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Breathe and Listen

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.” Oprah Winfrey

Spring this year is capricious, giving people mood-swings at its full control.

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Audience Group --#1linerWeds

#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion

A smooth sea doesn’t make a good sailor.

Yes, that’s my participation to Linda G Hill’s one-Liner Wednesday this week! It’s super inspiring, isn’t it?

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Word Of The Day 今日词汇

It's Fun

Mesa Academy of Advanced Studies students are so smart, that directions in my English class can be projected in two different languages.

Happy Monday!

Personal Success

Mandarin Character of the Day 濃/浓

濃 – Traditional
浓 – Simplified

Pronounced: Nóng

Used for drinks, it is used to describe thickness/being concentrated. For colors, it’s deep/dark. Dense. For smell, strong/heavy.


Scholarship | One Morning's Internet Offerings

One Morning’s Internet Offerings

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For the (self-syled) scholar, learning never ends.  Or, one should hope so.  Today’s surfing-of-the-web (what an archaic term, eh?) yielded these two gems: 343 more words

World History

Chinese Language

In order to understand the influence of language in Chinese society, one needs to talk about a historical figure who is criticized in the West but lauded in China. 1,545 more words