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Perl: iterate over an array

Most basic way to iterate (loop over) an array in Perl.


use strict;
use warnings;

# @doctors is the array, the list is the names inside the brackets 
my @doctors = qw(Baker Pertwee Hartnell Troughton Davison McCoy McGann Baker);

foreach my $doc ( @doctors ) {
    print( "Doctor: $doc\n" );

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A Song In My Heart

Have you ever known a quiet person? They can seem disconnected from what is happening around them, sometimes in their ‘own little world’. Often sitting quietly on the sidelines, invisible, while others carry on with conversations, human interactions, boldly voicing what is on their minds, while the quiet one seems to have nothing valuable to add at all. 381 more words

First Blog

The Art of Simple

I had to share this great site that promotes simple living  <3 – The Art of Simple


My Tiny Sous Chef has been less into sous chef responsibilities lately, and more into making up her own sauces. She wants no help beyond pulling down a mixing bowl from the top shelf.

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5 things I do that help me to S.M.I.L.E

  1. Keep things simple and embrace minimalism. 
  2. Live mindfully and meditate.
  3. Remember to look after my inner world , as my outer world will be a reflection of this.
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