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Get Rid of it Turned 1!!!

And I missed it!!! By 20 days exactly!!! Oh, I haven’t stopped getting rid of things, I just haven’t been talking photos nor logging it… With a new baby and everything that went on with my father on law’s heart surgery, me having the obnoxious dog, my body and mind being absolutely beat up… My blogging took a back seat… … 81 more words


My paper pile from hell!

I told you yesterday I was going to find ALL the paper in my house and pull it together in a pile or two!

Well I did… and here it is! 84 more words



I have realized that I have to set some boundaries and to simplify and allow myself the space and balance I need to be happy and to ensure this success is sustainable. 188 more words

What is This Season?

Last year I finally succumbed to the popular description of life that it happens in seasons. I even gave a talk at a retreat about reading the Bible in different seasons. 692 more words

Book Reviews

Adjust Your Zoom Lens to Get Organized

One of the most valuable skills to develop to get and stay organized is the ability to see a macro view as opposed to a micro view. 222 more words

General Organizing

The Joy of Laundry Day

May has always felt like my busiest month of the year. Maybe it’s all the birthdays (including mine and my husband’s), Mother’s Day, or the anticipation of Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer. 393 more words

Time Management

Taxes - and the paper monster!

April is tax time here in Norway. You get all your information drizzling in over a couple of months and by April 30th you better have your taxes done and delivered or hell breaks loose… or does it? 570 more words