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Simple Minds - The Face - October, 1981. Full Scan & Sons/Sister Review.

The Full “Face” article, plus a review of Sons & Sister in the back pages of the mag.

Aawww! Please don’t turn your back on me, sir! 16 more words

Simple Minds

New Gold Dream - Jim's Reply To Me - As Art!

I love his reply to me so, so much…still. I don’t know WHY I have never made it an art piece before…but I did today! (At long last!) I was telling him that I had a favourite fragment of the song…right towards the end…this kind of screeching noise (I now know to be Charlie’s guitar, I think!), that gave me goosebumps every time I heard it (it still does…even more so now). 44 more words

Simple Minds

The Face - October, 1981.

New acquisition…

With his back turned to me. Ah, how life doth imitate art. Proper scan, etc, later. Let’s hope the dreaded BFB is not mentioned!

Simple Minds

Simple Minds - All The Things She Said

Simple Minds jump up to joint second in the list of acts with most appearances on the blog. This is their fourth time, only Madonna has had more. 70 more words

You Win, Sir. You Win.

Your “cock blocking” has won out.

The campaign has fizzled out and ground to a halt.

If you were testing me to see how long I would persevere. 101 more words

Simple Minds

Blue And Yellow Tanager

Tried to take my time more with this Brazilian themed bird. It’s found in the tropics of South America appropriately enough, Brazil being one of the countries in which you can see it. 63 more words

Simple Minds

This Week's NGD Lyric Card - Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel

And what he said of my art piece back when I did it. He probably RUES ever acknowledging any of my stuff now. Sorry, sir. All of it was only ever born out of love. 10 more words

Simple Minds