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Gum (Gomme) Syrup the Easy Way

While developing a cocktail recently, I decided I wanted to try gum (or gomme, if you prefer the old-fashioned style) syrup. Even in our nation’s best cocktail bars, it’s still a rarity to find this once-common ingredient. 1,072 more words


C + T + John's Fancy Booze, No. 2

So I don’t remember if we mentioned that it is hot here yet. In case we forgot to complain, it’s SO HOT WAAAAAAAAAAAA. The only upside of unreasonably high temperatures is that cold cocktails taste even better. 1,031 more words

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PERC Cold Brew + Coffee Simple Syrup Recipes

I’m usually too lazy to make cold brew coffee, so if I want an iced coffee I usually brew it up “Japanese style” (brew your usual pourover, except replace 1/2 the water with ice cubes and put them in your server and brew right on top of them) or using an AeroPress shaken with ice in a cocktail shaker. 488 more words


A New Invention - Lime Strength Pineapple Juice

In Dave Arnold’s ‘Liquid Intelligence’, he talks about about a method he uses to increase the acidity of orange juice to make it act as a substitute for lemon or lime as the sour component in a cocktail. 445 more words

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Day 107 - Rosemary Mint Simple Syrup

Hello Yearlings!

I’m departing from my usual Friday cocktail to bring you a super delicious cocktail “additive”, if you will. Simple syrup is great because it allows for you to use a dryer alcohol and add sweetness accordingly, and it’s also incredibly easy to make. 241 more words

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Cardamom Martini


Dash of Simple Syrup
8-9 Cardamom seeds
Large pour of Belvedere vodka

What We Did:

We found cardamom pods at the store and after determining that the seeds were INSIDE the pods, we broke two pods open and muddled in a homemade simple syrup (1/2 cup water; 1/4 cup sugar, heated). 74 more words

TWD: Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Jam

It’s been busy and I haven’t had the time to really cook or even bake. I am doing more than before but not as much as originally planned. 312 more words

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