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I was carefully tracking my pregnancy using online resources, apps, and books written by the best doctors. Still, nothing could really prepare me for the back pain I had. 1,656 more words


Life was going perfectly for me. It was one of the best times I’d ever experienced. After lots of hard work, I was finally promoted to a Teacher’s Aide. 835 more words


Hi, I’m Cassidy

My mom is gay…. Well I guess she is Bi. Her longtime girlfriend Alex wanted to have kids, so they both got pregnant. 548 more words


Hey Look, I Made a Thing!


I’m just dropping in briefly to let everyone know that I went ahead and created a Simblr (a Tumblr that posts primarily Sim stuff), which you can find by clicking the blue word in this sentence, or the banner I included in this post, because options are nice. 270 more words



Gladys’s funeral was peaceful, but sad. Ursula tried to keep a straight face the entire time, but she eventually let her emotions spill out. Not surprisingly, Paul didn’t show up. 1,554 more words


Diary of Junie Kay

Living with Gladys is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, hands down. Not only am I physically tired, but I am emotionally exhausted and at my wit’s end. 3,057 more words

Dreaming For You

Well I think you guys know what this next short film is all about coming from the title. I have a storyline for it already (can’t give you all the details just yet), but wanting some ideas from you guys. 58 more words