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1.1 - Meeting Dave

Morning rose on the Evansdale County horizon.

Elisa awoke at 6 am, a big smile ever-present on her face. She liked waking up to the bright morning sky, instead of the salty mist radiating off Aurora Skies’ lake. 804 more words

Evansdale County

1.0 - Settling In

Wow, Evansdale County sure was different from Aurora Skies. Cabs zipped by down the street, vibrant posters were plastered onto brick walls, and towering skyscrapers pierced the fluffy clouds. 713 more words

Evansdale County

Introducing Elisa Ford

Introducing Elisa Ford, the Ford legacy founder <3

Elisa has moved to Evansdale County to start her life over. She wants to erase the scars on her heart and start fresh. 427 more words

Evansdale County

Hello fellow Sims players!

I’ve been planning on starting a blog about this for such a long time, and now I have finally found the time for it.

Everyone has a favorite game and, obviously, mine is Sims 4. 53 more words

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Generation 5 Special: Augustus and Gemma

A/N: So even though Joanne is the Generation 5 heir, I’ve had storylines for Augustus and Gemma running through my head for ages, especially after I developed their characters some in… 5,467 more words

James Winters

Chapter Two: Baby Steps

Pulling herself out from under the covers was the hardest thing Thea had ever had to do. Stepping over the pile of clothes that she had worn the night before, she made her way into the bathroom. 1,045 more words

First Generation

The Sims 4: Liam & Victoria Schuffel

The Sims 4 is best known for its “Emotion” and “Multitasking” features. The romance section is definitely an improved version compared to previous Sims series. The friendship bar and romance bar are now separated. 1,542 more words