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What do you weed?!!

There’s a huge difference between needing something and wanting something. When you need something you can’t feel happy without it, when you want something you can feel happy without it but you feel happier if you have it! 63 more words

Monster Friend - Collage Design Art

It is a simple exercise in my class and we were told to draw a monster character that seems to be our friend.  In this task first, we were given to listen to songs music and draw it out emotion through drawing such as lines, shape, colors, circles, squares, or triangle.   211 more words

Graduation Project Graphic Design

Inner Light

If you wish to know your Self, you must be very quiet and very simple. Miracles, trances, visions, and mind-altering drugs are of the earth, not of the Spirit. 129 more words

One of my dear friends is in town this week for a conference and while we thought we might not get to fit in a visit at all, we’ve now had two nights in a row of hanging out–what a treat!

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