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SimpleOpenNI for working with Kinect Sensor in Ubuntu

This post is intended to help users to work with SimpleOpenNI and Microsoft Kinect Sensor. SimpleOpenNI is a easy to use interface for getting started with kinect sensor. 203 more words

Embedded Linux

Skeleton Tracking Problem Solved

In the last experiment, I made a really stupid mistake which is I forgot to installed the SensorKinect.

I can’t belief that i’ve just  simply “solve” the problem because I was prepare to do exactly the same things which I did last time with the old and new version of processing. 132 more words

Getting Start With Kinect (written on 5th Sep)

This week I start to research on the technical aspect of the project. So far, not much work done yet. I download Simple OpenNI for processing, put it into Libraries, and start learning how to load the skeleton tracking. 192 more words

Digital Design Project (Public)

Move it, move it!

Here is a video of it working in action (taken on day 7 of Build18, 18 January, 2013) : http://youtu.be/TfK-j4yQR5Q

We also won the ‘Media Magicians’ award for best tracking and documentation in Build18 CMU, 2013 . 14 more words


Day 5,6(16 January, 2013 and 17 January,2013)

This was the day we did it!

We thought and thought and read and searched and asked and thought of a way of tracking motion in real time. 278 more words


Configuring Kinect with processing in ubuntu

To configure kinect with processing in ubuntu 12.04..first download openni installer

wget http://simple-openni.googlecode.com/files/OpenNI_NITE_Installer-Linux32-0.27.zip

uncompress the file…there will be four folders like this.

Inside kinect folder there will be one more folder named Sensor-Bin-Linux…all folders will be having an install.sh file… 147 more words


Day 4 (15 January, 2013)

It was a long day. But really illuminating in many ways.

For one, I can’t congratulate Samantha enough on making a simple, elegant and awesome music player in one night of learning… 487 more words