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Does tidying up change your life?

In a recent trip to Sam’s Club I stumbled across Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I had heard about this book for years and heard about the Konmari method of decluttering, but had always wanted to read the book to see what it was really about. 351 more words


One Pan Roasted Veggies

My favorite way to eat cooked veggies is by roasting them.

 It brings out their yummy flavor and for some of them it brings out a sweeter taste which my sweet tooth loves!   104 more words


Wear It Well Wednesday: Striped Shirt + Scarf

The day I donned this outfit, the predicted high temp here in Fort Collins was only 68 degrees. To this Florida woman, that’s a genuinely cool temperature. 462 more words

Simple Living

A Perfect Vacuum, and the Weekly Photo Challenge - Transient

It’s hard to be a nomad when you have to clean house every day. Why so clean? Here’s why —I’ve been downsizing for a long time now, 346 more words


July slow your own - screen-free eating

Did you like what I did there? A bit of word pun?! Sow your own…slow your own?! For those that don’t know, I LOVE gardening. And there’s no better metaphor for planting little nuggets of change in your head and growing them into a new way of living than talking about sow your own seeds. 995 more words


My money egg

I was not always debt averse. Like so many millions of Americans, I used to embrace the idea of debt as a given, a necessary evil. 5,511 more words


For Love of Cloth

Our son was born seven months ago and he is the happiest baby on the block – well, the only baby on the block, but still. 734 more words