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Letters: Emily to Gentian 1

Dear Gentian,

I saw your profile and I just had to write to you! I’m so glad I happened to browse through the pen pal site again! 1,207 more words


Remembering the Sims, Past and Present

How does one start playing Sims 4 again?  That would be a good question to ask my viewers.  Sometimes it’s hard to get back together with a game you once gave up playing because of reasons. 799 more words


Letters: Emily to Liam 3

Response to Liam’s third letter.

Dear Liam,

Thank you for your letter.

It took me a while to reply to this. To be honest, this time it was mostly because I got a bit emotional. 1,666 more words


1.7 Practically Strangers

~Lauryn/Sabrina’s P.O.V~

I have a mom, a real mom, one who loves me and bakes cookies and made scrapbooks of my first year. I sat on the couch in disbelief, my parents sitting across from me, hardly containing their excitement. 1,173 more words


Like I said, Pearl wasn’t the heir but she was a lot of fun so I have a lot of pics of her life. Yup, I’m going to share a few before we move on :D… 216 more words


Sapphire, Pearl & Dale

Pearl, the insane klepto, grew up to be not unattractive but she sure was odd. She wanted to be a cop so I let her. The irony appealed to me. 348 more words



One day while taking out the trash Ruby noticed that a man had moved into the trailer across the street from hers. And he was cute. 352 more words