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Wives Of El Chapo's Cartel Say They Regret The Lives Their Husbands Lived

Wives of the newly released book, “Cartel Wives” speak out to denounce the former lifestyle in which their ex-husbands, who were twin brothers, allegedly made billions of dollars for the Sinaloa cartel — under the reign of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. 126 more words

True Crime

Bodies are piling up in Mexico's drug war because El Chapo is gone

Alejandro Pesqueda was driving home from a party at 3 a.m. on Saturday when a corpse nearly crashed through his windshield.

At first, Pesqueda didn’t realize the large green plastic bag that thumped onto the ground next to him contained a body. 160 more words


Mexico's most-wanted: A guide to the drug cartels

More than 200,000 people have been killed or have disappeared since Mexico’s government declared war on organised crime in December 2006.

The military offensive has led to the destruction of some drug gangs, splits within others and the emergence of new groups. 132 more words


Drug War Turned Mexico Into World’s Deadliest Conflict Zone After Only Syria: Survey

Mexico’s drug war has created the second deadliest conflict area in the world after only Syria, according to a global survey.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) reported that… 398 more words


Just like Narcos: Drugs bosses host 'secret' boozy party behind bars with whisky, tacos and dancing girls

Drug cartel leader Jose Luis Gutierrez Valencia hosted the party at a so-called maximum security prison, where inmates were seen glugging spirits with not a guard in sight… 427 more words


Inside the Game of Thrones-style war to replace El Chapo in the Sinaloa Cartel

The sight of masked federal agents frog-marching Dámaso López Nuñez out of an upscale apartment block in Mexico City on Tuesday morning prompted backslapping within the Mexican government. 191 more words


U.S. Officials Can't Find a Dime of El Chapo's $14 Billion

El Chapo is truly one of the greatest. He is the Michael Jordan of drug dealing. Unstoppable, untouchable, fearless, and clever, he has pulled a finesse move on the U.S. 462 more words