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Song of Greed

Greed is what makes the world go round
it built our cities from the ground
driving men to work and create,
Inspiring them to innovate. 20 more words

Hard Situations of Love Reveal the Riches of God's Love for Us

“But, Brothers and Sisters, it is very wonderful that God should love us when we try our hardest to be rid of Him, when we are at enmity against Him, when we are opposed, even, to His love, and will not listen to the Gospel of His Grace! 137 more words

The Biggest Sin

The biggest sin that you can commit and the sin for which most people will end up in hell, is for denying, rejecting and disobeying Jesus Christ. 858 more words

Bad Attitude

Have you ever found evidence that your child has disobeyed? As soon as you see what they’ve done, you call out to them. When they timidly approach, you ask them… “What happened to my antique lamp?” 507 more words


The Gift of Repentance! #2

As I told you yesterday, I was having a dream and in it there was a discussion on how to minister appropriately to someone who is lost but whose life has been filled with tragic and difficult circumstances. 477 more words

Moving At The Speed Of Grace

That Guy

What a charlatan
What a fraud
You say one thing
And do another
You’ll be exposed
Others will see
The charade won’t last
What then? 54 more words

Spiritual Growth