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Technology Creates Connectedness

One of my favorite feelings is that I AM READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD feeling I get after I leave a conference or workshop.  I feel motivated and empowered to tweak something I am doing when I go back to work the next day, change my practices entirely, or plan for the future.  415 more words


Saving a tree or two...?

After my February plastic trash challenge, I got inspired and started to look more closely at everything else I toss.

Now that I have some sort of control over my plastic trash, and gotten into a good routine of using the plastic recycle bag, I have found that most of my other trash is paper (advertising/junk mail) and food scraps. 215 more words


Get Rid of It!!! Day 46

This blanket was made for my big guy. It is like two and a half feet wide and like 5 feet long. It annoys me, can’t cuddle with anyone with this thing so out it goes. 12 more words


Make Time To Recharge

One beautiful day, some time ago, my husband and I decided to pack some cheese and crackers and a bottle of wine and head to a park nearby for a little picnic. 408 more words


Imagine no possessions

For years now, I have been wanting to reduce the number of possessions in my living space.  I used to be a hoarder of sorts.  Anything that I could tie to a memory or a particular place or time, I had to keep.   583 more words


Get Rid of it!!! Day 45

That is a cover to my iPad that I no longer use and a hat we just received. And yeah, that is my thumb saying hello. 53 more words


Tasty Bites: Breakfast in Hand

I will admit, I am not a huge breakfast person. At least I wasn’t one when I “didn’t have time” to eat such a thing. I would often power through the first part of the day, hoping to nab something for lunch, sometimes even skipping lunch because somehow I didn’t feel hungry or ran out of time. 401 more words