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Ch. 1.0 Charlene Vera

I am Charlene Vera. I was in an orphanage from birth until I was ten, where I was adopted by a rich couple looking to find ‘that missing something’. 159 more words


6.25: Unconditional

So this morning I woke up and Terri was missing. Yes, again! I had checked everywhere but our home office and gym (she’s scared of the treadmills and computers) but she was nowhere to be found! 416 more words

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6.24: Sparkles

“Nice job today buddy!” I said, patting the invention constructor. We had accomplished a lot over the last two days! We put together the plans for and actually put together a new upgrade for Faye: mind control! 718 more words

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Justine Caliente

Justine Caliente was born Justine Hooks. Ever since she was very young she believed in living fast, partying hard and sleeping only when absolutely necessary. This lifestyle hadn’t brought Justine much money or career advancement but somehow she managed to avoid troubles and landed in Sunset Valley working as a waitress and occasional kitchen help in the local diner. 218 more words


Bad Things Happen to Good People

“Anyone who has to ask why God would let bad things happen to good people has obviously never drowned one of their game Sims in a swimming pool” :) 218 more words


6.23: Bad Day, Part II

I saw something moving in the dirt and went to go check it out, hoping it wasn’t some sort of beetle. They’re kind of scary! Too bad they’re vital to the ecosystem around here, I’d like to spray some pesticide on those creepy things! 523 more words

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9.92 - She knows

(secretly this is a part 1/part 2 that I split into chapters 9.92 and 9.93 because it was TOO big)

Warning : PG-13 , excessive and unnecessary blood and bloodstains… 4,196 more words