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How To Make Sugar Free Fruit Sauce

I LOVE Greek yogurt with a little honey, nuts, pumpkin seeds and dried fruit. I also like it with mixed fresh fruit. But I do NOT like the store bought fruity versions of yogurt that are supposed to be sooo healthy. 914 more words

Sandra McCall

Apple of our Eyes

It’s finally fall here in the Pacific Northwest. Which means cooler weather, rain, and apples (oh, and mushrooms too. Mmmm :)). We’re both big fans of cider but we also love calvados and applejack, the delightful distillates thereof. 862 more words

Tasting Notes

The Milk Maid Cocktail from The Whistler in Chicago

Instead of your usual tequila drink, I’m looking at you margarita, try this unique cocktail from The Whistler. Cucumber and coconut combine into something magical in this creamy, bright, and refreshing drink. 58 more words

Craft Cocktails

Make a Simple Syrup with Raspberries and Stevia

This latest recipe is due to the fact that I LOVE raspberry syrup in my Starbucks green tea frappes.  Since I am giving up sugary Starbucks frappes in lieu of more healthy and less expensive drinks, I wondered if I could make a sugarless simple syrup to pour into my own green tea. 439 more words


Sipping on Sunday: Grapefruit Goldenrod Soda

There is so much more to using herbs than teas, tinctures, and encapsulated pills. Like herbal syrups, for instance. This grapefruit goldenrod soda is made from plain ol’ club soda and my latest herbal syrup creation, grapefruit goldenrod. 136 more words

Caramel Simple Syrup Recipe

Caramel syrup is a great way to give a rich caramel flavor to alcohol infusions and cocktails.

Caramel Simple Syrup

2 cups white sugar

2 cups water… 261 more words


Simple Syrup

Simple Syrup is basically sugar and water. The reason why we use simple syrup rather than sugar is because, sugar takes time to dissolve in a drink especially in chilled drink. 104 more words