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A Long Way Back - Chapter 18

Full Circle

She felt drained. After she fled from Nick’s room, she went down to the lobby instead of finding her own room and headed straight to the Ladies room and spent a few minutes  trying to keep herself together. 5,788 more words

Bon Jovi

A Long Way Back - Chapter 17

Why Can’t This Be Love?

Nick stared at Greta completely speechless for several long moments. Then he brought up a hand to rake his fingers through his hair and scrub over his face. 1,387 more words

Bon Jovi

A Long Way Back - Chapter 16

Well That Was Unexpected

Bon Jovi was able to continue their tour playing their gigs in Le Havre and Calais before heading to Geneva. In Geneva Nick’s long time friend and fellow ex-marine met up with the band where he’d continue on with them for the rest of the tour. 2,467 more words

Bon Jovi

Time Travel SG-17

SG-17, known also by their self proclaimed moniker of ‘The Black Sheep’, congregated in their commanding officer’s office dubbed ‘The Sheep’s Pen’ going over their new assignment.  47,839 more words


Support animal wildlife and look cute doing it!

As you well know by now, I’m a huge fan of Simon’s and get a lot of my great finds from there. I love finding unique, bold and/or patterns to add life to an outfit. 145 more words



DIva by shubhangi-kashyap featuring chain jewelry

Overlay dress

Diophy handbag
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Versace jewelry
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Nocturne hand crafted jewelry
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