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Living room renovation - cheap and simple

Since we won’t live in our apartment for very long I wanted to renovate it to make it look more like a home but also without spending a lot of money. 247 more words


Memories on Memorial Day

As we celebrate Memorial Day, the obvious reason, at least for Americans, is that we remember and celebrate the lives of those we’ve lost while serving our country. 982 more words


Lensbaby on the Road

I’ve been keeping my Lensbaby on my camera all the time, trying to get as much practice as possible.  When we are on a long road trip, we almost never stop for photos, so it has become my habit to take photos with my phone through the window as we drive along.  192 more words


A Slate Wiper Minus The Hurricane

“Phases and stages,
circles and cycles,
and scenes that we’ve all seen before.
Let me tell you some more.”
—Willie Nelson 531 more words


Deleting my Google Account

I have two Google accounts (not for any work/school related reasons). As I’ve become more and more minimalist, I’ve realized that it’s completely unnecessary to have to check two different emails everyday. 512 more words


Making Life Simpler

Our belongings are downsized and we feel comfortable in the size of our home now. We have still decided to sell our house but for a completely different reason than one year ago… 401 more words