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General Tso's Sushi

It wasn’t until I stopped eating meat that I discovered General Tso’s tofu. At the time of this discovery I was living in a place that had very few meatless options. 356 more words

Family: the elephant in everyone's room

Family. When I was younger I wanted four children. I now have my first one, Sweet Oliver. My mom has three siblings. I have three siblings. 526 more words


June 22nd (going gaga)

Today was a consistent stream of disappointment, until near the end. I was mainly distracted by thoughts about the future, and not having enough money. I think Jesus wants me to learn to drive over the summer, which I want to do, but which will mean I have less money, quicker. 206 more words



Simple doodle, in the sketchbook who’s paper I hate.

Pigment Liners.


simple budgeting for singles

OK get excited!!!!

Seriously. Planning for your money and being intentional about how you spend it is empowering.

About 2 years ago, I got into reading this totally random guy’s thoughts on finances. 859 more words


Simple Ways to Free Up Space on Your iPhone

A common complaint amongst iPhone users is a lack of storage space, usually attributed to large apps or too many photos. Unfortunately, space on your iPhone is not expandable, so you have to work wisely with what you have if you don’t want to upgrade the entire phone. 871 more words