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Sim City 5 : Down by the river

Sim City 5 : Down by the river

21 October 2016

The woods were alive with unfamiliar noises and she felt movements in the shadows as she ran. 956 more words

Sim City 4: Touch

Sim City 4: Touch

21 October 2016

She ran through the trees, dodging, just in case they would use real guns this time. She did not think there were any left since the days of the magnetic shift. 1,060 more words

Place of Safety Operational Preparatory Simulation Course

In preparation for the opening of the new Place of Safety suite, our team led by Lloyd Campbell worked with Lewis Beames to develop a simulation course based around testing system readiness and staff. 114 more words

Mental Health

Simbridge Hackerspace Simulator

Simbridge is an FPS/VR simulation of Noisebridge Hackerspace. It exists to share what hackerspaces are about with those who haven’t been to one like Noisebridge yet. 95 more words


Reality Wars

Comic-book movies, in their own sprawling simulated narrative universes, have been raising the stakes to this level for years: Every summer we watch dozens of villains plotting to blow up the entire universe, but the motivations are always hazy. 13 more words


SolidThinking Launches Extrusion Simulation Software

TROY — The design software developer solidThinking announced the launch of the Click2Extrude suite, consisting of Click2Extrude Metal and Click2Extrude Polymer, as the next generation environment of the industry leading HyperXtrude suite. 256 more words


Are Today’s Engineers Worse?

Today’s engineers are just as good as the ones that came before, but that should not be the case and there is massive room for improvement. 1,703 more words