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3D Hands - Lines

Here’s a fun way to introduce lines to your students. I’ve found kids up to 7th grade love making these Optical Illusion Hands. Simple and looks fantastic. 19 more words


Simple & Striking

Crochet Project C3 is a simple yet striking potholder. This potholder is a double sided medium 4 size mushroom, aran, and grass color with a 1′ black button for a little pop. 35 more words


Just Being - I am writing

Have you ever felt happy and sad all at the same time?

There this ache in my chest yet a smile on my face. Its a weird strange feeling because my sadness comes from parting. 331 more words

I Am Writing

The Simplicity of Fewer Clothes

I have recently been putting in a lot of effort into reducing the amount of clothes I own. I am still not comfortable with the quantity of my closet yet, but it’s getting there. 171 more words


Lesson 2: Symmetry

Illustrator:Ruben Lorenzo

Image Source:https://www.behance.net/gallery/28529689/Transmutation

Ruben Lorenzo Is quite the connoisseur of balance! His image above is quite interesting. The faces are very detailed, the colors create a hypnotic trance, and it looks as if the image is slowly hovering over each other! 46 more words

Lesson 2:Color Temperature

Artist:Jack Daly

Image source:https://www.behance.net/gallery/43037959/Grapevine-Magazine-Briefing

Jack Daly has a unique way of showing color temperature. As you can already tell Daly’s art consists¬†of minimalistic¬†figures and shapes. 72 more words

Simple Loan Calculator

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