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Simplicity | Super-simple ways to get creative

Here are a few fun ideas for those times when you have a creative itch, but don’t feel quite up to a big make…  63 more words


Less is More- What does it really mean?

Az Çoktur- Aslında Ne Demek?

We were passing through Kozak Valley, in the northern Aegean region. All the car windows were open so that we could breathe in the scent of beautiful olive and pine trees, but catching up with conversations became harder and harder due to the wind. 725 more words


I Hate Plastic

My hatred of plastic
has become a joke
to those who do not see how serious
an eccentricity it is.

I have eliminated almost all plastic… 33 more words

Living Simply

A slow return to normal

I’m having a hard time writing which makes no sense to me. Here I sit, in my home, in air conditioning (WE HAVE POWER!!) with precious alone time, of which I had very little during the Irma experience. 269 more words


The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 Rule also known as the Pareto Principle, was invented by an economist from Italy named Vilfredo Pareto. Yes, the rule is named after him. 198 more words


our journey to chickens...

This spring and summer brought our family a whole new adventure.  We had a comfortable, corner-lot home in an HOA cookie-cutter subdivision, and it was a complete blessing, don’t get me wrong.  532 more words


Love's little things

Love cannot be comprehensively described; people think of it in different ways. This is an attempt to describe my idea of it.

Love doesn’t happen overnight. 250 more words