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Chapter 24: The Reversal

“You!” Ahio could hardly speak. He glared at Maui, his voice shaking with rage. “This is all your doing, isn’t it? Give me back my body!” 453 more words

Sims 3

Going Camping

The Outdoor Retreat Game Pack came out January 13, 2015 and it added a new world called “Granite Falls” to the game. I decided that my sims needed a vacation so I sent them camping in Granite Falls. 299 more words

Sims 3

0.1 - So, a few years have gone by...

So before leaving for work, Maxell Vargas decided to give Lukas one of his favorite flying sessions. His boy had just his 4th birthday, and his daddy senses tells him that flying sessions with Lukas will soon end. 1,834 more words


Prologue - The Birth of the Legacy Founder (also a continuer - Huh?!)

The Vargas family decided on actually spending time together by doing stuff on their house’s rooftop, such as looking through the telescope during daylight, playing foosball by yourself, and relaxing on the lounging chair while staring at who knows what. 364 more words


Character Spotlight: Claire Darnell

Claire Darnell

Full name: Claire Darnell

Birthday: March 29, 2070

Age (Prologue): 20

Occupation: Mixologist/Culinary School

Current Location: Moonlight Falls

Misc. Information Important to the Story:

Torres Legacy

Chapter 7: With You

“How’s my favorite nephew doing today?” Andrei London walked into Kieran’s dressing room with a huge grin on his face.

Kieran rolled his eyes but smiled back. 1,595 more words

Torres Legacy

Athena Mortem Chapter 2: Weak

*A Few Years Later*

Despite how much I wanted things to change as Artemis and I got older, they didn’t. In fact, things got worse. I tried everything I could to get my sister to like me, but no matter what she always still hated me. 1,596 more words