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The 24-Day Minimalist Challenge

As someone who hates to sound self-righteous, this post sounds a bit self-righteous. Please know it’s not intended to come off like that-I have plenty of problems with unnecessary hoarding of crap, and I do a slightly less structured version of this bout once a year. 837 more words


Squash, Anyone?

The many varieties of summer squash!

Greetings from Squash Central!

Summer isn’t officially here until sometime in June, but the local squash growers wouldn’t know that!  450 more words

More Time for Slow Travel:

The almighty engine -incredible as it is- has shrunk our world.

Its invention has led to mammoth increases in food production and global distribution. At 30,000 feet its whistling thrum signifies such advances in air travel that we can now circumnavigate the earth in mere days. 386 more words



The last items sold this week, the church business was turned over to the interim pastor, and we are preparing for our final words to the church, and good-bye party this next week.  459 more words


Pickle Juice No Knead Bread

Loaf #3 from the no-knead series! I’ve substituted the majority of the water in the recipe for strong dill pickle juice, and then added a couple of teaspoons of fennel seeds as well. 1,665 more words


An Inventory Of Everyfreakingthing In My Trailer

I’m dead serious. You will be amazed at how much stuff I’ve crammed in a 72-square-foot space. If I can do it, so can you! Fear not, for the tiny life is totally attainable. 707 more words

Get rid of all the things - Part V

So many little things can, when accumulated, be as bad as just a few bigger things. In my conversion to living more simply, I am having to let go of my tendency to toss the little things into a drawer thinking that they will not make any difference to my overall, not really out of control but still a nuisance, clutter. 429 more words