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Chapter 29: Paying Debts, Saying Goodbye

In one reality-shifting second the warmth of Sunset Valley was gone, replaced by the familiar breeze of Riverview. They had appeared in front of Vanja’s shop, and Vanja quickly ushered them into her living room and left them alone so she could – as she put it – quickly shower the germs of public restrooms and overused sheets off of her. 4,509 more words


Chapter 3.26: Mrs. Darling

Salem left the rest of her family to finish the daunting task of bringing her father back to life, when Clementine called Salem mid-resurrection to profess her love. 1,253 more words

Sims 3

Mayor- Round 6.3: Parties and Misunderstandings

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Days and weeks passed and autumn took hold of Sunset Valley and still Zeke hadn’t heard from Marty. 1,923 more words


Chapter 28: Water Under the Bridge

The sun was rising. The Alto manor had quieted down a few hours ago. The sound of police sirens from the nearby cemetery had long ago faded into the night. 4,352 more words


Chapter 17: Facing Reality

As Sophie and Zachary grew older, Martha and Bostram realised that despite their circumstances, it was unfair to raise their children underground. Thus they made the decision to move to the next county, to a piece of land they could take their horses and raise their children safely. 394 more words