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Times change

Recently I found this draft I wrote three years ago:

I was snuggled with my littlest, before bedtime, when I noticed something odd.  Her bedroom is–by far–the smallest bedroom in the house. 

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Have you heard of these things called "Libraries"??

Ohmygosh, you guys. Did you know there exists these repositories for books that let you borrow them (FOR FREE!!) for a few weeks to read so that you don’t have to spend your own hard earned money???   426 more words


waiting around...

Yesterday I had a fun day out at a Legal Aid Seminar for costs lawyers over the hill in Manchester at the Hilton Hotel.  I doubt if the ins and outs of Legal Aid and its future is everyone’s cup of tea but I did actually enjoy it and we had a delicious lunch provided.  590 more words


Tidying up

It’s been a busy and productive morning. I always try and keep Monday mornings open since I do my Flylady weekly home blessing, cook some things usually for the week ahead, and tidy. 426 more words

Spring Cleaning! & Other Updates

Happy Sunday!

It’s been a while! My fault again. I don’t think it could be not-my-fault for me not posting, but it’s good to take ownership of things anyway. 1,823 more words

First-world problems

Our pantry is not my favorite thing about this house. I hold to the theory that pantries should not be deeper than they are wide.  Ours is… 572 more words


30 Eating Habits of Healthy and Happy Families

Have you heard? March is National Nutrition Month!  Nothing is dearer to my heart than the topic of family nutrition, which I practice morning, noon and night on my four most important clients! 131 more words

Real Food