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Chapter 12: Why Do Fools Fall in Love?

“Hi there.” Donna’s smile is really pretty. “Come on in.”

I feel like Tony is beating on his drums inside my chest. I’m in Donna Wagner’s house! 871 more words


Chapter 3.27: Final Goodbye

It was true, Donna was expecting. When the time came for her to realize, she didn’t know how to feel. She knew that this could happen, and she thought she wanted it this way, but something was wrong. 1,097 more words

Sims 3

Letters: Emily to Liam 1

In response to Liam Kelly’s first letter

Dear Liam,

Oh my gosh, did you know that your granddaughter Lenora also wrote to me just this other day?! 760 more words


Letters: Emily to Lenora 1

NOTE: If you wandered here and don’t know what this is about, here’s an explanation. :)

Also this letter is a response to Lenora Landgraab’s first letter… 786 more words


Chapter Six ft. Crisis Ahoy!

Recap on Chapter Five
- Lou made it on the honour roll
- Jace learnt all his toddler skills
- Two demon toys came alive
- Ivy announced that she was pregnant
- Blake aged up to an adult
- Blake got another promotion and the legacy house was updated
- Kadence learnt all her toddler skills
- A lot of pointless photos for 'character building' haha… 1,290 more words

Chapter Five ft. Character Building

Recap on Chapter Four
- Jace and Kadence were brought home from hospital 
- We had to sell majority of the furniture to afford two more cribs 
- Lou aged up to child, and rolled the diva trait
- Both Ruby and Eloise finished learning all their toddler skills
- The family got a puppy for a joint birthday present - Bailey Skyes 
- Jace and Kadence grew up to toddlers 
- Ivy aged to adult and had a much needed make over
- Ruby and Eloise aged up to children. 770 more words

Chapter 31: Break. Connection.

WARNING: Not sure if this even counts as something to warn about, but this chapter contains discussion of a slasher film, so expect desensitised mentions and semi-vague descriptions of gory things (nothing is shown, though). 4,993 more words