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Where's the Book Sinclair?

This piece is a reproduction of the latest post on The Regulator Too by Meesh.

It seems Larry Sinclair is up to his old “ways” again, regarding his upcoming new book entitled When One Man Stands.    1,047 more words

Sinclair's Deception

New Awesome Post At The The Regulator Too!

Setting One Point Straight is an extensive post by Meesh, dissecting Sinclair’s recent post about me (Sheila Bryant) on his news site.

It’s well worth the read.   156 more words

Sinclair's Deception

Larry Sinclair scrubs yet another website...

Another one bites the dust.

Sinclair hated the now defunct Regulator and has shown signs of his ardent dislike for the quite active The Regulator Too… 277 more words

Sinclair's Deception

The Beginning...Sinclair's Second Lie

Re-Posted from September 3, 2010

Larry Sinclair’s first lie was his accusation that he had gay sex and did drugs with then State Senator Barack Obama back in November, 1999. 778 more words

Sinclair's Deception

The Dog That Didn't Bark: The Donald Young Lie

Originally posted on Friday, 24 July 2009

In my opinion, the Donald Young lie is the most insidious of the mountains of lies Larry Sinclair has told in his feigned saga.  1,883 more words

Sinclair's Deception

The Elusive "Limo Driver" (RePost)

The backstory:

Larry Sinclair’s “story” rested on Sinclair producing the Limo Driver in his tale about Barack Obama.  Most news organizations who contacted Sinclair were only interested in the limo driver’s corroboration. 3,086 more words

Sinclair's Deception