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Dying is Easy

During my morbid years, you know, the years that are accompanied by knowing everything, followed by the years of futility before we realise that adults are weighed down with responsibility rather than just being deliberately boring, I found it attractive to look forward to death. 833 more words



When an irregularity was covered on a statue, wax was used. When a statue was finished with no wax, the Italians called it sin seta meaning without wax. 7 more words

Innocence begins to end

Dainty and sprite-like.
Sunbeams flow through her golden hair,
Feet flit over the grassy path,
Trees shade and lean toward her
While, fairy-form, she holds them enchanted. 166 more words


Footprints on the Water

Do I Love Jesus?

I often thought about how I could possibly love Jesus. Others seemed to be able to proclaim their love for Jesus naturally.   986 more words

Artist Journey


Sometimes some words can make you feel good:-)
On my way home from work there was a man sitting just opposite of me on the train. 97 more words

Words and choices

I would say everything
But would I be believed?
I would make known all my intentions
But would they fall on deaf ears?
I would hold you forever… 88 more words


Sincerity must in divine relationship

Mariam Anwer | Published — Friday 29 April 2016

We seldom think about the purpose of our life. Yet, it is extremely critical for us to know about this as it is having a purpose in life that pushes us to use our intellect and abilities in the right direction and it serves as a core factor to success and happiness. 986 more words