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Friday's Thought - On Love

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”

George Sand



My first love; he has been in my life longer than I remember. His voice is always soothing, forever calming, even when I do not want it to be. 586 more words

Simple Truths


Hey There!  It’s good to see you again.  Decided to come back for day 2, huh?  You must be a glutton for punishment.  For those of us who work a “normal” M-F kind job… IT’S FRIDAY!   674 more words

Boost your life with the "Simple Truths" by Kent Nerburn

Oh, the joys of debt, financial instability, education woes, emotional tribulations, spiritual confusion and anything else that factors into the process of becoming a self-sustaining “adult”. 593 more words

From the Mouths of Babes

“Mama, after Jesus died, he had a scratch on his tummy. (Pensive silence). Mama, I don’t like a scratch on Jesus tummy.   616 more words

Home Life


For months I have tried to write about a concept that dropped in my heart (I don’t know where from) for a while and I did not understand why I could not write it. 586 more words

Simple Truths

Quotes I love....! Lighthouse.

Since my encounter with an Anne Lamott quote, I enjoy reading from her. So I went searching and today’s find is a treasure! A simple truth, but with deep meanings and it got me thinking of the Christian setting/environment of these times. 318 more words