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Simultaneous Dreams?

I just woke up from an unexpected nap: laid down on my bed for a few minutes and drifted off. I m used to dreaming weird dreams every time I fall asleep, but this was weirder. 72 more words


Volition: n. willing and making a conscious choice(s) and/or decision(s) without prior and/or simultaneous external coercion and/or threat


When we impulsively react to a situation we are impulsively choosing or making a spontaneous decision. 200 more words

Common Sense


Cool hands
Span the pale latitude
Of back
Ink beneath them
‘Dying to tell a story’

Snow buries
The pain beneath
A winter’s pledge
Of truth’s safekeeping… 65 more words


Case study: loading inhouse monitoring system to get performance results

Case study: Creating load system for high load monitoring application


We were wondering how many connections and data our monitoring system can handle. If load for system is too big it will draw graphs incorrectly with intervals without data. 310 more words

Performance Testing


It’s not that I don’t love you or don’t want to be with you

It’s not that I don’t need you or don’t care for you… 20 more words

Rhythmic Space

A mixture between green and purple

I’m very unsure about everything right now. I don’t feel like I have a clear view on anything going on in my life. But it’s weird because as much as I feel all over the place, there’s almost a calm at the same time. 159 more words

Robert Shearman 'Simultaneous' Solstice Shorts Video

Something to cheer your Monday morning, a delightful story of options and possibilities for the best possible way to fall out of love…

Robert Shearman… 70 more words