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Small footsteps

You will feel you’re getting to where you want if you make it simple and a small step upwards.

Nobody imposes on you what time to spend learning anymore. 50 more words

Day 1

9. Calm Waters

One thing I’ve realized recently is that in order to start living a simpler life, I’ve needed to simplify my mind. It’s like my brain is “on” 24/7, thoughts constantly swirling. 1,039 more words


Eye candy

My husband extended the offer to share one of his photos with the readers here at my blog. The colors are so astonishing and luscious. Daisies are beautiful flowers. 20 more words

Simple Living

Always Windy

The wind exists inside of me.

I can topple towers, I can uproot gardens, I can magically whisk imaginative girls to far away places.

The wind is neither predator nor prey. 81 more words


Small is beautiful

I had an interesting conversation yesterday about down-sizing and living in smaller spaces. It was with one of the women who donated some baby clothes last week. 393 more words


A List of Other Helpful Minimalist Blogs


I hope you all will find this list useful. I’m posting it here for my own personal reference and to share with you! It will take some time to check out each one of these, some will be better than others, depending on your preferences, but there IS one thing that even as minimalist we can never have enough of, and that’s…



Blessed Moments of Center

Darkness fades as the Light opens
the center of the heart connects
truths revealed as nature whispers
unlocking the simplicity of being
the guardian angels bow their head in reverence… 19 more words