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Sight Chapter 22: As Good As Dead

*** author’s note: Hey y’all, I hope the timeline isn’t confusing you guys, after this chapter I won’t be flipping back and forth anymore. Since everyone is worrying in present time, I’m flashing back to show what Kim and Aislyn have been up to whilst everyone else is in the dark regarding their whereabouts… I hope you enjoy :) ~ *** 3,206 more words


2.12 - Things left unsaid

Chapter tune: Tesla – Love song

A/N: Hello!! Wow, I think this is the longest I’ve waited to publish a chapter… I’m so sorry about that! 3,082 more words


Sight Chapter 21: Secret's Out


9:00 p.m | ???
Aislyn opens her eyes, feeling slightly dazed and confused. She feels her skin, cold against the slightly damp floor, making her wonder where she is. 2,340 more words


Sight Chapter 20: Life Is Too Short

8:00 p.m | Martha’s Pub
“Hey, look; here comes Gus now.” Mai says as she sees him approaching.

“Hey, guys. Aislyn and I are heading out.” Gus says once he reaches the table. 3,033 more words



Hurrah! Sims 3 is finally on the laptop! After a long 6 months of waiting and a 22-hour wait for the game to install, I can play Sims! 164 more words

Chapter 48: Teen Angst

Amelia Sprigg had got very used to odd things lately. Having Death as her tenant had really opened her mind to the possibility that nothing was impossible. 3,594 more words


Sight Chapter 19 pt. 2: Blood On Your Hands

*** author’s note: Some triggering topics brought up at the end, but nothing discussed in depth… yet | PART ONE HERE ***

– THE NEXT EVENING – 3,285 more words