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Why? ... Why is? ... A mind key ... A Holy Grail ... An inner door to self and more? ... Or ... How to make your NEXT roulette ball The One ... The Winner ... In the Game of Life ... Spin it Man! ... Or ... Rotate playspace ... On X. That does it! Just. Right.

In algebra … really … X marks the spot. The spot where you are the variable. And you choose the formula. See how nice that is when you get to choose who You are, and how You will live your live (not life, remember {…}). 754 more words

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Golden Ratio ... The Interpreter in Action ...

A golden rectangle (in pink) with longer side a and shorter side b, when placed adjacent to a square with sides of length a, will produce a similar golden rectangle with longer side a + b and shorter side a. 707 more words

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Simple Truths: Communion

Simple truths. They click in your mind at the most unexpected of times. But once they “click,” there’s no turning back. That “ah-ha” moment reverberates in your soul, only to leave you in awe of the Holy Spirit and His grace to allow you to understand. 639 more words


Pork ... Do you eat fear? Or just bacon? ... Food or Fear ... What do you eat?

The thing about pigs is they are smart. So smart when they escape into the wild, they typically thrive. They build communities and … are very hard to … well, stamp out, once the community of wild pigs … takes root. 1,110 more words

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Lights Time is Here ... Lights Time has Come ... The Light is Inside You ... You are The One

Not just me, though also, I am The One.

But you too … you too are The One.

The One for you, and for me two. 18 more words

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What Happens When A Mind is Unlocked ... you know ... Brain Lighted Up ... Q&A

Questions … and Answers … let’s begin …

You ponder … these questions … to yourself …

Q. Will I get greedy and seek to take over the world? 135 more words

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