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Drug War Turned Mexico Into World’s Deadliest Conflict Zone After Only Syria: Survey

Mexico’s drug war has created the second deadliest conflict area in the world after only Syria, according to a global survey.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) reported that… 398 more words


Just like Narcos: Drugs bosses host 'secret' boozy party behind bars with whisky, tacos and dancing girls

Drug cartel leader Jose Luis Gutierrez Valencia hosted the party at a so-called maximum security prison, where inmates were seen glugging spirits with not a guard in sight… 427 more words


Inside the Game of Thrones-style war to replace El Chapo in the Sinaloa Cartel

The sight of masked federal agents frog-marching Dámaso López Nuñez out of an upscale apartment block in Mexico City on Tuesday morning prompted backslapping within the Mexican government. 191 more words


U.S. Officials Can't Find a Dime of El Chapo's $14 Billion

El Chapo is truly one of the greatest. He is the Michael Jordan of drug dealing. Unstoppable, untouchable, fearless, and clever, he has pulled a finesse move on the U.S. 462 more words

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Mexico captures Sinaloa drug cartel leader Damaso Lopez, a former associate of 'El Chapo' Guzman

He was for a time seen as the right-hand man of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, once the world’s most notorious drug kingpin, now jailed in the United States. 643 more words


Report: Witnesses Say Man Thrown From Plane Lands On Roof Of Hospital In 'El Chapo''s Home State

MEXICO CITY (CBSNewYork) – Witnesses say a man was thrown from a plane in Mexico’s northern Sinaloa state Wednesday, according to a published report. 154 more words


Filming Has Begun for a Miniseries Based on Jailed Mexican Drug Lord 'El Chapo'

The life of the Mexican drug kingpin is being brought to television screens in a drama co-produced by Netflix and Univision.

While the real Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is locked up in a cold, tiny cell in New York, his career as a drug lord apparently over, his fictional counterpart is free and in top form in Colombia, where the Univision network and Netflix are filming a television series about his life. 931 more words