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Living a Life That Is True To You

Along with several other words in today’s lexicon, the word “values” has sprung up in more conversations and blog posts over the past few months. “What are my values?” and “What do I value in life?” seem to be the springboards onto which fraught conversations are run. 574 more words

Intentional Living

Welcome to The Tech.Lab

On March 16th 2017, we finally unveiled our newest venture here at the Creative WorkLab in Ashland VA. For the past month and some change the CTG team has been putting in serious overtime hours into what we’re calling the Tech.Lab – our proving ground for technology and space innovation. 370 more words

Take the "Bar Exam" to Craft More Concise & Engaging Stories

Here is a great exercise from Annette Ferrara of IDEO, which she calls the “Bar Exam,” to help you find and refine your point when telling a story: 107 more words


How To: Simplify Your Life- Without Being Overwhelmed

Does simplifying your life sound interesting to you, but seems like a daunting task? You’ve come to the right place. When shedding layers of “stuff”, to figure out what is really important in life, many people feel overwhelmed. 582 more words


Living in a digital age means we don’t just have physical clutter, but digital clutter. Minimizing your digital clutter is just as important as decluttering anything else we have in our lives. 468 more words


#8 of 52: Simplify Your Life by Elaine St. James

Simplify Your Life – 100Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy the Things That Really Matter by Elaine St. James is a book about putting everyday situations and “stuff” into perspective. 620 more words

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Third Try

This is my third attempt at writing tonight’s blog post.

Life feels complicated sometimes. I’ve been frustrated over not enough time and too many things. Obviously, I need to rethink priorities. 225 more words