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Today's cake - Amor Polenta

Such a romantic sounding cake, one with the word love in the title.  Hailing from Lombardia in Italy’s north, it is not an extravagant cake, but typical of Cucina Povera where polenta or cornmeal was often used to take food a little bit further.   270 more words

Eating In

Peace in the midst of chaos....

I think almost everyone at some point feels like their life is in some state of chaos and confusion.

At this stage of your life where had you planned to be? 801 more words

Waiting for the week's end (Starting the weekend)

Smoke swirls lungs inhale

Raucous laughter drink in hand

End of the work week

Smell of burgers hunger gnaws

Piggybacked to my food, joy!


Sanskrit: The Perfect Language

Sanskrit is India’s gift to the world that is unparalleled in its perfection and preciseness. It is regarded as the mother of all modern languages and historians often call it the “perfect language”. 897 more words


gains and losses

The day you ignored me is the day he paid attention.

How could you treat me this way? After everything I did for you. You had me questioning my worth, my goodness, everything. 444 more words


Faith Can...

“Praise today like the victory came yesterday!”