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yoga is a lot like life: harsh and sweet

yoga is a battle. a battle against ourselves. at least for me.

i always encounter resistance when i unroll my mat and i put a step on top of it. 335 more words

Simple Living

The Thief of Joy

I was a bit jealous. Someone had posted a picture of herself and her kiddos in their new car, and one of the first things I noticed was, “oooh, her car has leather seats.” 568 more words

Simple Living

"yes please!"

At Westport Yoga KCwe have these little green consent cards that say “Yes, please” on one side and our logo on the back. We use these cards so students can communicate with our yoga teachers to tell us if they consent to hands-on adjustments or if they really just want to be left alone. 224 more words


Step 1 & 2 of shower....not pretty YET :)

The first 2  and most important steps of building our shower are done! After framing came the work.  Green board for the shower walls then We covered the shower floor with roofing paper taking it up the walls a couple feet, using spray adhesive. 310 more words

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All Day, Every Day

Today motherhood kicked my ass.  Well, I might be a little dramatic with that comment but truly, today it seemed there were a lot more tears, heightened stress, things felt rushed and our scooter got stolen.  206 more words

Simple is as simple does.

What in the world does that mean?

Simple is as simple does.


Life isn’t as difficult as we may make it out to be. 60 more words

Life Is Simple

Building a New Compost Pile

Click image twice to show worm detail.

The worms were found in a year’s worth of vegetarian kitchen scraps, garden & lawn trimmings, lawn mushrooms, discarded pears, kelp & seaweed, coffee grounds, etc. 45 more words

Simple Living