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And nothing fills the belly of the son of Adam except dust .. (Part II)

Back in the days, Shania Twain, at the time of her boom; early 2000s, was one of my favorite singers.
Now, she retired, and I as well retired of listening regularly to music. 369 more words

Guarding Our Endurance & 'Staying Power'

Your endurance or “staying power” is a by-product of a few simple things:

BE YOURSELF. Nothing is more tedious in life than to be constantly trying to be someone that you are not. 154 more words

Business And Personal Growth

21?! When Did That Happen?!

Wow. Another birthday is here. I don’t know where the time went but I am grateful nonetheless for another year of life. From day one, God you have been so faithful.

518 more words

Justifying the gaps in Resume

No, there are no real tips here to solve the problem. I wonder if it is such a problem at first place. Well, for the great HR team it always is! 1,016 more words



It’s strange enough having a platform to express your thoughts, and it’s even stranger connecting with awesome people that make me think, feel motivated, and of course confuse me. 42 more words

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The Three Keys to a Clear Conscience

George Washington once said, “Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience.” Our consciences are a precious and delicate gift from God. 618 more words


Send In The Clowns

I get five channels now (six if you count the Mexican soap opera network), but the one I watch the most is MeTV.  It’s one of those nostalgia channels in the spirit of Nick-at-Nite, or at least what Nick-at-Nite used to be.*  Their lineup is brilliant, and I see no reason why I should be wasting my time watching reality shows when… 244 more words