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Main veggies..

We don’t eat a variety of vegetables, I no..it’s horrible..we don’t eat healthy, we’re tryin tho! But until then, here are the main veggies we eat and how I ‘cook’ them. 289 more words

MmM..my Cookin..

Cheesy bread rolls

A simple little side to the salads posted yesterday. :-)

When making bread rolls, they are of course best fresh from the oven. The following day or so, they may not be as attractive to eat. 161 more words


Picturesque Pork Chop

I don’t eat pork very often, but when I do I definitely want to make sure it is perfect! Too often I’ve gotten a pork chop that is just so overdone and dried out it is completely inedible.   959 more words

Sweet Potato Casserole

Warning…..this recipe may make you fall in love with Sweet Potato Casserole….thats right Lance even enjoyed it!

With Thanksgiving being over, and Christmas to look forward to, I can’t help but continue to experiment and make comfort, Holiday dishes. 506 more words


Crock Pot Mashed Red Skin Potatoes

Thanksgiving is just around the corner….can you believe it’s basically a day away at this point because I can’t! I ventured out to the store today to get the remainder of the ingredients I need for my feast and I’m glad I went today, and not tomorrow. 461 more words


What's for Thanksgiving: Top 9 Dishes

Thanksgiving is all about family, friends and food. I’ve always been fortunate to be on the guest side of Thanksgiving. It’s daunting to travel to Brooklyn for many and in our current apartment, we simply couldn’t host the crowd. 89 more words


Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries are one of my all time favorite snacks/side dishes. They are healthy (all depending on how they are made of course), and there is something about their salty yet sweet flavor mixed with a crispy texture….YUM! 445 more words