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First day back at uni! 24/02/15

I got awoken at 3 am this morning to the sound of my cat being sick everywhere but was too cosy to go and clean it and tbh it isnt as bad as human sick so… but then she decided to she wanted some loves and came up to me and started rubbing her face on mine!! 256 more words

Such a busy day!!- 23/02/15

Because of how busy i have been today i thought i should write it in a timeline…

BUT for you to get the jist of things the weather was really bad today it was raining, hail, windy, sunny etc etc… 265 more words

2.1 All New Insanity.

Last time, on Eliotts ISBI, Fry was chosen to be the heir, Leela grew up and left, and Ana got pregnant AGAIN.

Goals for this chapter : Meet Fry’s future life partner, get Amy and Zapp to grow up into teens, and Ana to give birth. 1,697 more words

I GOT INTO A SIZE 12!!!! - 22/02/15

Well today has been a really good day!! i had the best sleep and woke up at about 11 with adam by myside!

I decided that i wanted to get a quick gym sesh underway before i go and do anything else. 342 more words

Chapter 1

It was wrong. I was ¬†betrothed. She was my sweetheart. I had promised to marry her the first time I laid eyes on her. But then… 512 more words

Chapter 1

G 9 Ch 4 - Boarding Schools

Frustrated Ismat went looking for her mom, but only found her Aunt Hadia at the house.

Hadia took in Ismat’s appearance and asked her what was wrong. 1,030 more words


G9 Ch 3 - Family History & Secrets

Ismat was thrilled when Jack indicated he wanted to use the potty and be a big boy like daddy.  Since Anoki was still working for the science center, Ismat covered the potty training during the day and Anoki covered it in the afternoons when she was at practice or a game. 1,099 more words