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Dips! Dips! Dips! Tzatziki & Creamy Red Pepper

Before I share these goodies, I have an announcement!

We’re back, y’all.

It’s been one heck of a ride. Marriage, a baby, and the birth of – not one, but two! 921 more words


Creamy Chive Cauliflower Mash- 21 Day Fix & Clean Eating

Lets face it, the work week can get hectic. You start off with the best of intentions. Maybe it’s “I am going to be motivated and driven today and accomplish everything on my to do list.” Or  “I am going to actually make it to the gym tonight and not just carry my gym shoes in my car.”  Best yet, “I am going to sit down and have a real dinner with my family and not just make a trip through the drive through.” Whatever your best intentions, life gets crazy and shit happens. 187 more words

Gluten Free

Dauphinoise Potatoes

I’m a girl who loves her carbs. You can serve me the most beautiful piece of steak or fish with some gorgeous vegetables and, invariably, my first taste is going to be the rice or potato or pasta or bread or whatever other starch is on the plate. 922 more words


Brussels Sprouts and Leek Gratin

The first year we moved to the Lowcountry, we had a really sad Thanksgiving. Chef J had to work of course. The Boy and I didn’t want him to come home to an empty house on such a family oriented holiday so we opted not to travel back home without him. 1,274 more words

Kosher Adaptable

Roasted Root Vegetables with a Sesame & Maple Glaze

The month of October is slowly welcoming the change of colors on the leaves. This is the first year that the hubby and I will be celebrating the fall abroad. 342 more words


A September of Turbulent Times, Simple Servings, Hunger Action

These past few weeks have been unsettling. There is hardly an hour of any day that goes by that there is not another story of worldwide familial sadness confronting us. 349 more words

Sea Salt

You say tomato, I say "tomahto"...

I am not sure I would call the whole thing off, and some folks will have probably already seen the featured picture on FaceBook, but I thought I would go ahead and commit this short, but extraordinarily tasty recipe to the food blog.   343 more words