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Full Disclosure

In the social media madness of carefully coiffed pictorial coverage, I’m as guilty as the next of curating my image. So in the spirit of complete disclosure, what are 5 things about me “really”? 174 more words


Smartphones Are Making Us Dumb

Do you ever miss the simpler days? The days when you went somewhere, and really went there. There was no connection to anyplace other than where you were, the only connections made were with the people you were surrounded by. 773 more words




Great-Grandfather was really father’s father and mother’s father, but when Frederick’s son came along, he was promoted to being called great-grandfather. Great-grandfather had much experience and liked the days of the past. 816 more words

Hans Christian Andersen!!

Retro Sunday: Simpler Times

oday’s “Retro Sunday” post will be a bit different. No pictures from the past or oldies music videos. I decided to write about missing simpler times…because I do. 835 more words


The Return of Autumn (first published in Gulf Times)

The bus conductor tapped gently on my shoulder and I looked up at him; “Your stop comes next.” He informed me and went back. I removed my spectacles from the shirt pocket, put them on and looked outside the window. 1,957 more words

Happy Fall Y'all!

(My favorite Fall picture I recently took of my little man!)

It’s that time of year again! The season where baking is endless, fall smells fill the air, cool air comes (if we are lucky in Florida), and Christmas stuff is pushed down your throat (C’mon, you know it’s true!). 535 more words


Front porch musings

“No front porches. My uncle says there used to be front porches. And people sat there sometimes at night, talking when they wanted to talk, rocking, and not talking when they didn’t want to talk.

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