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Robots add real value when working with humans, not replacing them

In the popular media, we talk a lot about robots stealing jobs. But when we stop speculating and actually look at the real world of work, the impact of advanced robotics is far more nuanced and complicated. 104 more words


Waltz of the Wizard

Waltz of the Wizard is a uniquely designed virtual reality experience that allows you to feel what it’s like to have magical powers. 36 more words


Banished - [CC] Bug: Old castle on Mountain/Small never start the game

Bug: Old castle on Mountain/Small never start the game
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Submitted May 31, 2016 at 04:34AM by dys13
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An Approach to Psychosis: Fitting It All Together (6/6)

It seems a good idea to republish this sequence from almost four years ago to complement the current new sequence on collaborative conversation. This is the fourth of six.  922 more words

Bahá'í Faith

Banished - mod with RPG elements?

mod with RPG elements?

does anyone know if this exists? I just had the thought that it'd be really cool, if individual citizens had skills that develop over time. 53 more words

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Shallow Water Equation - Non Linear Scheme

Selamat malam, sudah sebluan lebih semenjak terakhir posting tentang bikin aplikasi android. Sebenernya sebulan ini banyak hal yang bikin saya stress terumatama masalah Tugas Akhir yang membuat saya harus mencari topik baru kembali, walaupun sampai saat ini saya belum mendapatkan topik. 280 more words


MARS, We Have a Mission

From the start of this project I was so excited. We were simulating moving to Mars! At the very start, we were just starting to establish the rules, what we will need to do each day, and who will be doing what. 719 more words