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Ultimate Rainbowcy: Aquamarine 1.1

Asher: Oh my sim god! I’m a sexy young beast again!

Asher: Thank you, sim god!

Asher: I look so good!

Me: You know, everyone else is young too, want to go find Erin and relive your lives again. 239 more words


Lost Kids

Hello! So happy to see you. Even though, you know, I can’t actually see you. Anyway, welcome back to the Moonwisp Chronicles, which I remind you, is an Alphabetcy ISBI. 1,035 more words

Chapter 105- Leisure Time

I like ensuring my kids eat nutrious meals instead of cake and snacks so on my days off, I cook food to store

Gemma got some free tickets to see football after winning a competition at school so off she went to the stadium… 93 more words

Sims 3 Random Legacy Challenge

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So…only partway through the second generation? That’s going to be a problem. 228 more words


The Logan Legacy 1.10 - New Addition

AN: Welcome back! Fun fact: I actually knew someone who felt the need to have the following conversation with their parents. Kids are Buttheads.

“Dad?” Carter began while doing his homework. 2,348 more words


1.7 - A knockout chapter

Ok. So last time…there was something about electronic soap operas and some major pass out fails.

And we ended with this hon’s bday and guess what? 1,272 more words


8.14 - On a happier note

Still Monday…

Edmund’s POV

The day had just gotten better and better. It started at 2 am, when Xavier and I kissed. A moment I don’t think I’ll ever forget. 1,757 more words