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Our story starts at dusk on a cool day in July. Denise Agatha Miller knew her time was up; something about the way the breeze whipped through the crisp air, the way the anxious chirps of birds cut through the icy window behind her quaint bed told her this day would be her last. 633 more words


Short Story: Identity

NOTE: This is a short story about Tad Dustpine. If you haven’t read at least chapters 1-3 of the actual Chrysanthemum Tango -story, I’d advice you to do so first to avoid spoilers and know what’s going on. 2,610 more words


Babies 6 and 7

Alright, in this chapter we will have quite a few birthdays and we will have the Turquoise dad moving in the house.

Speaking of birthdays, we start this chapter with Ivory and Lemon growing up. 1,101 more words

100 Baby Challenge

Prentiss- Round 6.1 : Orange

Table of Contents

The orange haired boy was there again, lurking in the hallway like almost every other day. Nan was getting used to seeing him by now, he wasn’t really conspicuous, and couldn’t be even if he tried, and she was sure he had. 2,659 more words


Browns - Round 6.3: Moving forward

Table of Contents

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As the weather started growing warmer and the days longer Aenar was also starting to feel better, and so did Vaela who in the end got sick too. 1,137 more words