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Adult Coloring Books - a quick overview

There’s been a little buzz in the air about adult coloring books.  I even was enticed to pick one up as a Secret Santa gift for someone at work. 241 more words

It’s just freaking Salsa

My parents retired to a small town several years ago. This town has three stop lights at three intersections within four blocks of each other. One would suffice but I guess it’s showier to be a three stop light town rather than a one. 551 more words


Simpler Histories

If I close my eyes, I can almost feel the cold, smooth blades of grass under my bare feet, smell the Earth of the neighbor’s freshly mowed lawn, and hear my mother’s voice in the distance. 309 more words

My other hobby

Well, I have several of them actually. But today, I’m showing you some photography. My absolute favorite kind of photography plays with rustic distressed textures. I found myself at a farm over the weekend and this is what came of it. 28 more words

My childhood home

I have only dreamed in my childhood home.
I have slept in many beds,
Dreaming many times,
But all these dreams took place
In my childhood home. 131 more words
Johnny Wideman

Full Disclosure

In the social media madness of carefully coiffed pictorial coverage, I’m as guilty as the next of curating my image. So in the spirit of complete disclosure, what are 5 things about me “really”? 174 more words


Smartphones Are Making Us Dumb

Do you ever miss the simpler days? The days when you went somewhere, and really went there. There was no connection to anyplace other than where you were, the only connections made were with the people you were surrounded by. 773 more words