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Notes on DC3 simulation

Some notes

  • 1000 events, CentOS 6.2
    • 13:18 cpu time
    • output file: 26.4 MB
    • => 26.4 kB/ev
    • => 0.798 s/ev including reconstruction
    • 20 GB => 8.77 days…
  • 35 more words

Rory's 3DS Game of March 2015

For this month, we cast our eyes over the Nintendo eShop for my 3DS Game of the Month for March. In practically every RPG, you can find at least one bar. 352 more words



There is a lot of discussion recently about incorporating electronic health record (EHR) into simulations. Which vendor? Which product? What features are needed? The disturbing thing about most of these discussions in my mind is that no one is talking about what they are trying to accomplish with the inclusion of electronic health records into the simulation environment. 448 more words

5 Reasons You Need to Check Out Cities: Skylines

It used to be, the video game everyone played (if they played video games) was SimCity. This was back when PC gaming ruled the roost, and you called computers “desktops” because they actually sat on your desk and doubled as monitor stands. 768 more words

Wednesday, 3/25/15- A Day- SBAC Testing Periods 6 & 7

Remember to go to Homeroom for testing after period 5. There will be no science class for periods 6 & 7

Learning Objective:

To predict the motion of an object given the magnitude and direction of forces acting on it (net force) 35 more words

Motion & Forces

Who Is God?

I’m starting this ridiculously presumptuous topic with the assumption that we live in a consciousness-driven digital reality. (For the reasons that I think this is the ONLY compelling theory of reality, please see… 946 more words


Theme Hospital

Get it on GOG.com

Theme Hospital is a simulation game where you take charge of building the best hospital you can build. Eh I know it’s not a goal you would usually associate yourself with wanting. 341 more words