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... and, I'm back ...

It has been almost 4 full years since last I posted on this site, and true to the quote that I chose to feature as my tagline, in the space of that 4 years, I find myself another, and yet the same … 1,029 more words

Being Human

Currently: The "I'm Back" Edition

Hey everyone! Long time, no talk to  :)

I hadn’t planned this several week absence from the blog, but with moving and end of the school year stuff for my daughter, time just got away from me. 264 more words

Intentional Living

"what's in the bag?"

I have collected many handbags throughout my life. I don’t know why some women are just so crazy about bags (… I am guilty as charge). 664 more words

Journey Towards Simplicity

Simple Matters Episode 1


This episode of Simple Matters explores how to simplify conversation and get past the small talk in 5 ways. Having deeper, more meaningful conversations not only contributes to our self-worth, it also helps us to refine the ideas and beliefs that add purpose to our life. 11 more words


Thriving In Chaos

Thriving in chaos is something I’ve always struggled with, as a compulsive organizer planning things down to every last detail is what kept me sane. Then, along came baby, my organized, planned and prepared world went up in smoke. 567 more words


A little less procrastination, a little more action please 

So I have all these ideas about things to write on this here little piece of internet space. If you’ve been following along, you already know that my posts talk about my resolutions to declutter and lead a minimalist lifestyle. 318 more words


Slow July and Week 3 of Marathon Training

There are only 5 more days of June left.

As Kevin said the other day, “it feels like June never happened.” Indeed. For as much as May seemed to drag on forever, June felt the need to overcompensate by packing up and hitting the road just as abruptly as it breezed in. 1,712 more words