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There is no such thing as a 'free meal'

I think of my cats and I wonder…

I have two cats. Two elderly boys who rule the house – at least they think they do. 909 more words

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THIS JUST IN: The Simon's Cat Kitten Chaos Collection

Almost FOURTEEN MINUTES of Cartoon Kitteh Chaos. Get your lunch out of the break room fridge, sit on down, and let this one roll!

Is This A Sqwerly Video, Or What?

Simon’s Cat creator Simon Tofield is back, and he shows us just how he draws Sqwerls for his videos!

CatConLA: A Lesson in Perceptions and Myth Busting

To be honest, prior to heading to LA last weekend, I wasn’t really sure what to expect of CatCon. In fact, I spoke to some local acquaintances who had been hearing advertisements on the radio and their first impression was, “Wow, it’s a gathering for crazy cat people!” 576 more words