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Cream of tomato soup

A simple and delicious recipe that can be made in a Vitamix (or any high speed blender) in 5 minutes. Super creamy and healthy…

If you don’t have a high speed blender, you can blend all the ingredients and simmer slowly on the stove. 164 more words


Less Is More... (This is why I stopped buying clothes- part 2)

Living minimally and in a simple non extravagant way is not something that the world was recently introduced to. Generations before us did it, not by choice, but out of necessity. 786 more words


How To Use Up Extras from Making Sugared Cranberries

This is a blog post about using the ingredients leftover from the sugared orange cranberry recipe I released recently. After making that recipe you are left with a delicious cranberry-orange simple syrup and orange zest sugar. 948 more words


Little Things


Now that’s something that a Grade 3 teacher would tell her students to write about. How about a Grade 11 student doing it? About seven years ago, happiness for me was getting goods marks (yes, the thought existed then too), talking to nice people and befriending them, making my parents proud and binge-watching all the Disney Channel shows during my free time made to the top of… 284 more words

Delicious Pancake Recipe

Hello! Welcome to my first recipe post! Today I want to share with you the best single- serve pancake recipe that works every time! I created this recipe while searching for other ones on Pinterest but all of them were either too healthy or made into way too big of portions for one person. 275 more words