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AFX5203_Week 2_wall destruction

here we see a blayblast for a wall destruction simple simulation using dynamics in Autodesk Maya.
after setting up the scene and deleting history/ freeze transformations on the geometries, i started applying fields and constraints that suit every geometry needs to be simulated. 249 more words

Welease Wodewick!!!

Things have appeared quiet over the last few weeks, but in reality I have been hard at work in a special kind of hell normally reserved for Dev-Ops type people. 1,837 more words

Ancient Armies

AFX5203_Week 1_Catapult test

this a playblast showing a catapult throwing an object, there is no key frame animation on this example, this shot entirely done using dynamics simulation inside autodesk Maya. 234 more words

777 Heaven Released

777 Heaven

is now complete and available from the Amazon and Play app stores

An affectionately-remembered slot machine from my youth at the tail-end of the 1980s and early nineties. 46 more words


"The Golf Club VR" Is Out of Early Access Into Full Release!

The Golf Club VR” from HB Studios has been converted into a full release, after a 4.5 months stay in the Early Access phase. 269 more words

HTC Vive

Simulating Hardware in VHDL Using GHDL

Follow the steps below to create a simple “Hello, World” program in VHDL using GHDL.

VHDL, or “VHSIC Hardware Description Language”, is a programming language used to simulate the operation of computer hardware in software.   243 more words