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Paring It Down: Reflections while packing to move

One week left until we’re out of this apartment.  I’ve moved a fair amount in my adult life, and I’ve grown to enjoy it.  (I mentioned this to a friend recently who looked at me all sideways and said, “NOBODY likes moving.”)  The longest I’ve spent in any one place was the three years I lived in an attic apartment in North Buffalo, and that was also the most difficult move: three years is ample time to accumulate a heck of a lot of STUFF.   2,554 more words

Random Rambling

The Neighborhood Harvest: Easy Real Food, Delivered!

I love easy real food. And I love to eat local.  So, it won’t be surprising to learn I am a huge fan of… 760 more words

Real Food

How To End Your Facebook Addiction (Without Getting Rid Of Your Account)

Do you spend way too much time on Facebook? I know I have. What do you think is the average amount of time we spend each day browsing its never ending pages? 789 more words


Simple Breakfast Ideas to get you out the door


If you or your family have a ‘go to’ breakfast like cereal or toast with an egg for example,that is great but some people have problems eating breakfast due to reasons, such as those below, that can be remedied. 922 more words


Declutter Your Life

Have you considered that it’s time to declutter your life?

Many people spend time decluttering a cupboard,  a room, office or entire house. We can all build up a collection of stuff that we accumulate that really is not needed. 910 more words


The Good Stuff: Vol. 2

{A weekly collection of the good things filling life with blessings and joy}

Holding On

  • To spring and all the little things we waited through winter to enjoy again– the sound of birds singing and peepers peeping, the warm breeze wrapping around me while I sit by the lake and watch my son play in the water, and all the lush, brand new green showing off like it’s been waiting all year to open up and let us see what it’s been working on.
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They Dreamed to be River-Rats

Does The American Dream involve throwing things away?  For some Americans, the life of a river-rat is a long-time goal that most work their entire lives towards and work hard to keep.   884 more words

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