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For months I have tried to write about a concept that dropped in my heart (I don’t know where from) for a while and I did not understand why I could not write it. 586 more words

Simple Truths

Quotes I love....! Lighthouse.

Since my encounter with an Anne Lamott quote, I enjoy reading from her. So I went searching and today’s find is a treasure! A simple truth, but with deep meanings and it got me thinking of the Christian setting/environment of these times. 318 more words


Simple Truth – Giving For God's Work

Prelude – “At the outset let me say that this most common concept of taking God’s name in asking for financial support / giving is the saddest thing I ever feel and quite often angry! 3,294 more words

Life's Meanings

Babies, Roots, and Hurricanes

Today, is Resurrection Sunday : Easter, and a day that is typically spent with family and loved ones.

I love these kind of days.
Not just for the holiday’s sake, though I have been so peacefully burdened with gratitude today remembering He is risen, but for family’s sake. 1,231 more words

Self Love


It’s Easter today.

And everyone’s clapping and singing about this new hope we have, and I know He died, and rose again – for me! – and yet I fail Him constantly. 275 more words

March 2016

Simple Truth(s)

Delayed gratification and The Law of the Harvest pair very well.

Mundane is magic.

Mystery is to be embraced.

Gratitude is a great ‘noise’ reducer. 9 more words

Ashton Gustafson

Why a blog?

Recently, I read this book: Cutting it Off by J. S. Park.

And I’m nearly three months into an online program called Fortify. 372 more words

March 2016