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You know– We never talk anymore.

And it sucks, because you’re always on my mind.


Where you cannot see

It’s said that an open rebuke is better than hidden love.

That someone telling you the truth; even hating you in public…. means more than keeping how they feel or think about you admiringly a secret. 72 more words


Friendship or Love?

An elderly teacher once asked her eighth grade class,

“Would they throw away friendship for love?”

Many students replied yes–

for the sake of fairytale beliefs and happiness….. 37 more words


Simple reminders from my unexpected hospital stay.

Sometimes it takes something hard and scary, interrupting the middle of an ordinary life, to remind us of simple truths tucked deep in the back of our minds. 619 more words

Body + Soul

Five things I know, and how I know them.

1. The old are like Russian nesting dolls.

All the earlier selves are hidden inside the one you see, still there, preserved.

But unlike those wooden dolls, each of the selves hidden inside that old body is different. 716 more words

Adrian Fogelin

On Gifts And Fruits of the Spirit

I am sure many of us have pondered on these two aspects. Once we have accepted Jesus as our personal saviour, baptized in water – the next inclination is to understand the baptism of the Spirit and the working of this Spirit in us. 2,639 more words

Life's Meanings

The Already, but Not Yet...

The Waiting Game

On May 10, 2017, at 9:46 pm, we got to say hello to our beautiful Adaline Grace as she entered the world. Ten short minutes later at 9:56 pm, we sorrowfully said goodbye when she was called home. 1,025 more words