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Chapter 1.18: Perfect Paradise

Hey readers! First of all, sorry for the long break, I was quite bored with this legacy, and had ‘writers’ block. Secondly, I really just want this generation to end so I can start a fresh new one, so the kids will probably age into teens by the next chapter. 1,497 more words

Sims 3

11: The Principal's Office

It can’t be true, I tell myself as I rush to the bathroom. But one glance in the mirror confirms that it is true. I, Al Becerra, am now trapped inside the body of a sixteen-year-old kid. 945 more words


Simopoly a new world challenge

My newest and current Sims 3 project is a new world called Simopoly. Built to play sims monopoly challenges. It is also fun to play as other legacy challenges too. 55 more words


New Year, New Schedule, New Outlook!

Okay, so has you might have noticed my YouTube channel has been stalling. This was a combination of many things. My boyfriend getting ill again and needing surgery, an over-demanding boss at my old job, a new job that’s not… 215 more words

Sims 3

2.1 Typical Legacy

This was played before I got my new setup and thus the pictures don’t look as good. The next chapter will be with my new graphics. 1,216 more words

Jack Ripper

Snowbody's Perfect, After All

“This place gets really quiet when no one else is around,” Shark whispered to Sinbad, dispelling the tense silence surrounding them.

“Yeah, it can get pretty uncomfortable when you’re the only one around,” Sinbad whispered back. 764 more words

Shark Racket

Gen 2 Ch 13: Twinbrook Retirement Community

“Good morning. Coffee?” David offered as we prepared for our visit to Twinbrook Retirement Community.

“Yes, please” I gladly accepted one of the two cups of the steaming drink. 4,171 more words