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2.16 - All a lie

Chapter tune: Thunder – Don’t wait for me

A/N: Hello! :D Yep, it’s me, I’ve returned from the shadows and I bring you a whole new story update! 1,989 more words


One year blogiversary!!

Hello!! :) Guess what day is today! No, guess! Okay, I’ll tell you: It’s one day before the day I officially started this blog last year and I couldn’t wait any longer to post this! 1,318 more words


Gender Bend Challenge!

Hello! :D Sooo… what do we have here? Apparently there is a fun challenge trending on the internet called gender bend (or… genderbender? I’m not sure!) 325 more words


2.15 - The nightmare before adulthood Pt.2

Chapter tune: W.A.S.P. – Arena of pleasure

A/N: Hello! :) I’m back after another two weeks break, I am so sorry! The truth is that, except for the wedding preparations which have been more pressuring now that the day slowly arrives, I didn’t feel like going to my save to finish Skye’s backstory (I dreaded it too much), so I kept messing a bit around with my next generation when I had my game on – yep, that’s right, I have the story basis already prepared in my head and a bit on my computer, lol! 1,912 more words


Chapter 1.25: Janus

Note: This starts off when she and Phoenix find Daniel outside :) Also, Calla suffers from social anxiety disorder, and because I do not know what it truly feels like, I apologise if I get anything wrong about it! 1,722 more words

Sims 3

2.14 - The nightmare before adulthood Pt.1

Chapter tune: Bon Jovi – You give love a bad name

A/N: Hello! :) Again, I’m so sorry that I’m so late to post this, but in my defense, this chapter begins at about 20 years earlier than the events taking place in Gen2, so it needed a proper setup first – meaning spending hours in CAS and in build/buy mode 😥 But it’s finally ready, and hopefully part 2 won’t take as long! 2,111 more words


Sight Chapter 25: Goodbye For Now

7:00 p.m | Merrow Rose Hotel
Despite living in Oldmerrow for several years, Aislyn had never been to the Merrow Rose, for leisure or necessity. After she said her goodbyes to her friends, her father and Nicole brought her over and changed the room they were staying in to a larger suite so that she could join them since they didn’t feel comfortable going to her home just yet, despite the police escorts. 4,525 more words