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Preparing First Collision Sim

I’ve been working fairly consistently on the simulation environment for the unitary twist field theory. I’m getting ready to set up a photon/electron collision, modeled by the interaction of a linear twist with a twist around a loop. 489 more words


The Unreal, Bleeding-Edge Tech That’s Helping Doctors Make The Cut

I couldn’t quite decide whether it was his agonized expression or the detailed tattoos covering his arms that bewildered me the most, but the full-size dummy in a hospital gown wasn’t there to freak people out. 313 more words


Getting smarter

Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) is a perennial problem in computational simulations of engineering structures.  If the description of the geometry of the structure, the material behaviour, the loading conditions or the boundary conditions are incorrect (garbage in), then the simulation generates predictions that are wrong (garbage out), or least an unreliable representation of reality.  380 more words


Happy Solstice, Plot Your 3D Sun-Path!


Drag your sun through time and watch it rise and fall and cast shadows, animate and simulate a day-night cycle with the fun 3D Sun-Path tool.


Prêt personnel : prenez votre décision après une simulation en ligne

L’idée de contracter un prêt personnel vous trotte dans la tête ? Si vous êtes indécis, une simulation de cette opération devrait vous aider à comprendre la portée de vos éventuels engagements. 68 more words

Simulation De Credit


“Get them off me! Call them off!” the man shrieked. “Mister, get them off! Do it another way, please!”

The lime green boas had wrapped around the man’s arms and torso, and now one snaked its way up his leg like the stripes on a candy cane. 1,229 more words