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Perfect Apartment Layout

When I saw this on Pintrest, the caption read ‘all I need’.

For once, the caption captures exactly what I was thinking.

This is the dream.


I Miss Television.

In my college writing classes, the professors tell us to say what we want to say and not what we think other people want to hear. 456 more words


Morning Yoga

The past few weeks life has started to run me instead of me running my life. Don’t ever let this happen! I was in a funk and feeling down from the ever present stress we all experience in our lives: work, house, pets, etc. 693 more words


Another Load of Bark Chips Going Down

My ever-present and patient helper, Sassy

Putting down bark chips is an ongoing project for me on the Small House homestead.

If only she could help shovel! 635 more words


The #jvclife I didn't Instagram

The society we live in today is all about sharing. We post pictures of our food, our dog, our family, our accomplishments, a beautiful sunset, etc. 890 more words

The Pitfalls of Minimalism

There are countless ways for getting rid of clutter. Have you used it recently? Will you actually use it again? If something is broken will you actually get it repaired? 451 more words


Is Work My Life?

27 Aug 2015

In our fast pace society, we are constantly running to meet deadlines and often wonder when will all this madness ever ends. Sadly, the answer is never. 218 more words

Simple Living