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Meatballs | Gluten Free AND Homemade!

The Meatball battle. It’s a war I’ve been fighting with my mother since I was old enough to speak. I decided way back then that I did NOT love homemade meatballs. 1,305 more words


How to Enjoy Eating Healthy

Sun ripened peaches. Glistening red cherry tomatoes. Crisp and colorful kale. Rainbow stemmed swiss chard. Bright orange fuzzy peaches.

This is what I’m thinking about while walking today. 367 more words

Gluten Free "Beef" Stew

While Beef Stew isn’t necessarily a spring-focused recipe, it is a simple recipe that seems to reset your taste buds after a holiday, or even during picnic season. 976 more words


What's wrong with these pictures?

Have you found the answer?

Have you zoomed in?

Are you scratching your head?

Let me tell you what’s wrong..


Yup, there’s nothing wrong with these 2 plates. 277 more words

Healthy Food

Gluten Free Tacos | Tater Tot Tacos

As a Celiac patient, there have been several minor difficulties in certain meals that I have struggled with for years. Tacos have always been a favorite meal option of mine; however, if you have ever been forced to switch from soft flexible flour tortillas to stiff and incredibly crumbly soft corn shells, you can understand my disappointment. 792 more words


Chicken and Veggies in a Flash

If you follow my blog at all, you know that I normally cook with fresh produce.  However, every so often, I’ll either be too busy or just feeling a bit lazy, and I want something super easy and quick without having to sacrifice nutrition.   361 more words


Roasted Veggie & Cheese Quesdilla

Mexican food! It is one of my favourite types of cuisine, from tacos to nachos. Its all a party in my mouth. Not only is Mexico a popular destination trip for me (bless the sun, and the hot temperatures there), it also has some wicked wicked food. 283 more words