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Self Care - Breaking free from our Roles

Are the roles you are playing keeping you stuck?

Staying stuck in your comfort zone has alot to do with the roles you are playing in your life. 582 more words

Simple Living

So, British Hygge Is a Thing Now?

Last year’s obsession with all things Hygge in the UK fascinated me. Everyone it seemed was trying to find a way “do hygge”.  Knitters and crocheters were posting almost daily photos on Instagram of themselves with candles, blankets and knitting. 764 more words


Stubborn Oven, Michael To The Rescue, Garden Journals, Rainy Days and Library Books

I love my oven. It’s a convection oven and I’m totally spoiled by it. I’ve noticed that during full moons my oven doesn’t want to come on. 250 more words

My Bohemian Life

Hanging on to things is a way to avoid change. Change is inherent in every cell of your body. It occurs every second of your life.

51 more words

Trunks and Bags

My near future will be very simple. All our belongings will be packed away. Our Home will be a bedroom in a house that isn’t mine. 498 more words


Diving Headfirst Into Meditation

Or an alternate title would be: What I have learned after meditating for 10 days straight  :)

I am not going to say I am some sort of Zen maven now, or that absolutely nothing bothers me, or that I can calm my mind down without even giving it a second thought. 739 more words

Intentional Living

No that's not a nuclear reactor on my dining table

It’s a GoSun Solar stove that cooks for six and it was just delivered today.  Matt and I first found out about GoSun at a Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville in spring of 2015.   467 more words