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Just relax
Feel the music
And let go

Go with the flow
Feel the vibes

Let your body lift
Towards the light

Empty your mind… 39 more words


Wind is Still

Wind is still.
When she comes to keep
moon company,
she sits on the lonely stone
& moon does nothing.

Air sings to her stillness… 33 more words


One day soon...

I always tell myself this “One day soon” .. When you have dreams as big as mine this is all you can tell yourself sometimes ..  8 more words


Kylie Jenner is not the problem...but we might be!

I’m trying really hard to remain calm, cool, and collected while writing this. However, I won’t lie, I was pretty angry at first about the article that keeps showing up in my news feed comparing Sadie Robertson and Kylie Jenner. 624 more words


Sing me a song, love.

Lilt it to me.

And I will come back to you.

Sing a song of love

Meant only for me. … 50 more words


Just Sing Something

Hi all, I ve wanted to do this for a long time. I created a thread years ago called Songs You Relate to, asking members to share lyrics from songs with which they empathize. 51 more words

My Song Of The Day! 🎧🎶❤️

Well, now I’m feeling back to myself near enough and the weather is beautiful…I’ve decided I’m going to start posting again…YAY!

First order of business is something I have been sadly neglecting! 106 more words