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Easy Sweet Corn Salad with Basil and Feta

Fresh corn is such a distinctly nostalgic thing to eat. It’s attached to so many memories of heading sleepily home after a day at The Pinery, a provincial park lining several sandy beaches along Lake Huron. 412 more words


Hey guys!

Dieses Granola-Rezept ist super einfach. Ich habe einfach gerne etwas knuspriges auf meinen Smoothie Bowls oder Crunchy Müsli mit Milch. Da die meisten Müslis, die man so kaufen kann, aber voll mit Zusatzstoffen und Zucker sind, liebe ich diese Alternative: 176 more words


Walnut lambs salad with avocado - an easy classic

This salad is the perfect side to anything you cook! It’s easy, quick and a real classic!  All you need for two persons is:


Crushed Baby Potatoes with Dijon-creamed Spinach and Vegan Bacon

It seems as though Autumn has just popped right out over the last couple of days. The temperature has dropped and the trees are suddenly golden. 418 more words


Tzimmes - The Perfect Holiday Side Dish

Rosh Hashanah is all about eating sweet things to insure that you have a “sweet and fruitful” year. We have a blessing that we say over our Rosh Hashanah meal in which we eat apples dipped in honey and ask that it be G-d’s will that we are renewed for a good and sweet year. 535 more words

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