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I was thinking long and hard about this snacking dilemma…from yesterday’s post

less snacks (I know what your thinking- Jill, just shut up about this already) and I know what my Mom is thinking (ok Jill, give them less treats and give us all a break and don’t talk about it anymore!) Hell, even I’m thinking it but I have to write this post. 588 more words

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Oh my, what happened? A whole year has passed us by, can that really be? It seems like just yesterday it was spring or summer. I feel I missed fall entirely in some ways. 453 more words

Tiffany Larson: Community Vs. Neighborhood

We didn’t just live in a neighborhood, we lived in community. I never knew that I wanted to live in community or really, needed to. 100 more words

Weekend Links

Well, things have been pretty lazy around here this past week, so I’ve avoided doing housework taken the opportunity to start some of the changes to this blog that I’ve been dreaming of to make it more streamlined and easier to read and post. 186 more words

Weekend Links

A day for thinking...

Today, I’m thinking of all the big events that are happening in my life and in my friends’ lives right now. Little Z is just over a year and a half old, and we are hardcore into potty training. 546 more words

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Homekeeping Blogs

I realized that I was far overdue for the next installment of homekeeping resources. The online world is so massive and I decided I needed to reread one of the books I was recommending, so I decided to break up what was becoming a very long post into at least 2 posts (maybe 3?) Here is one part of the online resources: websites and blogs. 553 more words

Home Keeping Strategies

About Me

I make a home with my dear hubby (Richie), twin girls (Ezri & Edyn), a loyal Yorkie (Piper), and a passionate Chihuahua (Desi) in Humble, Texas.   97 more words

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