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Chapter 1.2

Nothing like an early morning jog to take your mind off of things before class.

If there was one thing that Courtney definitely feared, it was science classes. 1,108 more words

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Caliente (Latrica) - 7.1: A disrupt routine

The day started the way most of Latricia’s days started. She would wake up in her big bed, in her big house she now lived alone with. 957 more words


Introduction: Samien's Life in the Boarding School

Note: If you are reading this, then it means I have successfully taken all the photos before my birthday that’s today (yikes, that was hard and night-consuming, lol; excuse the random Sunset Valley teens that were used for photos, I really didn’t have the time to create my own Sims for such minor roles). 1,937 more words

The Sims

Chapter 21

Last time there was glitches and crashes, which caused a one year hiatus.  On the return, Marcy completed her LTW, but it didn’t actually complete.  We will hopefully get that fixed after babies are born. 749 more words

Parker Alphabetacy

Chapter 2

Last time, we met Avocado and Indigo.  They used to be posted on Tumblr and then they were abandoned for a year.  We pick up one year later with a new chapter. 554 more words

Towering Legacy

At Franks House - S1.E5

Welcome to the Lennox family's life.

Day 5

Frank could  be seen as a lonely little man. This is what happens on a normal Frank day. 178 more words

The Lennox Family