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Looking back to the past and finding inspiration

I’ve recently bought a scanner so that I can scan some of the hundreds of 35mm colour transparencies that are languishing in cases. Some of them are mine, others my husband’s and some, in yet unopened yellow Kodak boxes, my late father-in-law’s. 406 more words


eHealth, keeping it simple to manage expectations


Working in Finland in the late 90’s, Nokia was releasing a special new type of mobile phone that could connect to the internet. 1,101 more words


If This then That

Just stumbled upon If This then That (Ifttt). Ifttt, according to their website, allows you to ‘Put the internet to work for you’. It allows you to create simple recepies that fit the ‘if this then that’ statement. 285 more words


Garage Band

Our third grade students have been using the “tried and true” Shurley Jingles for learning parts of a sentence.  To make it more relevant to the students today, and to incorporate technology into the mix, I have developed an activity that uses the Garage Band app on the iPad to “mix” a personalized version of the jingles for each class.  90 more words

Elementary Education

Use What You Have

I am all about using the resources that are available to you. In my current situation, I’m not sure what will be ready to use when school begins because the school is being renovated. 236 more words

Elementary Education

iPad Apps for Education

There is a continuously growing list of iPad apps for educational use.  Because there are so many to choose from, I will be testing out my favorites and posting them here for you to try.  169 more words

Elementary Education

What do Duck Tape, Hula Hoops and Ribbons Have in Common?

28 July 2011



Simple technology has longevity and might. Design and engineering are forces that keep these (mostly) everyday products alive and well. Sure you can imagine a world devoid of paper clips and staples but certainly not wheels. 1,129 more words