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Fit for an Auditorium

We worked on a Simplified Chinese to English website translation for a Chinese chair provider in 2017. Their products included fine veneer, fireproof veneer, and eco-curved wood panel chairs. 517 more words


South African Winery

We worked on an English to Simplified Chinese website translation for a South African winery in 2017. It was a happening brand whose wine had won prestigious awards from Veritas Awards, Michelangelo Awards, Platter Awards, and the Best Value Wine Guide Awards. 396 more words


Algeria Gene Detection Technology Center

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We worked on a 25,000-words Simplified Chinese to English business proposal for the construction of a National gene detection technology application demonstration center in Algeria. 1,273 more words


Invest in a Care Home

We worked on both English to Traditional Chinese and English to Simplified Chinese brochure translations for a care home investment based in U.K. in 2017. Ran by an impressive operations team “recognized and approved by commissioners, inspectorates, the National Health Service (NHS), and social services”, the team has been commissioned to manage projects and provide care homes for hedge funds, worldwide investment groups, overseas hospitals, and governments.” 539 more words


Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

We worked on a Simplified Chinese to English strategic partnership agreement translation last month. The agreement focused on facilitating the sharing of professional advantages and resources between a digital content creation, production business based in Beijing and a CG-related, animation business based in Amsterdam. 289 more words


Legal, Tax, Accounting & Fiduciary

We worked on a 6000-words English to Simplified Chinese business brochure translation for a Malta-based set of boutique legal, tax, accounting & fiduciary firms, with associated barristers chambers in March 2017. 771 more words


Rise to the challenge 迎接挑战 yíng jiē tiǎo zhàn

Yes I’m rising to the challenge, in response to Week 108’s theme on Dutch Goes the photo of the blogging community, on one hand, and to my Toastmasters journey in the real life world, on the other! 340 more words

Word Of The Day 今日词汇