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Review: Sakura

Designer: Reiner Knizia

Artist: Kevin Hong

Publisher: Osprey Games

Plays: 2-6 player

Playtime: 20 to 40 minutes (plays best at 3 to 6)


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Beingness, doingness and havingness are like a triangle where each side supports the others. They are not in conflict with each other. They all exist simultaneously. 73 more words


Less Postop Stiffness with Simultaneous Bilateral TKA

In previous studies, simultaneous bilateral total knee arthroplasty (TKA) in appropriately selected patients has compared favorably with staged bilateral TKA—in terms of both clinical outcomes and cost. 235 more words


Simultaneous Figure Ground

In this project, we have to overlap the leaves and make the abstract kind of thing. This project is mainly focused on the figure-ground and closure principle. 57 more words

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Simultaneous Color Contrast

In this project, I have to develop 3 different color combinations based roughly on the Albers study above using Adobe Illustrator. And we have to show the proof that both emphasized colors are in fact the same color. 7 more words

Gestalt Art

Are We Even Paying Attention?

A study by Google titled The New Multi-screen World outlines that audiences are using two different screens at the same time. 90% of respondents said they used multiple screens sequentially to complete a task; they started an activity on one device then continued it on another device. 241 more words