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The Late Great Bob Marley

Different strokes for different folks. Hey, hey, hey. I’ll leave that last word out. I’m not doing anything illegal, I’m not bothering you. If you don’t like how I dress or how I wear my hair then that’s your problem. 205 more words


Spring seems to finally be waking from her slumber: the weather is nice and life appears to be returning to the outdoors.

While I was walking from the South Campus Diner, after having bought dinner for tonight, I happened upon a bird, roosted in the center of a flowering, though almost bare, tree. 73 more words


Sting, Deepak and Steve Jobs all had a Day One. The question is how do you get to Day Two

“What would constitute a perfect day for you? Why do we always go home and watch Netflix instead?”—Susanna Wolff

I love Jessica Ortner. We just recorded a podcast for her new series, “Adventures in Happiness.” Stay tuned. 191 more words

Birds Sing

I am a Texas girl. Born and raised. However, I have lived approximately 1/3 of my life outside of Texas. One of the things that I missed the most about Texas are the birds. 360 more words

Everyday Life

¡Tu Puedes Cantar!


¿Te gusta cantar?
El motivo de este Blog es para ayudar a cantantes te todos niveles sacar lo mejor de su voz!

Escribiré consejos que me han ayudado a mí, para tener una voz versátil, dinámica y sana.  74 more words


Shoko Stumbles on A New Product

Well, friends I ran across an awesome product today.  You know those days when your voice gets all scratchy from calling to your girlfriend or cat forbid,a trip to the vets with all the ancestral songs you must sing.  166 more words