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Creating Memories

Though a few days have gone by, I can still scarcely think of anything but Julie’s sudden passing. I have never met anyone for whom, like for her, life was such a great, big, ever-growing circle of love and light. 129 more words

Simple Living

Tackling Clutter Problem Areas: Our Whimsical Message Center

We all have at least one area in our home that is an ongoing problem area. Some parts of our homes, once organized, require only minimal and routine maintenance. 752 more words

Denise D. Young

Living Slow on Mabel

The other day I heard a term which I think sums up my lifestyle perfectly – Slow Living.

“A lifestyle which emphasises slower approaches to everyday life” 210 more words

Crossroads & Transitions

Now yesterday was quite eventful. It remains that within my brain am fretting over several things. Some history first and foremost.

Last Autumn, everything was planned. 571 more words


My trip to the Big City

I’ve avoided Toronto for 54 years, but this year I went for work related reasons. I was very pleasantly surprised! It was beautiful and fascinating. People were walking, running or on bicycles in the bicycle lane. 81 more words


Keep It Simple

Life moves in cycles, so it doesn’t surprise me that after years of accumulating items for various reasons, I suddenly became obsessed with the idea of getting rid of it all again. 641 more words


Deliver wood day…

Now this day is an exciting day, for an individual, whom is actually related to the James bloodline within the Midwest, is going to deliver a Lorry plumb full of wood to me. 337 more words