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Rosemary Greyhounds + 15 Super Bowl Recipes

For the past few weeks I’ve been making out like a citrus bandit!

Coworkers have been hooking me up with tons of their homegrown citrus –  grapefruits, meyer lemons, tangerines, and oranges. 848 more words


Sazerac Alikes

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned cocktail (of which, of course, an Old Fashioned is a great example ;)). Booze, sugar, and bitters, with maybe a twist and/or a teeny splash of an amaro or liqueur for interest. 594 more words

Simple Syrup

The Classic Mint Julep

I’m back in the new year for a classic cocktail that in many ways isn’t even a cocktail. The Mint Julep is basically just an excuse to drink 4 ounces of Kentucky straight bourbon. 107 more words

Blood Orange and Rosemary Simple Syrup (and what to do with it!)

When blood oranges are in season I find ways to include them in all sorts of recipes. From salads to chicken dishes to desserts, their musky sweet taste is always welcome in my kitchen. 374 more words

Entering a whole new world of infusions, part I: lemon-lemongrass (vodka) drink.

Thanks to the lasting influence of Good Eats, we really make a point of not trying to buy unitasker gadgets for the kitchen. Admittedly, I’m a bit more susceptible to doing this than Michael, but I usually see it as a challenge to explore other ways of using something. 1,238 more words


To the Master

I had a different cocktail slotted for the week, but in light of the recent loss I felt I needed to make an adjustment. This week is in tribute to Alan Rickman. 131 more words

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