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Get Rid of it!!! Day 152-160

Lots of stuff! I am so excited to get this stuff out of my house! Plus one big thing…

This desk is going to my sister in-laws house… Declutter baby… Declutter!


Mottaini - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect

“Mottainai attempts to communicate the inherent value in a thing and encourage using objects fully or all the way to the end of their lifespan. Leave no grain of rice in your bowl; if a toy breaks, repair it; and take good care of everything…”

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Living Room Redo

And the DIY, budget, use what you’ve got house redo continues. Finished painting the living room. Mantle “staged” with favorite things…bird plates, old books, bird candle holders…


I must be a "fraud"!

I think, I must be a fraud! There is no way I’m a minimalist!!

I just got back from visiting a new friend, a neighbour that moved in about two months ago. 300 more words



“And that’s the danger: When we fritter away our one and only life doing things that don’t really matter, we sacrifice the things that do matter.” ~Bill Hybels, Simplify… 540 more words


The easy capsule wardrobe

There have been an awful lot of articles written about ‘capsule wardrobes’ recently.

A lot of it has been written by fashion websites imploring you to buy a few choice items that are interchangeable and can be grouped to create an outfit for every occasion.On the face of it, this sounds like something minimalists should love. 233 more words


How to Stretch Your Hard-Earned Dollar

The advantages of shopping at estate sales and other great places

We’ve seen some interesting trends in the personal property market over the last few years.  484 more words