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Asparagus wrapped in Serrano ham

Blanched asparagus wrapped in Serrano ham is a versatile side you can use to add flavor and complexity to many dishes. I especially like it with fish dishes, thus adding some salt and texture to what is normally otherwise quite a “soft” and bland dish. 180 more words


Flour tortillas - Simple sides

I will feature a section on simple side dishes. Some smaller dishes are versatile and can be used for a lot of different purposes. I will feature these in smaller posts and tag them with “simple sides” to make them easy to find. 338 more words


Baked tortilla chips

These are easy and great little snacks or sides that is quick to make. For this recipe, you can use whole wheat tortillas or as I have used, “lompe”. 329 more words


Bruschetta with pesto, tomato and chevre

This is a very easy and delicious dish you can use as a side to a salad, as a starter or as part of a tapas serving. 242 more words


Main veggies..

We don’t eat a variety of vegetables, I no..it’s horrible..we don’t eat healthy, we’re tryin tho! But until then, here are the main veggies we eat and how I ‘cook’ them. 289 more words

MmM..my Cookin..

Cheesy bread rolls

A simple little side to the salads posted yesterday. :-)

When making bread rolls, they are of course best fresh from the oven. The following day or so, they may not be as attractive to eat. 161 more words