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Simplify - Weekly Wishes w/c 06/07/15

Last week’s wishes – 29/06/15

  1. Run: run 3 miles once this week. 100% completed. Done on Thurs. After 1.5 miles I started to think about stopping after 2 miles, but then I realised that I wouldn’t be able to tick off this item on the blog if I did that, so I kept running for the whole 3 miles.
  2. 344 more words

Clutter project lesson- one big idea

Time for confessions and to start a new journey.  This is the very real washing of dirty laundry in public!  I have been unable to finish writing my books on time.   652 more words

Learning Post

Celebrating Independence

Independence sounds like a great concept. Freedom sounds even better. The only problem with these ideas is that it is necessary at times to actually think about just what we were dependent on in the first place or why we weren’t free. 1,427 more words


A kick in the stomach- $155 in overdraft & late fees

I’m usually very good with money- I rarely shop for anything other than the basics, hardly go out to eat, and put any extra money that I have towards paying off the mortgage faster. 227 more words

Hell Yes! / Hell No! A video to start your minimalist journey.

The charming Tara.E. talks about her journey and tips in a far more descriptive yet down to earth way than I think I can.
It’s solid advice yo.


Sustainability in Edo Japan

There’s nothing more relaxing than listening to a good podcast when you’re gardening or just sprawled out on your bed. I want to share these two particular episodes because I find myself going back to them regularly for inspiration and entertainment. 168 more words