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Week 25 - TBT 2017 - Waterfront

Simple Minds are another one of those bands that I didn’t like, then I liked for a while, then I didn’t like them again. Now I can listen to a couple of their songs at a time, but I wouldn’t necessarily want to hear a whole album, and I doubt I’d try to see them in conert again. 134 more words


Bristol Extras - Gig Five

Tried to take pics of the whole band – with varying degrees of success. Definitely need a newer, better camera!

This one of Charlie turned out quite good. 161 more words

Simple Minds

Milan - April 27th, 2017

Oh, let us have a little ogle…I’ve been SUCH a good girl lately…

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Simple Minds

Simple Minds - Acoustic: Stand By Love - London Palladium

Recorded on me iPhone, like. My idea of getting one song from each gig didn’t quite work out, but here’s one previously not shared.

Simple Minds

Extras - London Palladium - Gig Four

Some choice extras. I’m not far from London, so, it wasn’t really a day for sightseeing (only got back from Bridlington the evening prior, so London was as late a start as I felt comfortable enough to give it). 27 more words

Simple Minds

Brilliant Brid Extras - Gig Three

At Kings Cross on my way up to Bridlington. Had to take a snap of this for my nieces…
Third gig in and I’m already looking “rooted”, as us Aussies would say. 122 more words

Simple Minds

The American - Bridlington - Gig Three

It wasn’t the best footage I captured, but it’s still a lovely memory to have of a wonderful gig (despite the crowd’s best efforts to pour a dampener on it. 29 more words

Simple Minds