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Of Grace And Gracelessness

“Calm down on that thing, dog!” Sinbad cried out to Sagebear, who was noisily chewing away on a squeaky hot dog toy. “If you’re that hungry, I’ll make you an actual hot dog!” 688 more words

Shark Racket

Chapter 4

AN: Sorry for the lack of pictures…horses are very disagreeable animals when it comes to posing! Please read and comment! I would love to know what you guys think! 1,098 more words

Sims 3

~Diary of a Salandra Grace~

I’m considering this as a one-shot but posting it now instead of having a vote for it because I think it’ll be better appreciated here. I wrote this for… 783 more words

teenage hormones

hi! hey! hello!

welcome back! :D are ya settled in with a nice cuppa tea, maybe a snack, a blanket to curl up with? i hope so ’cause this is gonna be a good one ya’ll, i promise. 3,669 more words


Scarlett & Joker: "Unfair"

She paces around the house back and forth, her bare bony feet hardly making a sound as she walks the dim corridors. She sits in the main-room for a while, listening to the two broad-shouldered guards chattering and cracking jokes while they clean their guns. 585 more words

Scarlett & Joker: "The Offer"

The room was dim, almost dark. He sat on a chair, offering her to sit down with a careless gesture, yet never taking his eyes of her. 690 more words

Finding Nora Grace: When the Lights Go Out

Good news: I have several chapters’ worth of writing stockpiled for the future.


A few (okay, a lot) of these pictures are way too dark, and there’s a very awkward hand-holding shot. 2,791 more words

Sims 3