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1.31 - Only one star is better

Chapter tune: Casanova – Ticket to the moon

“Hey, Ashley, can you pass me that lipstick? Yeah, that one.” Calla said while admiring herself in the mirror – one of her favorite hobbies lately. 1,378 more words

Smoke 'n' Roses

Bumpity Bump - S1.E4

Welcome to the Lennox family's life.

Day 4

Marilyn woke up hungry at around 3am and with a bump showing on her belly. What could it be? 277 more words

The Lennox Family

Learning is fun! - S1.E3

Welcome to the Lennox family's life.

Day 3

James and Marilyn decide to invite Grandfather Frank over for breakfast. Marilyn makes some pancakes while Grandfather Frank plays with Gabe. 253 more words

The Lennox Family

Sight Chapter 3: "John Doe"

3:32 a.m | Aislyn’s Room
Startled, Aislyn hops out of bed and turns on the lights to look down at the figure that had appeared and pressed so closely to her. 2,008 more words


The Ancestors Part 12: A Dream Come True?

One night as Estelle left work a wonderful tune played, one I aim to hear a lot more during this legacy. It signaled that a Lifetime Wish had been completed. 793 more words


The Ancestors Part 11: Bonehilda

I set Astrid to work on learning alchemy right away. My intention at this stage was to get her LTW completed quickly so that I could move her out and make room from Generation B. 548 more words


Oh no! 

What happened? This is heartbreaking 😢