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Tidying Clothing

I’m a declutterer. My autocorrect tells me that isn’t a word! But I am, and it is a thing.

I think it comes with the territory of being a mom. 967 more words


Living in a box

Sunday is the big move and for a couple of weeks I’ve been packing our things together and driven them to the basement of our new place. 234 more words


Thank you for reminding me!

Just the other day I was once again reminded of the journey that I am on and how far I’ve come. It is easy to lose sight of all that has happened since I was introduced to minimalism (through the Minimalists), and to just feel frustration over the fact that sometimes it just takes time to get where you’re going. 249 more words


the short list

I read a lot of these “increase your productivity” blog posts. Common denominator: have one priority each day.

Wait… ONE?

It makes sense. In a world where multi-tasking has effectively ruined our ability to, well, be effective, spending a focused hour first thing every day on the thing that is most important to you is perfectly logical in creating results. 828 more words


Not An Island: On Building Meaningful Connections

Last week I wrote about the one thing that has saved my marriage multiple times. This week I’ve been thinking more and more about my connections to those around me, and how the modern era has made us more connected in a million ways, but also threatens the very fiber of what real relationships are made from. 949 more words

Crunchy Mama

Dining Out, Downshifter Style

Since I began my downshifting journey, I’ve read hundreds of books and articles on saving money and living below one’s means. Most of them recommend preparing meals at home and eliminating restaurant meals as a way to cut costs. 476 more words


It's Just STUFF, Right?

Yesterday, I helped my best friend move her stuff out of the storage unit that she’d rented for several years. She was one of a dozen or so victims of a “suspicious” fire at the storage facility that turned their belongings into piles of charred and smoke-damaged rubble. 297 more words