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Chapter 1, Founder Generation.

Chaper 1 Founder Generation

Selena’s POV

I sighed as I viewed the empty lot forlornly. The occurrences of the past few days dancing in front of my eyes. 1,367 more words

Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 5 Part B

Host: After a substantial grieving period for the loss of a contestant, the Bachelor challenge is back on track with our two final contestants participating in one-on-one overnight cabin dates! 190 more words

Bachelor Challenge

2.2 All of the annoyance!

Sorry this took quite a while to write, I was getting pretty pissed at my sims during this chapter so I had to keep taking break while playing. 1,777 more words

Finally preordered Get To Work

I’m so excited! All day I’ve been watching the videos and looking at screenshots of the new expansion pack. There was no doubt I would get it but I just haven’t gotten around to buying it yet. 166 more words


Chapter 7.4

Welcome back! Last time we had a wedding, some birthdays and births! I’m finally feeling better after having to return to the hospital because apparently there was one gallstone left in my bile duct. 764 more words

Chapter 5.15: Four Walls

A/N: An update!? How did you manage that when you have so much school work? Two words: SPRING BREAK. Woot! That being said, don’t be too alarmed if the next chapter doesn’t arrive until May! 10,271 more words

James Winters

Faking illness to get out of uni..

Today wasnt that eventful if im honest. I woke up and really couldnt be bothered with going into uni again so i faked being ill and it worked. 272 more words