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Gen 1 Ch 2: AAAH!

Amidst the transition into marriage life, Heline’s thirtieth birthday came and went without much fanfare.

The infusion of Alonzo’s meager savings meant that for the first time since her teenhood, Heline was living with a roof over her head, even if that roof did not quite yet extend to their plumbing fixtures. 2,496 more words


Gen 1 Ch 1

“Excuse me, can you get my ball for me?”

Heline blinked. She was walking—it was all she’d been doing for days, and the edges of the town had snuck up on her. 1,997 more words


Chapter 18: Changeling

I had never considered myself a violent person. Sure, I’d been doing some Sim Fu and that had meant a lot of punching and kicking air and sometimes sparring partners, but that was not violence. 5,886 more words


Annotated Bibliography: The Adventures of Mindy Farmer

My Digital Artefact:  The story of a Sim, Mindy Farmer, who struggles with finding herself again after her partner’s tragic, premature death.

#1 – Alice & Kev… 1,582 more words


Cheat Code Central

Hey there, sim-followers!

Disclaimer: the following post is for the sims3 PC, but you’ll probably find very similar codes for the other versions across a variety of platforms :) 545 more words


2.8 Finally, Get Out!

Me: *Finally finishes taking all the pictures for this chapter.* “Alright time to save the game and start writing.”

Computer: *Suddenly eats all my pictures into oblivion* “Try to write your chapter now” *Evil laugh* 2,688 more words