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Preps for Christmas.

Causing Offense.

it is so easy to hurt other people when we are trying to share the Gospel message and tell others, even some Christians that they are not walking with God. 104 more words

Trusting Good Feelings

It’s pouring down rain as I finish the last of the pumpkin pie. I’m having a good Thanksgiving, and the shop cats continue to multiply. I realize that this time of year can conjure up memories and feelings that are painful, which is why I work on self-improvement. 76 more words


On Being Thankful

Well, tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, and, besides football, discarded cranberry sauce, and tryptophan naps in a recliner, an annual American tradition will take place: completely insincere thankfulness. 454 more words

Sweet Home: Kelantan

Feels like a broken record, but I love Kota Bharu, the feeling of family that I have with my friends, the people that I meet at shops and restaurants, etc. 675 more words


75: A Real Short Story on Moo

After a beautiful night at my boss’ 45th surprise birthday party of qasidahs, messages from dear scholars and activists, good food and lovely hearts, I left with a cocktail of emotions. 1,139 more words

Divorce Diary


Ibn Jawzee: “Sincerity is a perfume hidden deep in the heart, but it’s fragrance emanates from the person.

Al-Yawaaqeet Al-Jawziyyah


Contemplating Life Areas

I haven’t been writing as much about self-improvement topics as I used to, but that doesn’t mean I’m not practicing them. I’ve been living the principles and values I’ve espoused. 111 more words