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How Do You Feel About Minimalism?

In the past year, I’ve noticed a trend towards minimalism, where people are downsizing their lives– getting rid of clutter, choosing quality over quantity, buying fewer things. 548 more words


Hobbies + Minimalism = balance

I like simple equations. I like things simple and that to me is what is what minimalism is all about. Simplifying our homes, what’s in our head and our approach to life. 217 more words


30 Toys in 30 Days: A Fairy Crown to Welcome Spring

I have been educated on all things fairy related this week, thanks to my little three-foot friend who is absolutely obsessed with all things magical. I had no idea what I had been missing! 109 more words

Zero Waste

Clearing cupboards

I’ve had an urge to clear out some more spaces at home, but haven’t known where to start. Good thing my Norwegian friend over at… 100 more words


30 Toys in 30 Days: You've Got Mail

Sometimes Cubby will do things that remind me so much of my youngest sister when she was growing up. The similarities are numerous and I often get tongue-tied and call them by the other’s name. 180 more words

Zero Waste

Thinking about a Tiny House for the Future

A while back, probably a couple years ago by this point, a classmate from college posted about tiny houses on Facebook. I had never heard of them before seeing her post so I checked them out. 568 more words

Simple Living

One Thing at a Time - 3

This is candle wax. It had collected in the bottom of my glass candle holder and solidified. You might think I’m a bit desperate, or cheating, counting this as an item I’ve decluttered… My defence is that this is an example of the everyday clutter that collects in our homes without us noticing. 97 more words