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More On Speed Your Love To Me - Acoustic

I posted this on the SMO Facebook visitor wall, so I may as well add it here too.

Jim…I just need to write again about Speed Your Love To Me on the Acoustic vinyl.It is the most beautiful, tender, sweet, gorgeous thing I’ve heard since…well, Spirited Away, probably. 421 more words

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Three Down - One To Go

And that “one” is my one VIP ticket, of course! I bet it won’t arrive until next April…just to scare the crap outta me! FOUR GIGS?! 10 more words

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Cleaned Up Hacienda Footage

I’m pretty sure this footage from the Hacienda has had a clean up job. It still looks blurry in places…but OMG! He’s in leather! And his hair is cropped at the back, but longer at the front and slicked back. 76 more words

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Glasgow Is A Go!

Unlike my previous (and first!) trip to Glasgow, my next trip up is all sorted!

The logistics of my first trip was all out of my hands…but it, mercifully, worked out OK. 368 more words

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Ah, The Old "Unit of Measurement" Pic...

This one’s to scale, ladies! Lol
I’m such a dirty cow!

More photos are available to view HERE

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All About The Shrine...

Alternate piece from a few days back.

He is…a dream…

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