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Krystal Paleccio

Krystal, once Mindy’s babysitter, became Jack’s romantic interest when he was a teenager. After Jack killed his mother, the two became married and moved house, away from that which terrorised Jack’s childhood. 40 more words


Triplets: Phoenix, Laquisha & Tyrone Farmer

Phoenix, Laquisha and Tyrone are the result of an affair between Mindy Farmer and Charles Dottier (and they’re fairies!!). Their birth is Mindy’s breaking point; she now has five children, no money and no choice but to prune the family tree. 99 more words


Constable Grumps

Constable Grumps is a police officer assigned with the task of hunting down suspected serial killer, Mindy Farmer. He succeeds, and saves her daughter Laquisha from death by abandonment. 111 more words


Game Review: Sims3 Supernatural

The Sims 3 Supernatural is frickin great! I know it’s the only one I have at the moment, so I’m fully biased and stuff, but legit it’s incredible. 184 more words


Life Advice from Mindy

~ A collection of pure Mindy wisdom; how to deal with the most inconvenient situations ~


Chapter 18: Lethal (but profitable) Matrimony

Despite having spent a significant portion of Grumps’ riches on an extravagant wedding party, Mindy married her new beau in the bathroom (why would she want to be seen publicly with that oaf?). 224 more words


Chapter 19: Rabbit Hole

As soon as I got outside, I dug my phone out of the small pocket on the inside of my shirt and checked the screen out of some very wishful thinking that I might get a signal and be able to call Grandma and Grandpa. 5,549 more words