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ISBI Flashback 3.3 - Moving Day

Oops – University is not all fun and games and girls…

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Chapter 4: The Doppelganger

Tim sighed when he heard the commotion. He couldn’t understand why Sonya kept doing this to Martha. The irony was that the two women looked very alike, despite not being family. 228 more words


Babies 8,9,10 and 11

Time for a new chapter, a new father and new babies. Also, lots and lots of birthdays! Let’s get started.

Speaking of birthdays, the green triplets just grew up. 1,853 more words

100 Baby Challenge

Hoves - Round 6.3: Girl Problems

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“So you can’t explain why you girls are so damn complicated?” Kerry Hoves asked his best friend Persephone Santoro. 1,820 more words


Chapter 3: Two of a Kind

The morning following her date with Tim, Martha prepared herself to farewell her twin. Arthur had been accepted into college in Scotland and the two would not see each other for months. 533 more words


Chapter 21: Gifts

Lydia Deacon was nervous. She furiously hit the buttons in front of her mostly to put her energy somewhere. A particle accelerator was perhaps an unnecessarily expensive stress ball, but it since it worked for her, she didn’t mind. 4,629 more words


Chapter 20: Wishes and Waves

Lydia Deacon glared at the creature in front of her. It looked like an elderly, elegant woman. But her porcelain skin and otherworldly eyes told her that it was really something else. 5,043 more words