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Simplifying Life And Saving Dollars

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Much as I love reading books and recommending them to the people around me, I have been spending more time lately exploring ways to simplify my life and save money at the same time. 45 more words


New and Old Houses Make Different Demands

Spring is coming and we are trying to get moved out of our big house and into our little house. We have so many things to do in each house. 355 more words

Lessons from a Rose: Hyper-Busy to Calm 'n' Easy

A bright pink rose plant was brought home a while back. The first bud was seen last week and we hoped to have it blossom soon. 708 more words

Lessons From A Rose

the 100 day project - Days 9 to 11 - life lessons

I feel like many of my posts so far have been reflective and maybe sort of heavy? Am I imagining that?

So far, 2015 has been a heavy growth kind of year, and I’m realizing that I need to step back a little bit, simplify, and focus on the things that really and truly matter. 166 more words

waste not want not...

Continuing with the waste of Overproduction…

Since writing the previous post on using the ‘lean’ principles in everyday and domestic life to add value by avoiding waste I am very conscious of buying too much and creating future waste – I just have to look around my house to see the result of this. 1,076 more words


the to-do list: friend or foe?

For the last several years, I’ve been a whole hearted supporter of the to-do list. Managing a day job, side projects, art projects and relationships made me feel overwhelmed, but crossing things off my to-do list gave a major sense of accomplishment when a task was done. 116 more words


Balancing your to-do list

(I started this post last week and was too tired to finish it! Hence it starts off a bit in the past…)

I am in a post Holy Week stupor. 1,241 more words

The "time" Of Your Life