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Birthdays, Babies, and Bnew houses

Alliteration, folks.  That’s all I have to say.

“Alright, what even was last chapter?!  What were you thinking?!

I don’t know.  We’ve already established the fact that I wasn’t thinking. 1,569 more words

A Royal Prettacy

Chapter 1.15: An Island of Dreams

If there is one word Fern could use to describe Isla Paradiso, it’s heaven.

She listens to the cries of seagulls wheeling above her in the blue sky. 1,588 more words

Sims 3

Chapter 48- Marriage time

Autumn called, Little Oliva is already a toddler, I sent her a pink doll as a present.

Max is marrying Pat. The IF that was made real, Interesting that is… 69 more words

100 Baby Challenge

Chapter 7: Popularity Has a (Pretty Stupid) Price

If China is a scorching desert, then Stjernelys is a cool, misty forest. If China is a tsunami, then Stjernelys is the gentle, lapping waves of a pond. 706 more words

Sims 3

House of Steel: Birth of Gen 3 (Ch. 22)

While in China, Shantel and I had spoken about kids. By the time we got home, both of us wanted one. It took very little persuading on her part to get me interested in trying. 274 more words

House Of Steel

House of Steel: Honeymoon in China (Ch. 21)

Quick Ricanote: With Shantel leveling up photography so fast, I was able to buy her a midlife crisis and prepared traveler plus in less than a week. 878 more words

House Of Steel

House of Steel: The Next Step (Ch. 20)

Every day life seems to have fallen back upon the House of Steel.  Mike is full-time into his sculpting as he working on getting his ice to not melt.  348 more words

House Of Steel