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Chapter 1-2

Cid’s next adventure was found at The Dragon’s Maw. She had to locate more relics for someone. When she finished, she decided the next thing she should do while she was in China was head to the market to try out their cuisine and maybe purchase some souvenirs. 742 more words


Chapter 1-1

Welcome to the Glassfall Legacy! Here, we have our founder Cid Glassfall. She is an adventurous, family-oriented, vegetarian, hopeless romantic, schmoozer. Her Lifetime Wish is to be a Great Explorer and venture out to different parts of the world in order to explore hidden tombs. 685 more words


9.83 - You can only try

Nikolas’ POV

“What!? How did someone kidnap James?” I exclaimed, gaping.

“Makes things pretty simple with him unconscious. There hasn’t been any real danger against you, but they took James from inside the hospital and some people have been making crazy theories about your involvement. 2,077 more words

Victor Bean. 16. His last babies.

Welcome back to the final (finally) part of Victor’s reign. Rhesus won the heir poll so when he becomes a toddler at the end of the episode. 708 more words

Sims 3

Chapter XLIII: Loneliness

One could say that reaching a certain age a person would come to term with death and loss and surely in his life Harwood Clay had dealt with loss a lot, he lost his parents, he lost his wife, he lost lovers and he lost friends. 1,481 more words


„Tell me how you are feeling,” the woman says to me when I enter her office. Minutes later I shift uncontrollably on my chair as I look her square in the eye. 1,628 more words


Round 8, Door 2

Anabelle painted

She cleaned

She used the water slide

She played in the waterfall

She checked the weather

She gardened

She improved her cooking

Luci became a child

Anabelle went fishing.

Sims 3