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Chorizo and Broad Bean Risotto

Mmmmmmmm…..this is possibly the yummiest thing I have ever cooked in my entire life!

I cooked enough for 2 but Beardy was out so I kept going back to get more until there was only one bean left, then I felt sorry for it and ate that too!  293 more words


Saturday Night feasts


This is our own homemade version of the glorious Portuguese dish Bacalhau. (which is traditionally made with salt cod, onions and potatoes )

This Fish dish is… 332 more words


Avocado, Mango and Blue Cheese Salad

I feel a bit condescending explaining how to make a salad, it’s a salad, it’s not exactly difficult. I was using up stuff I had bought and forgotten about so I wasn’t really expecting a post worthy recipe, everything was telling me blue cheese and mango didn’t go but if I didn’t use it today it would probably get thrown out so I ignored the voices in head asking me what I was thinking and went ahead and did it anyway; hey! 263 more words


Butternut Squash Soup with Sage

I wanted to use two small butternut squashes the other night for dinner, but didn’t have a ton of time to think about what I would do with them, so in the early afternoon, I threw them in a hot oven, and when they were done, this soup was born. 502 more words

Fall & Winter Dinners

Chorizo, Prawn and Sweet Potato Risotto

Sorry about the soft hue over the picture, I think it must have been the steam but looks a bit like some sort of sultry porno food picture! 484 more words


The most amazing stuffed shells you'll ever eat! 

So you’ve probably seen this recipe around Facebook or Pinterest. But have you known anyone who actually made it?!

Well, I have. Twice. And let me tell you…amazing both times. 402 more words


Tomato & garlic pasta

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the best – this dish is super tasty and easy, nice and cheap, and only uses four ingredients (plus seasoning!) 154 more words