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Unique Blogger Award

Dom: Em gets another award? How does she keep getting these things?

Em: Dom! Not you too!

Dom: It’s got to be some sort of fluke. 450 more words


The Liebster Award

Karri: Oh Watcher, someone gave Em an award. She’ll be even more insufferable now.

Em: Shush, Karri. This is my moment.

Karri: Who’s Liebster anyway? Is he related to Oscar? 1,723 more words


02.02 - Abandoned

Six to seven years ago…

Every Christmas, we built a snowman on the front lawn.

It was meant to indicate that we were waiting, that we wanted him back, but Dad never came back. 1,566 more words


Generation 1 - Timeline

Because just thinking of how crazy a family tree will eventually get, instead of doing a family tree, I thought I’d make a timeline instead. Should be interesting how long this will be by the tenth generation.  29 more words


02.01 - Answers

Rain was pouring hard that day. The skies were overcast. If it were up to me, I would’ve just stayed at home with my lovely wife. 2,501 more words