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Chapter 2: I Did Not Burn Down My Treehouse

When I was twelve years old, two things happened to me. The first is that I became a chess champion. Who would’ve thought? Back when we lived in the States, I had never even touched a chess board. 535 more words

Sims 3

Sessions: unHappy Days

When he asked me to marry him, I thought my life would change. I thought he would make things better. He promised to be there for me. 130 more words

Torres Legacy

Chapter 1: I Came to Conquer

Meet our lovely founder, Jett Crown. To see how I intent to play this save, I recommend that you visit the Guidelines for My Play… 1,263 more words

Generation One

The Logan Legacy 1.13 - Jesska Le Hare

AN: Welcome back! It’s finally here! It’s also the longest chapter in this story. For the record, I’m not a cop or a lawyer or anything like that. 5,087 more words


Post 14: Winter News Update

All right my readers! With New Year’s right around the corner, I want to get in some more news before the New Year.

First thing, which was too much to ignore, I spotted Sarah Marsen out in town with a very handsome looking gentleman. 690 more words

Generation 1.5

Now we will start this installment with…

Happy Birthday Dottie and Chilly!

EA Styling

IG styling

Sibling bonding…

Stuffy: What the world is she doing? 257 more words

ISBI Challenge

Chapter 1: My Name is Xifeng, and I Am Not Chinese

My name is Xifeng Jin, and I do not like China. First of all, I am not even Chinese. My grandparents are Chinese. My Mom and Dad are Chinese. 367 more words

Sims 3