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The Ancestors Part 5: Wedding Bells

Both the Bride-To-Be and the Groom-To-Be rolled wishes to throw a bachelorette/bachelor party. Estelle held hers first. Inexplicably, she wore two outfits at the event, both of them trashy. 286 more words

The Ancestors Part 4: Halloween

The couple were invited to a Halloween party. I was very pleased with Estelle’s outfit. Orion’s was meh in comparison.

Estelle looked so good that Orion asked her to go steady. 134 more words

The Ancestors Part 3: Under Arrest

Estelle got arrested, a risk that comes with working as a criminal. This outfit is her uniform. The bare feet must play a part in whatever scam she was working. 254 more words

The Ancestors Part 2: Early Days

Orion and Estelle got to work on their skills. We could only afford a guitar for Orion at this time. Estelle had no hope of owning her own treadmill so I sent her to the gym. 251 more words

The Ancestors Part 1: Moving In

This is the first post in my Lifetime Wish Legacy challenge. Welcome! We start off in Lunar Lakes – the space colony world from the Sims 3 Store. 628 more words

Chapter 8: Welcome to St Casper's Sanatorium

St Casper’s sanatorium for the neurologically impaired was run by a cold, heartless woman named Tiana. Dressed in dark grey with a collar buttoned all the way to her neck and her bun fastened tightly behind her head, Tiana ran the asylum like a prison. 109 more words


Chapter 7: Amber Alert

As night fell and the twins could still not be found, police officers Elizabeth and Brent put out an amber alert. Martha was beside herself; how could she have been so stupid to leave Ryan and Caleb in Sonya’s care? 26 more words