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Dear Christian Woman

Dear Weary Christian Woman,

Today you woke up and felt weighted down from the world. You were up late with a million thoughts in your head, and the alarm went off far too early. 538 more words

Real Life

Blessed in the Mess

Do you ever have days where you want to feel sorry for yourself? Even better, do you have those days where you know you would be feeling sorry for yourself but you can’t help to smile at the blessings you have? 505 more words

Real Life

Moving Day

Tomorrow is moving day! We are in the midst of moving boxes, furniture, and anything else we have managed to accumulate in the home we’ve had our names to for 2 years. 748 more words

Real Life

Ever after, part 1.

Committing your ever-after when you are young, and still learning how to be yourself, is exuberant, breathless, optimistic.

Fueled by romance and hormones, but only a partially-formed understanding of the self you are offering each other, you walk off the cliff together with absolute faith in flight. 414 more words

Adrian Fogelin

Dealing with the Sticky Stuff

The sticky stuff. The uncomfortable situations life puts us into. Discomfort when confronted with an issue you don’t feel at ease with or know much about. 785 more words

Real Life

Quotes I love...! Working through Failure

My reading plan for last week was titled “Working through Failure”. I got a different understanding of how I can engage failure to cultivate good and positivity in me. 471 more words


Fact or False?

“Love fact: Couples who cuddle on a nightly basis are more likely to get married sooner, remain faithful and stay longer together”.

I saw this so-called fact while browsing Pinterest one evening. 1,263 more words