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Working hard or hardly working?

A week ago, Mark turned in our heavily revised building permit with the blessing of our local building inspector. This is a LONG time coming after our county changed inspectors and the new one wasn’t familiar with our plans. 607 more words


daylight savings...

Is there an item that exists that I can buy that mimics the sunshine rising in the morning at a normal time, say, 6-7am? I miss summer days where the sun awakened me and my body gradually knew it was morning therefor time to wake up. 147 more words


I gave it all up … To live off the land

One woman’s story about going back to the land in West Cork.

Last year, my boyfriend Laurence and I gave up our jobs to go in search of an alternative way to live. 741 more words

Living with Intention

I just finished reading a book titled Choosing Simplicity by Linda Breen Pierce. It’s a collection of case studies of people who’ve drastically simplified their lives. 777 more words

Denise D. Young

10 random things

I saw on Twitter the other day, a post by @minimellelife about getting rid of 10 random things from your house. I immediately thought “what a great idea!”, seems much easier to get rid of 10 objects randomly than to get rid of 10 items from a specific category. 172 more words


Theater Programs, My Goofy Collections, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

There’s a porous boundary between collecting and hoarding. I see I wasn’t paying attention when I crossed over it. Way over it. These are Theater Programs — just a small portion of the ones I, um, collected. 402 more words


In One Image: Why Things, Status Mean Nothing

ICYMI: Because, one day, we will all be neighbors in the same ‘hood.