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Custom Content: Cheerleader – OMI Sims 3 Music Video

I didn’t use as much custom content for this music video as I have for some of my other ones, but I still found some good stuff. 227 more words

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Chapter One: A Second Chance (Part 2)

Pulling into the company parking deck, Thea reached across the console to get the coffees out of the passenger seat. Having been doing this for 6 months now, she had made a routine that would put even the highest-ranking manager to shame. 874 more words

First Generation

Chapter One: A Second Chance (Part 1)

The sun felt like a warm caress against her skin. With her arm propped on the windowsill of her car, she reminisced about the past year of her life. 721 more words

First Generation

Prologue: Not All Good is Evil

“Shit! I know I can do this.” Walking over to the fallen limb, Thea placed it back on the table. “Remember; Relax, Breathe, and Focus.” Stepping back, she lifted the wand and pointed it at the limb. 2,525 more words

First Generation

Chapter 5.16: Little Light

A/N: Hello again! *waves happily* I have successfully completed my first semester of graduate school with straight A’s. Woot!! Now, let the blog writing recommence! 10,758 more words

James Winters

2.3 We All Hate Diana

Well, it‘s this time again, let’s get back to creepily follow the Eliotts family in their every day life, yay…

We are starting on a happy note with our cute little Hermes. 1,292 more words

G 9 Ch 6 - Changes Aren't Always Good

After the bombshell Anoki had thrown at her, Ismat still shared her bed with him, but other than the occasional hug for the known cameras, she practically shunned him. 1,104 more words