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Walang Hangganan ang Taos na Pagmamahal (para kay Rodina Ballena-Marasigan)

Walang Hangganan

Ang Taos na Pagmamahal

(para kay Rodina Ballena-Marasigan)

Madaling sambitin ang “mahal kita”

Subalit ang itanim ito sa puso…kaya ba?

Kung manggaling ang pangako sa ating isip… 72 more words

Apolinario Villalobos

It's Time to Forgive, It's Time to Say Sorry: Mistakes or Errors Whatever

People used to mistake the word “mistake” for “error” and so many people think both words are literally the same. But they are totally wronged!! 195 more words

Linn Thu Aein

Self-Respect is the Seed of Awareness

Maitreya is working now in every part of the world irrespective of creed, nationality, race, etc, at all levels of existence. The Lord Maitreya inspires everyone through mind, spirit and body to generate, in the first place, self-respect, out of which the blessings of salvation will emerge which will make life meaningful for one and all.… No matter what the degree of your crime, you can train yourself in self-respect by practicing sincerity of spirit and honesty of mind, and by feeding your body with natural food. 121 more words


See you Later

Zveri – Do skoroi vstrechi (Bye or See you later) I love this video and song. The key is to find a man who would sincerely do anything for you.


One day

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And maybe, if you're lucky, the changing and rearranging will be for the better and you'll finally find yourself living the life you've always dreamed of. Or maybe, just maybe, you'll start changing and rearranging only to realize that you've made a terrible mistake and now there's no going back to the world you once took for granted and second guessed. It's a coin toss, really-- life's funny that way.


Be yourself;
Empowered and real.
Add to that honesty,
Unafraid to grow and heal.
Then, ad grace and compassion;
You understand how others feel.

These are the inward things… 14 more words


My Word (Against Theirs)

My word against theirs:

Words of sincerity and talks of friendship
Schemes of defamation and speech of untruth

You took the latter and tainted the former… 58 more words