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Reasons to quit social media

I have to admit, I am an addict.

I am addicted to scrolling down Instagram and Facebook, eyeing for sassy news and latest fashion. I could go for almost an hour doing so, so mindlessly, sometimes I did not realised how this activity is actually the reason for the sore arm and neck due to bad posture. 845 more words


Toiletries and brand loyalty

One way to simplify and prevent the accumulation of clutter (especially when it comes to toiletries) is brand loyalty.

I realize that sometimes it can take a while to find a product that you love, that truly works for you, and that also fits within your budget. 361 more words


One Particular Morning / Someday

One particular morning I jumped out of bed just before the sunrise. I threw on some clothes, went outside and dropped the tailgate of my truck. 500 more words


"declutter your life"

I googled this term many times without finding what I was looking for. Most sites are limited to the wardrobe or other miscellaneous items, not necessarily about the life itself. 226 more words


DIY Photography in Fog | Simplifying Fog Photography through Trial & Error

Have you ever tried taking a photo on a foggy day? It’s harder than it seems, but the result, if you can get it in… 347 more words


Beginnings and endings

I’m in the midst of a transition time, and reviewing the fruits of my labors. Behind me lays the (more of less) first half of my life and I am evaluating the tools I’ve acquired for the path forward. 293 more words

4 Misconceptions of Living Simply

I’m sure most of us don’t find the idea of living with less than 100 things,¬†and being in constant need of borrowing someone else’s things, the ideal lifestyle. 392 more words