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For YMGG Womens Tshirts Keep Calm And Sing Soft

In the modern era, we can’t imagine our wardrobe without branded and top class tshirts in it? Regardless, of any occasion is it a party or anything else, tshirts form an important part of our life. 266 more words


So she took him to bed that night

But not like a child

Some would say she made a man out of him

And in the morning she didn’t feel like any less of a woman… 337 more words


Love is my power

I am dreaming.

I stand barefoot in a land of white mist. An Elder appears in front of me and offers me a drum.

I hold the drum in my hands. 212 more words


Choirs. Part-One.

Music and Song.

These play an important part in our fellowship and praise with God. In the past Israel had its Choirs and music for the Temple and nearly every celebration. 63 more words

I Wonder...

So a thought came to me not to long after I woke up. I’ve always enjoyed singing. If I could do one thing for the rest of my life it would be singing. 113 more words


Tonight's Entertainment - Karaoke

I hate Karaoke! I can’t sing and I can’t stand listening to a load of other people sing who actually can’t sing, but think they can. 22 more words