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Season Cycle: Summertime!

Another change of the seasons, and for most, the favorite one of all, and not surprisingly, there are many songs to celebrate the time of baseball, barbecues, beer, and bug bites. 673 more words


Make Love Your Armour?

Oh, he’s at it, again! Checking that it’s still there. Or perhaps that’s the new symbolic gesture for “make love your armour”? For it was that line in The Signal And The Noise he was delivering as he…made the gesture. 59 more words

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Ask A (Not Very) Silly Question...

Well, the question itself definitely isn’t, but the language I used is. My spirits were lifted from him being around today, what can I say? My mood should not be swayed by others…but of course it is. 310 more words

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The Magic Is Back!

Oh, he must be bored today…so much posting! So much feedback!

Maybe it’s because I’ve been quiet on there lately? Lol. He feels free to interact with others? 231 more words

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Birthday Wishes...

Oh, it’s not my place to leave a comment. But I want to. Perhaps he didn’t get the message from whomever you asked? They forgot to ask him…or it slipped his mind once he was out on that stage? 133 more words

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Wall Of Love You Say, Sir? For Mexico!

Oh, I never knew Simple Minds had NEVER played Mexico. Oh, the fans will be in RAPTURES!

Oh, I am ecstatic for them! (The fans.) And only last night watching Waldemar Januszczak detouring to Mexico City to show us the Philip Guston murals (as well as Diego Rivera’s STUNNING pieces at the Ministry of Education building). 65 more words

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Minds Music Monday - Summer (Club Mix)

Well, I wanted to share this here on Saturday, but for some reason, their official audio clip on YouTube was unavailable. It appears to be now. 60 more words

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