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Simultaneous: adj. two or more subsets existing together in time and/or done at the same time

Riding a bicycle and singing at the same time is doing something simultaneously. 154 more words

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Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation

Some people may think simultaneous and consecutive interpreting is the same mode of interpreting. In fact, they are totally different

Consecutive interpreting is an interpreting mode in which the speakers will stop or make a pause every 1 or 2 minutes (or even shorter while) for the interpreter translates speaker’s words into listeners’ language. 370 more words

"Dose painting" -- a new type of radiation therapy for prostate cancer?

Two technologies have been brought together to allow for a new kind of radiation treatment known as simultaneous integrated boost (SIB) or, more informally, “dose painting.” The two technologies are: 962 more words


Nightmares and Daymares

I usually sleep soundly. That I don’t dream. Let alone having a nightmare. But I do have daymare (if that kind of word exists) that don’t involve any sharp teeth, white pale face or bulging eyes. 346 more words


Simultaneous Dreams?

I just woke up from an unexpected nap: laid down on my bed for a few minutes and drifted off. I m used to dreaming weird dreams every time I fall asleep, but this was weirder. 72 more words


Volition: n. willing and making a conscious choice(s) and/or decision(s) without prior and/or simultaneous external coercion and/or threat


When we impulsively react to a situation we are impulsively choosing or making a spontaneous decision. 200 more words

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