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Sin and Repentance

Job 42:6   (KJV)   Wherefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes.

When we realize we made a mistake, we humbly admit it and we correct our mistakes. 268 more words


Sin is Pleasurable for a Season

Sin can feel good for a time.  Whether it be eating what we shouldn’t, gossiping or looking at stuff online, there can be a temporary thrill involved that obscures the true nature of the act.  1,077 more words


Masking My Testimony

I remember the first time I watched Phantom of the Opera. I was entranced by the costumes and masks during the ball scene. It was all beautiful; each mask detailed and with intricate designs. 1,806 more words


Little Sinners Love Little

When Jesus was visiting the home of a Pharisee named Simon a woman washed His feet with her tears, kissed them, and poured perfume on them. 489 more words


When our first grandson was a child of three, he had a complete grasp on the value of life.  As I stomped on a pesky little ant as it scurried underfoot, he immediately called me out for taking the insect’s life.  554 more words

Air Mauritius celebrates 50 years of flying

Air Mauritius is adding a special “50 Yrs” logo to select aircraft as it celebrates 50 years of flying in the islands.

From Air Mauritius: 775 more words


"The Moral Collapse Of The Republican Party"


“The Republican Party has fallen in line behind Donald Trump since he clinched the party’s nomination for president on May 4. In historical perspective, this isn’t surprising: this is what parties typically do when a nominee emerges. 34 more words