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Introductions - Hello!

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Marissa, but you can call me Rissa. I currently reside in western Massachusetts with my mother, my brother, our two cats, and our rabbit. 199 more words


Conquer Lingering Tasks

Like many people, I have absolutely no trouble starting projects. I get inspired by an idea, buy all the supplies and dive in full of confidence. 1,430 more words


Purging stuff responsibly is hard!

Let me pause and clue you in on something I’ve learned:  It’s a lot HARDER to purge possessions responsibility  than it is to bring them in. 732 more words


Simplifying Dispatching Process

How to Simplify the Dispatching Process with Fleet Tracking Systems.

Toys, toys, so many toys

A child’s toy is a wonderful thing, that is until you step on it in the middle of the night on your way to the bathroom in dark house. 304 more words

taking the boxes out of the closet

with mist settled in the air, and puddles collecting on the pavement, the boxes, which had been carefully packed now waited. they waited; contents nicely arranged, chosen thoughtfully, albeit void of love. 930 more words


Tackling The Laundry Monster

This post is about laundry and my reevaluation of how we handle it around here.  It’s kinda lengthy, but it’s something that has been on my mind a lot for the past few months.   2,564 more words