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Can a child be predisposed to bilingualism at birth?

I came across an interesting article in Psychological Science earlier this month that showed that newborns whose mothers had spoken two languages during their pregnancy showed a preference for those two languages at birth. 208 more words


Extreme Yahtzee Empire

So we had an afternoon free, so I challenged Miss B to a game of Empire Express. It doesn’t really take that long to play (maybe an hour or so these days, plus some set up and clear away time) but it is long enough that it can’t just be played on a whim any time we fancy. 293 more words


Translator: the unknown profession


Last weekend my parents came to visit me. They stayed over for the weekend, we cooked a homemade meal, had a little wine and we spent Father’s Day together (it’s in August here in Brazil). 606 more words


On Cisco Linksys E2500 Advanced Simultaneous DualBand WirelessN Router

Finally, contemplate just how you can be draping in the actual real wood router as it is actually cutting. Would be the grips secure ample pertaining to uninterrupted employ? 319 more words

View Two Spreadsheets at the Same Time!

In my day to day work, I compare a lot of different spreadsheets.  Before I had the luxury of having two computer screens, I learned to use Excel’s “View Side by Side” feature.  148 more words




Simultaneous: adj. two or more subsets existing together in time and/or done at the same time

Riding a bicycle and singing at the same time is doing something simultaneously. 154 more words

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