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Seniors Claim SING Victory

By Kortni Chung ’18, Jasmine Thelusma ’18, Abiha Naqvi ’18, and Ufaq Tahir ’18

The 70th annual SING Production of 2017 was definitely one to remember. 902 more words


Sing is a very interesting short film. I thought the story showed how a group of kids can do a lot. The kids showed that being fair is important.

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I think that Sing was the best out of the six short films we watched. I think this because it was well filmed and well played.

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The Line Between Best Or Favorite

After watching 6 shorts, I had to make a tough decision. Pick the best and then, my favorite. The reason this is challenging is because all of them are wonderful in their own way.

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The best short, for me, is Pearl because I’m a guitar player myself and it really encourages me to become a popstar. Don’t ask. My favorite one was…

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The short film Sing was an intriguing story about a girl who loves to sing and joins the choir at her new school. After her first day of practice, her teacher told her that she wasn’t good enough to sing, so she had to mime.

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“Greater Enforcement” of Federal Laws would have Mixed Impact in Cannabis Industry

The White House struck a chord with the marijuana industry last week when press secretary Sean Spicer said the Department of Justice is likely to enforce federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized recreational pot. 239 more words

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