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Sparkle In The Rain Review - No 1 Magazine, February 11th, 1984

I have never seen this picture (used for the article) before. What the hell is the boy doing? Lol. And…erm New Gold Dream was UNDERproduced?! Was it?!

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Piss Arf Jacko's "Pubes"!

Michael Jackson’s pubes, more like! Hiding under an alias as you OBVIOUSLY have no taste! Two of the best songs of 1983…and I say this NOT as the Minds fan I am today…but as that 13 year old back in Oz who heard the song on the radio, conjured up such stark imagery with it, and thought it was one of the best things I’d ever heard. 36 more words

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No 1 Magazine - Dec 17th, 1983 - Waterfront Video Shoot

Ah! The old Renfrew ferry. Of course I have been there… in my dreams, with a certain Mr Kerr holding me close to him….little expecting it would ever turn manifest! 6 more words

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Simple Minds - 1984 Tour Dates - No 1 Magazine, Oct 29th, 1983

And can I please have a full size copy of that picture of Jim, please? Beautiful!

Also details of the release of Waterfront.

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Phoenix Park Dublin Gig Review - No 1 Magazine - August, 1983

Review of the U2/SimpleMinds/Big Country/Eurythmics mega gig at Phoenix Park, Dublin on August 14th, 1983.

A shame the second page (and pic of Jim) is black and white. 12 more words

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