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Summer potato salad

Even if the calendar says June and it is supposed to be Summer, the weather seems to think it is October! The wind is howling outside and it is raining horizontally. 430 more words


Grilled Grapes, You Are Just Going to Have to Trust Me . . .

My in-laws (The Ps) are amazing cooks. No, really. Amazing cooks. Each of them has a few things they are well known for. GaGa is from southern Oklahoma so you just KNOW that the lady can cook up some chicken fried steak and King Ranch and, lord, can she bake. 586 more words


Spring potato salad

A lot of dishes come to life when you rummage through the fridge, wondering what to use for a certain dish. A little like a mystery box off MasterChef. 431 more words


Creamy leek and mushroom side

This simple little side is perfect for a steak dinner and quick and easy to make. I am not too fond of covering a nice cut of meat with a heavy sauce, I’d rather have something with a little bit of moisture on the side. 320 more words


Simple Sides - Lemon Brussels sprouts

I’ve been told I’m crazy (mostly by my husband) but I LOVE brussel sprout! I feel bad they get such a bad rep, so when I found this recipe I thought I’d give it a try and see if I could use it to create any new brussels sprout converts. 236 more words


'You Are My Sunshine' Birthday - Simple Food So You Can Relax!

One of the most difficult decisions for me when hosting is picking the food.

In March, we celebrated our daughter’s second birthday. I’ve already shared how the house was decorated with a few strings of… 565 more words

Joyful Hosting

Spanish omelette my way

I not very good at sticking to traditional recipes. Most of the time, when I get an idea for something to make, I tend to be missing an ingredient or two, but rather than popping to the shop for the missing parts, I tend to use something else from the fridge or pantry. 429 more words