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Who is Jesus?


Who was Jesus of Nazareth?

The historical figure, Jesus of Nazareth, was a carpenter’s son. He was relatively unimportant in relation to earthly accomplishments and wealth. 937 more words


The Lord sent me Alistair Begg for clarity on losing my salvation and the serious warnings in Hebrews

God bless Alistair Begg and his incredible Truth For Life site. It is an amazing resource for Christians – his recorded sermons are succinct, intelligent, honest and easy to understand ( 153 more words


The Problem With Sin

SIN. The very word can conjure up many different emotions, can’t it? You might picture Moses as an elderly man with skin weathered from many years of travels, destroying the tablets bearing the 10 Commandments in a blind rage. 1,296 more words

You're gunna struggle. But Don't look down. 

I walked into a trap of anger and hate. It was God and the Devil all in one place. It’s a burden so heavy my insides wanted to cave. 542 more words

The Missing

I see,
In great clarity,
The missing of “The Mark”.

Exactly why,
I just can’t tell,
The “missing” is so stark.

Can others see?
Why hide from me? 6 more words


A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible Review: what do you make of sin?

A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible Review: Chapter 2 – Why so much is bad: Adam’s story and ours

The second chapter John Dickson’s A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible… 710 more words


Christian Confusion: Two Degrees of Sin

Faulty Definitions

The teaching of venial and mortal sins will start to present a problem when people don’t understand what they are, and then begin making up their own definitions for them. 4,791 more words