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Hey guys. I’ve decided to begin this project after years of wanting and wishing for my own legacy. Finally, I was like “why the heck not? 786 more words

Chapter 24: Family Ties

I’d formed a new routine when winter had started. Every Saturday I woke up so early that the others were still asleep. I quickly shovelled down a hastily made omelette, brushed my teeth, got dressed and tried to fade out my scars with makeup before I headed out. 4,062 more words


Chapter 6: Where'd me kids go?

The morning following her disastrous wedding/separation, Martha gave birth to twin boys, Ryan and Caleb. She low-key regretted being a mad bitch to Tim, so made up her mind to reconcile with him that afternoon. 66 more words


Chapter 5: A black & blue wedding

Tim and Martha were wedded on a clear evening on the eve of Spring. Their closest friends and family were in attendance. Sonya had disappeared soon after the ceremony, but Martha could not have cared less. 62 more words


Chapter 24: They All Meet in an Inn

Philippa Honeyrose was feeling curious. She had been thinking about the visit of the blue-haired man. Then she had been thinking about the vampire who had almost assaulted her because she refused to disclose customer information. 4,569 more words


Sims 4: Psychotic Way to Make Bank

Hey all you simmers!!!!! If your like me and you love the ability to be creative and build what your heart desires then the Sims 4 from Electronic Arts is for you. 406 more words


Chapter 23: Dreams and Nightmares

What was there to be said about nightmares?

Well, a lot, really. At least that they were often unwelcome and plain unpleasant. Some people used to believe that they were demons who sat on people’s chests and caused sleep paralysis or even death. 5,816 more words