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Contemplation on the Nature of Interconnectedness

Human being is a superorganism. Superorganism is a combination of two or more organisms working together. Being the kind of superorganism, it’s hard for us to understand exactly how complicated and interconnected we ourselves are. 134 more words



Life gets busy and taking moments to actually step back and see the chaos is often forgotten. A simple life may not be achievable for families, blue collar, and white collar people, but simplifying your surroundings can make a world of difference. 219 more words

One Simple Lifestyle Change That Could Keep Your Brain Young

(Source: www.realsimple.com)

If you’re like the majority of Americans, developing dementia or Alzheimer’s as you age is a terrifying thought. But according to new research from Concordia University, there might be something simple you can do to help keep your brain healthy. 210 more words

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Fall is Here!

It’s finally fall! In some ways, I think this is everyone’s favorite season (although I’ve never been able to pick a favorite!). The cold, crisp weather, autumn decor, and all-around coziness make it a special time. 142 more words

DIY: Simple Floral Pumpkin

I love the Fall season! The change of weather and the crispness in the air is magical. I long for the days I can wear button downs and sweaters, boots and scarves. 671 more words


The Language of Good -- Toki Pona

Disclaimer: This post does not discuss a natural language, instead this post is about a constructed language, commonly contracted to conlang. You may have heard of Tolkien’s Quenya, Star Trek’s Klingon, and George R. 1,165 more words