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Premier Elect, RACHEL NOTLEY wants market access for Alberta’s bitumen….’

.Our economy  could be adversely affected if we make a wrong decision …….Could this turn into   a ‘fair and independent review’ ! 228 more words

Which Fraction Is Larger?

Note: The credit of this post goes to Ng Foo Keong of Truly Singaporean Singapore Mathematics. I am very grateful that I was given permission to post this on my blog. 288 more words


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Train your math today. Sharpen your brain!

This is What Happens When You Stop Working Out?

Simple solution… just don’t stop!!


It’s interesting that this study also reveals that exercising has a positive effect on the physical brain and not only the mental state or mind.


12 things grand canyon taught me

i lived and worked at Grand Canyon for four months and learned so very much! i’m just gonna give y’all a small snapshot of some of them because, seriously, to list them all would take all day and dammit, i have other things to do! 220 more words


Illusions, dimensions, beliefs...

A unique experiment at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory called the Holometer has started collecting data that will answer some mind-bending questions about our universe – including whether we live in a hologram. 161 more words


Yes, we have no everything (bagels)

OK, this is a quick one, and it isn’t really strictly user experience, if you restrict user experience to just digital things, it is just a thought that hopefully will find the right person. 457 more words