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Manly Monday

Ya gotta love a guy who loves his pet that much!

Here’s a lil somethin’ from another cat-loving fellow, Simon.

So. Much. Fun.



Cats Can Be Jerks

Anyone who has ever had a cat has experienced this.

For more of these delightful, not to mention apt, animations about life as a cat owner, click over to… 13 more words


Simon's Cat + The Cone Of Shame

Simon’s Cat is having a dickens of a time getting the Cone Of Shame off- until he meets a new friend. Problem solved.

Halloween gets a cat scan

A Simon’s Cat double header, plus a dose¬†of existential¬†angst from Henri, the feline philosopher.

Animal Crackers

Simon's Cat Goes Off To The Vet

“Off To The Vet” is the name of a new Simon Tofield book (out today)- and here he tells us how he created it. 7 more words